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  1. EK are offski. Any idea if the LL teams that are based in the South or West will be included in the WoS cup competitions?
  2. Any idea how the 1st round will be regionalised? Wondering if the lowland sides could end up in the North section?
  3. Anybody got information on the club's joining? Are they new to adult level or played in SAFL or CAFL? Campbeltown are the only ones I've heard of Cheers
  4. Nairn at ninian could be the big winners out of this. They talked up trying to get licenced last summer so wonder how they view potentially moving to NCL and an easier looking route to promotion
  5. What's the 2nd part of your post about?
  6. Found this actually but can't upload the picture. Looks like a basic cover in the corner to meet licence standards
  7. Any pictures of Clydebanks new stand?
  8. I've no idea how they would decide which teams go up as the Highland league have played 0-3 games. PPG would have Bonnyrigg missing out again by 3 goals to EKFC While I don't like the idea of the colts teams I think this is going to be the only way to open up the bottom of league 2 which would be price worth paying. If it's true colts I could see the colt teams being relegated pretty quickly anyway
  9. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/rangers/new-ps1m-proposal-celtic-and-rangers-colts-teams-spfl-reports-3086606
  10. Did any clubs in the south of Scotland or the borders manage to get crowds back in yesterday?
  11. I was in Innerleithan on Thursday and stopped by the ground. No sign of any floodlights or works for it but looks like the fencing is completed at the back. I can't remember if this was there last season
  12. https://www.edinburghrugby.org/the-clubhouse/stadium-update-construction-continues Latest update on the new Edinburgh Rugby stadium including some pictures. Might be alright with some standing space at the front of the stands too
  13. Bonnyrigg Rose had an EGM on the 21st of march 2018 and despite a request from the club to keep the result quiet it was on here in minutes
  14. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2595558937396036&id=1578980022387271 Point FC from Lewis building a 100 seater stand, get them in the pyramid!
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