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  1. That was Chris "jumping" in a nutshell was it not.
  2. They better no bother ! When Weir did it, it looked like a potential disaster and that's exactly what it was.
  3. At least he's not fat. Being fat seems to have been an absolute requirement to get a contract at Station Park lately...
  4. No. The odd seasons we get a couple of big fish in our league we do benefit but if not we budget appropriately and just get on with it at Station Park.
  5. "Tinpot" is not really an allegation a Jags fan can throw about without and irony tsunami.
  6. Long ago if we had pushed for our transfer fee for Alan Morgan Partick might not even be here to greet. Just saying like.
  7. "Having a go at his wife" is an unfortunate turn of phrase surely ?
  8. Was the Benny Hill theme playing on a loop throughout Bute House during his reign of terror ? In my head it was.
  9. Anyone know if there are still commemorative bricks available. I've emailed but despite our "commercial director" overload have received zero response regards this which I find a tad disappointing...
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