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  1. "Having a go at his wife" is an unfortunate turn of phrase surely ?
  2. Was the Benny Hill theme playing on a loop throughout Bute House during his reign of terror ? In my head it was.
  3. Anyone know if there are still commemorative bricks available. I've emailed but despite our "commercial director" overload have received zero response regards this which I find a tad disappointing...
  4. I saw Raith beat at the Glebe when I was on a Busmans Holiday from Station Park and City were honking. Still think we will get pumped though..
  5. Hilly is carrying an injury but Jacko has been an overweight injury prone fiasco and an entirely predictable one as well.
  6. Montrose didn't appear to be carrying an extra ounce in their side whereas we have an abundance of extra pounds..
  7. Apathetic my arse. This away win has made my life worth living again.
  8. I will bring my walking stick and deal out a good hiding.. #oldyoungteam
  9. I always thought "Athies" was a newspaper only nickname as that was about the only place it was used or occasionally in the programme. I was thinking maybe "Sky Blues" could work..
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