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  1. Assuming no reconstruction. Personally I prefer the more interesting venues of the seaside league where you are not imprisoned in one remote section of seated area, financially penalised to endure overamplified PAs and heavily policed by stewards.... but it’s maybe a nice change, well continuation, to endure a few city visits for a while.
  2. I’ve never subscribed to the notion that supporting a diddy club is fun. and struggle with the concept it’s part of the entertainment industry. Duty, endurance, forbearance, loyalty/tradition, resilience, character-building are surely more prominent following the lower league game in adverse weather, with dubious quality on show. Not infrequently, the close season was a highlight. Yet there is something comforting about this package and somehow offers more satisfaction than tedious bore-fests all too common at Champions League/international level on TV (or most games involving the Old Firm). I’ve been seriously disoriented by a few excellent recent seasons by Arbroath which disturbed this though expect the 140+ year tradition or reality to reestablish itself soon enough. Still maybe the enforced break makes us appreciate it a bit more, whatever the reaction.
  3. Disagree. 1. It is rather boring and repetitive to play only 9 other teams AT LEAST four times a year... and there are plenty of cases where this can be more due to cupties and playoffs. 2. How you define playoffs is more critical to keeping something at stake to the end of the season . 3. Linked with defining eligibility for playoffs, larger leagues mean you can consider two teams for automatic promotion/relegation and even additional playoff spots. 4. Number of games - you can adjust this easily. In leagues of 14, we’ve had playing each other 3 times per season not so long ago - ie 39 league games per season. Or you can introduce some kind of split. I’d be keen on divisions with a minimum of 14 teams (maybe more) just to reintroduce a little more variety. All the other concerns are easily addressed.
  4. Interesting, I vaguely recall stats showing per capita attendance at a Scottish games were higher than many others and wonder if that’s still true (or even accurate to begin with). Since the crowd is a key ingredient in televised games -as we’ll soon learn if games behind closed doors take place -, you’d think the SPFL might be able to command a comparatively higher fee. Personally, I find the Scottish Premier League a bit boring but mainly due to the lack of competitiveness due to Old Firm. Mind you most of the other leagues are also dominated by one or two. As in England, I think the Championship here is a more exciting tournament altogether and wonder why some modest commercial TV package (or comprehensive BBC/ITV incl highlights) could not be organised.
  5. My own preferences would be; traditional-historic (as opposed to Lego or hybrids); scope for standing and even movement; closeness to the pitch/action. Plus I think the stadia of the bigger clubs that’ve been in the Premier L suffer since they are usually a bit too empty in terms of available capacity and atmosphere (though Airdrie, Clyde etc also suffer in this regard). It’s not the only offender, but East End Park inflicts hearing injuries via PA probably seeking to conceal the disconnect. Hence, the truly surreal but common experience of fans not only being confined to small, often unconducive sections of seating while major often prime sections of the stadium are unnecessarily closed. And all the time being excessively controlled by stewards who treat customers like sheep at the market. Considering this is a branch of the entertainment industry, these excessive strictures and regressive customs have more in common with processing a wave of refugees equally devoid of ‘rights’. Community payback attendees have an easier time. Within this unpromising setting plus weather (some might also list denial of alcohol) and given the variable quality of the content, it’s amazing so many paying customers still turn up.
  6. I’d prefer this than the current setup, since it would offer more variety. You could maybe justify 2 automatic up and down and maybe even playoff places (though the Premiership cartel will seek to restrict this). And it probably means playing each team 3 times a season. Since it’s a little tough on Highland and Lowland champions (though both seem to have bought their titles), you could have16 in the lowest tier for the first season and more teams relegated for that one season.
  7. If it’s 14 in the Prem and 20 in the Championship what about the remaining 8-10 teams in the next division? Further down the pyramid, now it looks like the recalcitrant West of Scotland juniors are finally integrating from next season, at what level should regionalisation (ie playing in more local zones) occur? It’s a tier 6 at present. In other words, League restructuring has to look at the whole pyramid.
