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  1. Facts you made up

    After a stressful day in the House Of Commons, Jeremy Corbyn likes to go home, hang a do not disturb sign on the door of his den, and curl up with a 2 litre tub of Hagen Das to watch classic blaxploitation movies on his trusty Betamax. His all time favourite is 1974's Truck Turner, starring Isaac Hayes and Yaphet Koto.
  2. Magnificent names archive

    He has the glassy eyed panicked look on his face like he's just over pushed a fart and has scheidted himself.
  3. Bob Mortimer

    I'm always surprised that it wasn't more popular, it's absolutely brilliant and has aged very well. Sent from my Bluboo Maya Max using Tapatalk
  4. Bob Mortimer

    Rewatched Catterick recently, had forgotten how good it was! Bob plays a (relatively) straight role really well. Guy's a legend!
  5. Facts you made up

    Sean Bean is well known in acting circles for his wholehearted devotion to WWE. He often hosts parties where fellow thespians watch past Royal Rumbles on an old VHS player, wrestle each other, and inhale nitrous oxide. He also encourages his guests to come in character as their favourite wrestlers, and usually plays the part of his all time favourite Ted DiBiase aka The Million Dollar Man. The fun stops at 10.30pm as that's his bedtime, but he always retires exhausted and happy in his WWE pyjamas.
  6. Twitter

    A Dave Benson Phillips update - he seems to have found a random part from a Land Rover and is urgently seeking clarification as to what it is (he does not explain why). Intriguingly it's clearly not his hand holding said item in the pics he's tweeted. The plot thickens.
  7. Twitter

    Saw this, is he the wee specky one in his avatar pic?
  8. Boxing Thread

    Thurman was definitely showing ring rust, which was to be expected.
  9. Twitter

    Quick DBP update - he's currently riding his admin desk apparently and desires to know what YOU are up to.
  10. Twitter

    After further investigation the excess all areas panto videos simply consist of an off camera DBP asking various members of the cast 'Who are you and what do you do?', followed by a short reply of who they are and what they do. It's either off the chart minimalist auterism at work or extremely disappointing and unimaginative. There is no middle ground here. He also intriguingly says that he has no less than 2 TV shows in the pipeworks - one about game shows and one about ventriloquists and their sinister puppets. He needed his wife to remind him of this as he's obviously been so busy with panto in Hoddeston and running his mobile disco that it slipped his mind. Some boy!
  11. Twitter

    He certainly seems keen for people to contact him in his office (from 10am onwards). Maybe he just wants a chat, as you say he doesn't specify why. Someone on here should give him a bell. His harrowing meat(less) pie incident has an almost existential quality to it. He's not afraid to ask the big questions that's for sure. He's also filmed a series of short videos giving a tantalising insight as to just what goes on behind the scenes at some provincial panto or other he's been in. If that doesn't get him back on CBBC I don't know what will. At least he has Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them to fall back on.* *Available for hire. Call him at his office (after 10am).
  12. Boxing Thread

    It was the US commentary. Ronald McIntosh just popped up a couple of times between rounds to plug the DeGale Eubank fight and to apologise for Broner's potty mouth.
  13. Boxing Thread

    He's a ginger?
  14. LinkedIn thread

    A real cracker of a story, one to tell the grandkids.
  15. Twitter

    One time kids TV gunge enthusiast Dave Benson Phillips' twitter feed is funny, weird, and somehow quietly moving in equal measures. He seems to have taken to soup making to keep him sane after TV work dried up - blaming this on a false rumour that he had died, has set up his own mobile DJ business called 'Fantastic Beats And Where To Find Them', recently injured his left arm through overuse (unspecified), and has sent out a series of increasingly desperate pleas for modelling balloons (now resolved). It's compelling stuff.