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  1. The money for the redevelopment has come from the council. Approx £750,000 was the quoted amount. Whether this is how much is actually spent I don't know. The ground is now run by a new entity - Holm Park Community Football Academy Limited - the board of which is split between Clydebank, Yoker and the Council. I think it is safe to say Clydebank no longer groundshare with Yoker and are now equal partners. The development only includes a new pitch, floodlights and perimeter fencing to secure the ground. Any further development will have to be funded by the club(s) so I wouldn't expect anything else to happen anytime soon, though I'm sure Clydebank's board will definitely be looking at other funding possibilities.
  2. That is fair comment and I don't think many people - including Clydebank fans - disagree with the idea of progression being earned. However, when there is no other route to the perceived higher level then what are you supposed to do? Just accept your lot? Clydebank could win the Super Premier League ten years in a row and it would matter not a jot. There is no progression. The prospect of a more joined up set up does not look likely any time soon. I agree that the SFA should be doing more to make a proper pyramid a reality. However, the resistance that there appears to be within the SJFA and amongst a number of the clubs, means that any meaningful change could still be years away. I fully support the decision for Clydebank to attempt to rejoin the senior set up. I feel after a good decade in the Juniors, the Bankies have stagnated in recent years, maybe even gone backwards. I believe this move will reinvigorate the club with a new purpose, and the only possibility of any growth lies in the seniors.
  3. I've got it as 8 out of 8. Pollok were in the Super First the year we went down, and in fairness not all of the wins were against them. League (Central District Division 1) Newlandsfield H Cambuslang Rangers 1 - 0 Scottish Junior Cup (Semi Final 1st leg) Newlandsfield A Pollok 3 - 2 Central League Cup (Final) Newlandsfield Park H Ashfield 2 - 0 League (Super Premier Division) Newlandsfield A Pollok 5 - 4 Central League Cup (Final) Newlandsfield Park A Shotts Bon Accord 3 - 0 League (Super Premier Division) Newlandsfield Park A Pollok 1 - 0 League (Super Premier Division) Newlandsfield Park A Pollok 4 - 3 Central League Cup (Final) Newlandsfield Park A Cumbernauld United 3 - 0
  4. Anybody having problems registering on the Bankies Banter forum or with their passwords locking them out, send me a personal message on here and i'll sort it out.
  5. President George W. Bush displays an American flag as he cheers on the U.S. Olympic Swimming Team Sunday, Aug. 10, 2008, at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing. President George W. Bush and former President George H.W. Bush pose for photos with U.S. Olympic swimmers Larsen Jensen, left, and Michael Phelps Sunday, Aug. 10, 2008, at the National Aquatics Center in Beijing.
  6. The SNP HAVE said this: http://www.snp.org/blog/post/2013/may/alex-salmond-debunks-myths-over-currency important bit:- An independent Scotland will keep the pound because, first and foremost, Sterling is Scotland’s currency every bit as much as it is that of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. And no one has the right to take the pound away from us if we decide to be an independent country. We will also keep our distinctive Scottish banknotes that have become such an iconic part of our national identity. To suggest otherwise – as George Osborne is trying to do – is just plain daft and flies in the face of all logic and common sense. We already have our own Scottish banknotes and have done for many, many years under Westminster rule. So does anyone seriously believe The Tories’ claims that we will not be able to do so as an independent country? It is a ridiculous claim, which doesn’t stand up to the slightest bit of scrutiny. People across Scotland will not take kindly to the sound of a Chancellor from a deeply unpopular Tory Government telling them they have no right to keep using the money we have all been used to for generations. But George Osborne is playing with fire with his suggestions that Scotland shouldn’t use the pound as an independent country. That’s because Sterling is a jointly shared asset which we are entitled to inherit. And if the Westminster Government’s position is that we should not be entitled to our own currency and other shared assets, then the only logical extension of that argument is that an independent Scotland will not inherit any share of the UK’s debts.
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