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  1. No surprise that, on another thread, the Lichties are tipped as prime candidates for relegation, though Alloa do get a good few mentions. Can’t really argue with that - there are some big sides in the Championships with budgets that dwarf ours. Even before we sign a few more players (surely?), it will be a weekly battle to gather points. But after 17 years in the two lower leagues, it’s something different - and Alloa’s rather than Brechin’s experience should be the guide. Hope the supporters stay patient and manage expectations
  2. As a Lichtie, I have been seriously disappointed that this unrivalled season did not entice more paying spectators through the gates. We’ve never had a season like it, especially first half and we’re top throughout but though there were maybe 100-200 more than a regular season, I would have hoped for more. And even the extra edge of the Angus derbies didn’t make a huge difference. We can’t even attract glory hunters in numbers! Gayfield is somewhat exposed so maybe the delicate and fickle Arbroath public have gone soft. On the terraces, the majority of the supporters around me all travelled from farther afield. Though Gayfield has a decent enough surface (and subsurface), it’s not the bowling green it once was. I think there are strong commercial and community arguments for installing plastic, to maximise use of the stadium. Each new generation of plastic seems to get a little better so. AFC need to be thinking about that... provided windbreak (and wind turbines) are installed at the same time. The current Board are doing well on many fronts so deserve only praise. Finally, just to point out the invisible ‘law’ of human behaviour which seems to dictate the approximately similar proportion of any given community’s population that support the local team, regardless
  3. Does anyone think the Gayfield pitch might need relaid? It seems to get a little more uneven each year (especially along the main stand and in the goals). The goalposts at the Harbour end no longer seem perpendicular to me. This is not a criticism of the groundsman who maintains it very well but just the progress of time.
  4. The journey not the destination is thing. It’s been an anticlimax for a while. Delighted at the achievement/destination for a bit but celebration is best in limited doses. Delighted the drawn out end of season is over and looking forward to the extended break without playoffs and eventually resuming the journey next season
  5. Which particular actual fact has offended your delicate sensibilities or is it just the whole futile tone of trying to inject a smidgeon of meaning into a dead rubber (nothing to with unsanitary defecation arrangements proposed) ?
  6. I seriously hope Arbroath are taking the game itself seriously as befits a professional club. Dick’s interview after the Airdrie game implied that attitudes may not be right since the final placing are settled. But he restated that we are professional (or ‘semi professional’ some circles) so the paying public should demand full effort and focus. Only after 90 minutes can we indulge ourselves. I’d travel up anyway but it would be nice to finish off on a high Also with a view to the record books/history, hoping we can reach/exceed the 70 point threshold. It’s been a fabulous effort this year but wins have been scarce second half. For comparison checking back to a couple of other promotion years 50 years ago, I was surprised to find we’ve picked up fewer points this time round. on an interview last weekend, Bobby Linn indicated he could be back playing before the end of the season. If the game/his fitness allows it, even a brief cameo appearance would be fitting. When Arbroath won promotion last day of the season in 1971-72, Dumbarton were the team that overtook us to claim the title on goal difference (we’d drawn, they won the final games). That, plus unjust outcomes in two playoffs in recent years plus two away defeats this season - surely these are grounds enough to motivate the Lichties for this weekends encounter? Maybe not
  7. Excellent and practical suggestion - the current segregation arrangements spoil the ‘enjoyment’ of home games for many of the home support. And we’ll need to maximise every ounce of advantage from home games next season to have any chance. For away fans, with the possible exception of the Dundee clubs, that would still provide sufficient capacity. Visiting iconic Gayfield alone even if slightly confined should be enough to satisfy them while addressing the genetic migratory urges of the home support. Not infrequently, I choose which away game to travel on the basis of the ground itself (traditional preferred) and, though a season ticket holder, sometimes don’t travel up for home games if segregation is in place.
  8. Close season thread for aw this pish. As a Lichtie, that’s always been my favourite part of the whole season
  9. Do you know what would make for an interesting spectacle - scoring a few goals. After being fairly prolific for the first 16 games, we’ve only managed more than one in the 17 games since on three occasions and gone scoreless in 5 of these. The fact we’ve taken enough points out of these games is testament to our excellent defence - which has also assumed goal scoring duties in addition. They’ve also demonstrated good organisation at the back with the offside trap. The TV viewers not to mention the home support deserve a decent display front and back from the home side - but Raith will have something to prove too.
  10. So is this game - which was being mooted as significant not so many months back - setting up to be some kind of non-event with Arbroath having nothing to compete for now and Raith holding back for the playoffs? The classic end of season and, with having clinched the title last week, a bit of an anticlimax. Absolutely NO need for segregation whatsoever to spoil our enjoyment of the decent weather. Since it’s on TV, it would be nice to put on a high scoring spectacle and even a competitive game.
  11. League One most seasons seems to the closest of the leagues - judged on the points differential between top and bottom and it’s looking that way again, though the Championship is fairly close this year. Maybe because there are more slots to play for than any of the other leagues or maybe because there’s not much between the teams (most part time etc). As usual, getting a bit of consistency - really difficult - along with momentum is the main thing.
  12. So, now that title’s in the bag, how should we approach the three final games? It’s a huge, and well deserved luxury to have three free games. So should we keep the same starting lineup or give a start to some of our classy bench to mix it up? It maybe a bit difficult to motivate the players or maybe retain the necessary focus.... but equally, we could maybe now play with greater freedom, and nothing to lose. I hope we can break the 70 points
  13. Listening to the podcast, DJ seems a bit like Bobby Linn, seems to thrive on the fans’ appreciation. Though not in contract, seems more than happy to sign on for next season. Two other titbits - Dick C mentioned to him that Arbroath would have won the league LAST season if we’d had a decent [email protected]#. And that Dick’s cultured advice on clearing/destitution is that it’s the keepers job to get the ball as far from the goal as possible. Also signing DJ and Jason Thomson were key to bolstering up the whole defence. Last season we essentially made do with makeshift right backs which also meant limited the attacking potency on both flanks - we had that this season
  14. You wait around for 132 years without winning a single title, then 3 come along in the next 9 years. What a great time to be a Lichtie.
  15. There’s a lot of premature stuff here that should maybe be on the Arbroath thread rather than the match day thread. I’m expecting a tough game. No difference between the two sides in the form tables (ie past 6 and 10 games) = both low performing but Brechin are on this 3 game losing streak. We seem to struggle to score so much as a repeat of the November outing here would be delightful, can’t really see that. We may need to rely on our defence again to get a result .. or maybe our defenders to show the forwards how it’s done at the other end. A draw would be good enough, though dangerous to aim for.. and anything better a joy. I’d love us to display our neat football, which surfaces only in occasional passages, but it’s maybe better to grind out a result.
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