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  1. Handy as Stewart and Gold are at filling in the fullbacks.it’s, I don’t think they match the defensive solidity and presence of Thomson and C Hamilton. They contribute greatly to our stable, effective back line - the main reason we’ve survived these past two seasons. And both also provide the main platform for our attacks. So, unless forced by injury, they would be my first picks week in, week out - plus they add an occasional attacking threat themselves. Invaluable. I think Scott Stewart and David Gold have much more to contribute further up the park. We’re fortunate to have two such energetic and skilful utility players
  2. Personally, I don’t normally think it’s worth a comment on whatever kit is chosen since it’s fairly trivial in the grand scheme of things. But I find it odd that funereal all-black is the change kit of choice, unredeemed by any flashes of colour. On the grim, rainy/misty days and evenings which make up the majority of a season’s games, you wonder whether the players might not just merge into the dull background. A predominantly white candy stripe would also have been my preferred choice, partly for nostalgia reasons. In the old days, the home team changed colours in the event of a clash.
  3. It’s a tremendous achievement to stay in this league, and punching a fair bit above our weight. The fact that we looked no-hopers for the entire first half of the season just makes the transformation all the sweeter. Our other rivals for relegation must have developed a comforting complacency when we were well adrift at the foot of the table (only 2 points after 8 games and only 6 after 12). I think that after poor start (well, much longer than that). I’d already mentally filed this season as one to try to ‘save face’ and maybe another 2001-2 season when, after a storming first season in the Championship (also almost 2 decades after our last fall from grace), we couldn’t get a grip on the difficult second album, ... er season and limped to a miserable 15 point total to end up bottom (don’t think we won after December). Oh ye of little faith. The first game at Raith aside, our performances in the early games had not been that bad though we struggled to score. But the management has proven their worth in loans and mid season signings and this added the vital ingredient. Bringing in Hamilton and Low to add to the contribution of Williamson was masterly. To keep perspective, it was really our magnificent defence that carried us through again - keeping fit and stable throughout plus chipping in goals at the other end (I thought Jason Thomson’s injury might derail us since he’s so important to us at both ends) but the addition of new players added the missing threat....PLUS a discernible change in approach to push forward more. Early on we seldom posed much threat going forward. Rebuilding the Gayfield fortress was also satisfying - and even creates a psychological advantage/fear factor when you hear other managers regularly referring to it Anyway, so satisfying and well deserved to end up avoiding the 9th playoff spot. Second half against Morton, I almost got greedy - a goal would have us into 6th place above Queens, earning more prize money. Absolutely delighted to get over the line.. and now enjoy my favourite part of the season with a warm feeling - the close season - with no stress (and watching live streams is more stressful than being there). As Dick mentioned in interview, it gets harder each season and next season will be an even tougher challenge. No surprise factor, possibly the only part-time club in a league of larger teams. But the approach, spirit and sheer capability the team has demonstrated from about game 13 onwards (we’re in the top half of the form tables) offers plenty of encouragement. Combined with the energy and drive of the Board and the positive community engagement, it’s a good time to an AFC diehard. In the long run, we’re all doomed (how long can Gayfield withstand climate change, ocean level rise, extreme weather? How long can we compete with the new money and player imports of the likes of Cove, Kelty, etc?). All the more reason to enjoy our seasons in the sun.
  4. I’m delighted with that crucial, emphatic win today but we still have to get at least one more win, maybe 2 draws - to breathe more easily. All very diverting speculating on upcoming results but this is a very unpredictable league so maybe more combinations/options remaining. I seriously doubt Queens are in trouble....but the more the merrier. What happened to ‘taking one game at a time’? given we were rock bottom and adrift for the first third of the season (sat on 2 points), I consider it nothing short of miraculous we’ve hauled ourselves into this situation but still worry whether fate might conspire to prevent us from completing a heroic escape.