  8. Given League reconstruction seems inevitable, and setting aside the likelihood of a curtailed season up next, what structure do fellow Lichties favour? I think the current divisions are too small. Playing other teams 4 times a season plus cups can become a bit tedious. Also we know that a Premier League will be expanded (the bizarre appointment of Hearts’ Chair guarantees this. So also assuming Kelly and Brora have to accommodated what would be the best option for the game? A. 4 divisions- The 14-10-10-10 option being widely mooted. Leagues 1-3 playing each team 4 times B. 3 divisions say 14-14-16 - playing each other 3 times a season C. 2 divisions say 22-22 ( or 20-24) - playing each team twice D. 1 division - for a single season (then maybe one of the above) playing each team once. Or some other variant? Various factors to consider - the poisonous ugly sisters (and need to maximise encounters for tv revenue) but I’d be happy to see them join some other league altogether. The need for competitiveness - but there are 22 fulltime clubs. And the need to ensure a reasonable number of games each season ranging from 30-43 without cup fillers If bigger leagues then, like the EPL, you can justify more automatic promotion or relegation places as well as playoffs. Hints at restricting relegation from the top flight under any new arrangement are a concern Finally, is what might be best for Arbroath the same as best for Scottish football?
  9. Why not go radical? 44 teams in the one league playing everyone once, then split into 2 or 3 (not the present minileagues of 10. It will never happen of course.
  10. This has been a memorable season Older supporters may recall the 13th place finish in the top flight in 73-74, and the 15th place in 72-73. A slight cautionary note from history - we finished bottom the next year (though it didn’t matter since league restructuring - again on the agenda today - only retained the top 10 teams in that division)
  11. Doesn’t 5th place in the Championship win £250,000? This final readjustment earns us £25,000 than Dunfermline in 6th place.
  12. Interesting. To the casual observer, it reads like the football is somewhat incidental to other activities of which the consumption of alcohol seems to rank highly. Still whatever floats your boat. Just out of interest, what sort of budget would this ideal require?
  13. Yes Clan Campbell together with a regenerated Board have certainly turned things around. After our Sheerin years recovery, it looked like we had drifted back into the wilderness years (80s and most of 90s). One recent Campbell interview (can’t recall which one) mentioned they had long considered Arbroath somewhat of a ‘sleeping giant’ so they, with an enterprising Board have revived it. Bit of hyperbole but it was always strange that by far the largest town/support in Angus was often the lowest placed of all. It’s been an enjoyable trip these past few years with very occasional glimpses of sublime footy on display. Still, fortunes can turn down as well as up as Lichties know all too well. It would be good to garner 6-7 points sooner than later to avoid a nervy end to a good season (if better then fine - a lovely notion that we might keep in contention with the pack above).
  14. That’s a heavy March fixture list we have to fulfill and all the midweek games are against stronger sides so that will be real test. And a bit unfair on the part time teams. Mind you the fixture planning for the whole season always seems poor (too many free international breaks early season when weather is good and interest high, and no attempt to rearrange weekend league fixtures when teams are free from the Cup, plus the irregular h-a-a sequences. - some disagree I know. Anyway given this intense sequence, we might need to moderate expectations. Less recovery time but so let’s hope we can pick up some points along the way. 8th place still some way off.
  15. On the issue of stadia, Im a diehard diddy club afficionado. Genetically evolved over decades to enjoy the freedom of the terraces (and the halftime migration of Lichties), I genuinely find the confinement to restricted seated areas far from the action individually powerless to exercise any influence on players or officials and under the authoritarian presence of stewards somewhat of a undesirable blight on proceedings. To this incarceration is sometimes added torture by sound (East End Park is deafening for instance). Even some of the new Lego stadia of lower league clubs is far from ideal though there is usually some latitude for movement. Nothing particularly against Dens or the need for such necessary arrangements but it’s supposed to be entertainment as well as mere duty.
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