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  1. General Politics Thread

    Reading the Sunday Mails damning report about him having a cat called Harold Wilson in the 70s and his preference for own brand baked beans just shores up my support.
  2. General Politics Thread

    Is it a hill of "own brand" beans ?
  3. Question Time

    Think he just might be a good guy.
  4. Question Time

    I thought that. "Tory Boy" rides again.
  5. Question Time

    Chris Leslie is confirming that he is a snake. Oily play to the gallery limp twat.
  6. Question Time

    I think we can see why. He's getting a bit of a roasting thankfully, despite his limp pleadings.

    Has anyone mentioned she's "heavily pregnant" today ? Seems to be of major relevance everytime I hear her name in the media..
  8. The Big Political Picture Thread

    Rebrand as The Remain Party if they were honest.
  9. The Big Political Picture Thread

    Tory defectors now. So that aint going to fly.
  10. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    To be honest my stall is always set out to avoid relegation at the start of the season. Playoff shenanigans is a bonus if that's how it goes. I didn't see game yesterday but did see Montrose at Station Park in the cup game start of the season and at that stage you looked a bit short of Div1 quality with the ageing Campbell's in the first team. SP has obviously got the team to kick on a bit and won't have given up on a playoff place himself. Bar Arbroath and I still reckon Raith it's all still up for grabs.
  11. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    We lost away at Montrose. Petrie's doing a good job for them with what he has at his disposal. It's our job to win the game regardless of how the opposition set's their stall out but it's not a disaster guys. Wee bit of perspective here please..
  12. Cheers will give it a bash.
  13. I'm straying from my own forum but have a query some long in the tooth County fan might help me with. When I was a kid in the early 70s my cousin got married to the daughter of Dan Noble who had Nobles garage in Dingwall. I visited their house a few times in my best tank top and remember they were nice people and had a fair bit of Rangers memoribilia rugs,china type stuff. My old faither who's 91 now always maintained Dan was involved with County back in the 60s/70s and alleges some Rangers players occasionally stayed/visited him in Dingwall during pre season tours etc etc but I've no idea really to be honest just remember him and his wife having a "big hoose" and me being on best behaviour. Feel free to burst this story or add any info !
  14. When will indyref2 happen?

    Does Nicola have to literally kick a can down the road,film it and distribute it through the usual mediums before the penny drops with some people on here ?
  15. The Arbroath Thread

    You will. When your getting pumped at Station Park in a few weeks.