  5. And yet it’s one of my favourites and handy too
  6. Determined effort from Arbroath ... we definitely deserved it, committed more going forward than Alloa. They are always dangerous on the break (and have scored many more than is this season and they definitely had at least a couple of decent chances). I thought we’d blown it after allowing Alloa to level - in what looked like somewhat of a defensive lapse. Good substitutions brought us a fraction more control and created the goal - huge credit to David Gold on gambling that the ball in might break so a real striker’s (or technically late-arriving midfielder - ie a Trouten). I thought Low and Williamson did well. After conceding a late equaliser at the Recs in the last encounter, it was sweet to edge it late here. We’ve a lot to do to escape a playoff (maybe even automatic relegation slot if Alloa do their spectacular late revival thing), but this performance though not exactly pretty or convincing (though definitely committed) gives us some heart after a poor recent run. First home game in a while where the wind has not been a factor .. but possibly a case for watering the pitch ( if we had the capacity) beforehand
  7. The stream and the camera angle is surprisingly good despite dire reports. The commentary is OK if understandably rather biased. I thought Arbroath have done OK and largely held their own so far but ICT look dangerous on occasion, both from wide but also their forward stepping back to collect. Three of our players were clattered and yet one of ours received the only yellow.. Gold has done well but we miss Jason Thomson in defence.
  8. Don’t wish to be critical but more actual commentary on what’s happening in the game and considerably less chat would be greatly appreciated. Can’t say I’m that interested in general club news, hopes, frequent praise for halftime draws etc. It’s a difficult job and a fair effort and tone ... but I’m slightly more interested in the immediate action on the field, the players, any tactical observations. Thanks
  9. So, now Leagues 1 & 2 are restarting, what points target would we need to avoid the 9th playoff spot (which is Dick C’s stated objective)? I think most seasons, 40 points usually just about means safety (so probably 30 points+ in the current curtailed season) so that would be a minimum of a point a game equivalent until the end of the season. For those ‘glass half full’ types, I think we would need maybe 40 points to entertain wild dreams of a promotion playoff slot (ie double our tally till now).
  10. I find the streamed games very challenging due to being such a bystander. Attending games in person in easier since you can ventilate your views/encouragement, offload on officials and opposition. It makes remote viewing more nerve-wracking. Plus of course most games tend to too close to call.
  11. After a much below par first half when Ayr could have been 2 up, we did much better second half. Solid defence as ever (we’ve conceded the same as Hearts) but we strung a few more passes together plus more energy and determination. All these narrow leads are nail biting as f**k but that’s a good result to keep the run going. Still think we’re in a relegation struggle but we’ve given ourselves breathing space. That was excellent and remarkably fair commentary.
  12. Excellent commentary and decent filming. That was a fairly poor Arbroath showing first half, and Linn and Hamilton have had only bit parts. Ayr have missed a couple of good chances so we really need to up our game, get the ball in midfield and the passing going.
  13. Great showing against Raith - as Dick said, we controlled the game and should have won by a bigger margin. We’re unbeaten in 2021 so far, but need to press on. And we’ve overtaken the 15 points tally we managed all season in our last previous Championship season (01-02?) with now 10 games left this season
  14. Twelve critical games left. The March fixtures look challenging so we’ll need to making the most of other games. Still, we’re in a much better place than in recent months, with momentum and confidence greatly improved. Since Alloa and ourselves have kind of caught up with the other stragglers, it might make for an interesting final 3 months of the season.
  15. Really disciplined and determined performance plus decent tactics from the Lichties and it is unusual, even with the wind , to have a 2 goal cushion going into the second half. Arbroath have no particular advantage with the wind - we train two evenings each week in Perth so the only exposure we get is home games Give credit to dogged closing down/ defensive performance second half but, as DC mentioned, our Keeper had barely a save to make second half while we peppered the Pars goal first half. Very satisfactory and it's definitely tightening up down the bottom of the table as we pass the halfway stage (others have games in hand). We need to keep this going.
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