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  1. I was in Innerleithan on Thursday and stopped by the ground. No sign of any floodlights or works for it but looks like the fencing is completed at the back. I can't remember if this was there last season
  2. https://www.edinburghrugby.org/the-clubhouse/stadium-update-construction-continues Latest update on the new Edinburgh Rugby stadium including some pictures. Might be alright with some standing space at the front of the stands too
  3. Bonnyrigg Rose had an EGM on the 21st of march 2018 and despite a request from the club to keep the result quiet it was on here in minutes
  4. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2595558937396036&id=1578980022387271 Point FC from Lewis building a 100 seater stand, get them in the pyramid!
  5. Dalbettie have floodlights. Coldstream just announced the council are funding theirs ( and Vale of Leithen). Planning permission is in place. Burntisland Shipyard also have planning permission as to Wigtown and Bladnoch but goodness knows how they plan on paying for them
  6. Creetown also have planning permission for floodlights and have a newish pavilion, enclosed ground and compliant cover. Mid Annandale also hoping to get a stand and new facilities but seems to be slower progress
  7. Cheers, I take it from your initial reply your not too overwhelmed with it? I know it's a pot of paperwork but definitely possible for most bigger west clubs
  8. Did you post previously that you'd been tasked with making a plan to get the Glens licence ready? If so how did you get on? Have the licencing committee been welcoming with you being near neighbours of the SFA?
  9. Really enjoyed the game yesterday, I thought at half time that the 4 great chances missed would be a problem but stenhousemuir were actually worse in the second half. Penalty decision was right in front of me, he was caught late but the ball had already been sliced out of the ground Is there an archive anywhere of pictures from Eastfield park?
  10. It's surely just to be seen as a joke. Not a very funny one but not worth a reaction either
  11. I think I remember tynieness saying he had it all ready to go for the licence application before needing to sever ties. Obviously the criteria has changed since for disabled enclosure and floodlights but really shouldn't be far away now
  12. Ormiston must feel a bit left out after all the hard work they have put in
  13. I don't know much about the club but was that not with a view to applying for the Highland league where the lights would be used semi regular? This application is playing up the just for Scottish Cup use at 3pm on a Saturday. I'd imagine they are highly unlikely to ever be in the Scottish Cup long enough to use them!
  14. I know it's not lowland league but https://wam.highland.gov.uk/wam/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=PYHD7AIHFZ100 Goldie Sutherland looking to protect their licence by getting lights. Not looking like they think they need them except for Scottish Cup games. September 2020 deadline
  15. I heard he's away to the USA for a few weeks
  16. The tackle for the red wasn't great, I think the referee was poor and why he waited to blow for the initial foul is a mystery. Allowing the game to continue led to the red which helped Bonnyrigg see out the game. The linesman on the enclosure side was never up with play the whole game. For the penalty it was hard to tell whether Weir made contact with the player or the ball first, it was a relief that the decision from the refs angle was overturned. All in all a great win against last season's champions and pay back for the cup final last year. 2 great goals too
  17. I think lots of people felt the 3 way play off last season was a horrible way to decide it. 6 games would have been better. If Penicuik had held out for a draw at NDP in the second game it would have left the last game as a non starter. Just as well Bonnyrigg won overall or there would have been loads of complaints!
  18. I know it's a different club but any idea how much local interest there was in the junior derby yesterday? I'd think the Scottish Cup game would have more appeal
  19. What's the deal with live games? Does it only start in round 1?
  20. Regarding McClung I didn't see anything in the brief periods that he played that made me think he deserved a start. Looked like a short term deal to get another body in when the injuries were starting to stack uo
  21. calmac25

    Club Licence

    There's a guy responding to stuff on the Girvan thread, maybe ask there?
  22. https://planning.fife.gov.uk/online/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=PTYXX9HFG4H00&activeTab=summary Burntisland are the latest team to get plans in for floodlights . 200lux
  23. I'm sure there will be games played under the lights, just seems a little ironic that they are not scheduled to be used. As far as the 3pm kick offs go I think Kelty adjusted most of their kick off times last year. Anyway I'm delighted seeing the fixtures coming out, hopefully I can make the games at Dalbeattie, Gretna and Berwick as well as catching up with our old friends at Kelty!
  24. 5 away games on a week night and all home games are on Saturdays. Thank goodness for the floodlights eh?!!
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