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  1. Toe curling attempt at comedy by the looks of the few minutes I saw
  2. Bolton's top Avon salesman six years in a row.
  3. They may live to regret that booze assurance!
  4. In a chilling parallel with HRH Prince Andrew, Peter Shilton will reveal in tomorrow's Sun how - - The experience of having Argentinians shoot at him during Mexico '86 also left him unable to sweat for many years. - He entered into a downward spiral of unlikely pizza binges in provincial English towns, which has left him largely unable to recall the last two decades. - How, if he ever goes out in London, he feels powerlessly compelled to wear his padded goalkeeper top, gloves, and budgie smugglers. - His anguish at always being turned away at Tramps nightclub due to his choice of attire.
  5. Primal. Basically Snakes On A Plane except with jungle animals on a boat. Any film that starts with Nicolas Cage up a tree chomping on a cigar and reading a magazine, and ends with him shooting the breeze with a talking parrot is alright by me. Plus points for Cage's usual bizarre delivery of dialogue and almost Wicker Man levels of scenery chewing but minus points for the scariest thing in the whole movie being Famke Janssen's new face.
  6. Throughout the 70's, Bobby Moore quietly donated a vast amount of his discarded pubic hair to Oxfam each year. Mrs Moore would fashion it into mittens and bobble hats, taking advantage of its peculiarly high insulating and water resistant properties.
  7. Max Van Sydow was so excited and pumped up by Blessed's ability under pressure that he went berserk and set Timothy Dalton's trailer on fire. Dalton wrongly suspected Peter Duncan and started a vicious campaign of anonymous harrasment against him which only ended in 2016 when he finally learned the truth.
  8. I'm literally just sitting down to watch this as we speak!
  9. Bob Mortimer has just confirmed that they're doing a third series of Gone Fishing. This is good news!
  10. Aye I've also got it 116-111. What a fight!
  11. Whatever happens this is a fantastic performance from Donaire. Deserves to see it out.
  12. Hardly a clinch at all. Great fight. I've got Inoue two up...could be a grandstand finish!
  13. Another Donaire round, Inoue was badly hurt there.
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