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  1. I will bring my walking stick and deal out a good hiding.. #oldyoungteam
  2. I always thought "Athies" was a newspaper only nickname as that was about the only place it was used or occasionally in the programme. I was thinking maybe "Sky Blues" could work..
  3. Agree and I meant the "auld fud" part in regards to the drinking. Give them a break otherwise and encourage sensible supporter behaviour. I quite enjoy the drummer boys at away games.
  4. They need to admit to being wrong and wind in the "auld fuds spoiling our fun" patter.
  5. I'm looking forward to it. No great expectations just hoping we are not as shit as last time. Free hit really.
  6. He knew he was leaving for Oz before last years playoff with Raith was over but didn't let on to Forfar which I could maybe buy if it was to avoid a distraction at a vital time. If he is just sorting himself out before heading for Oz permanently next your I'm none too bothered. If he doesn't and sticks at Raith it's a poor turn of events but we have more problems ahead than worrying about Baird. He did a good job for us last season so will leave it at that.
  7. Yes confirmed in the hot seat. Please ask Barry Smith to head your way.
  8. Wrong kind of Jew I would imagine.
  9. Paul Hegarty. Ex player manager knows Station Park set up..
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