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  1. Sad to see Easton go if it's true, but he'll still be on a decent senior first team wage at Saints which can be freed up, and tbh he looks done.
  2. Early League Predictions

    Mental that anyone honestly thought St Johnstone would end up in the playoff spot.
  3. Twitter

    I can confirm this. When I went (not with KB) it was very underwhelming and bland fayre.
  4. Depression

    Hang in there man. That's all you need to do right now.

    My wee terrier got into a scrap with a bull mastiff today, he would obviously come off worse if it got serious but he absolutely sent him packing. Was like Inoue chasing Antony Joshua away.
  6. What actual size is this Steve Davies? He looks fatter than Kris Boyd!

    I have the same issue. Parson russell terriers are surprisingly fast plus he's prone to diving into rabbit/foxholes. Wee b*****d.
  8. Boxing Thread

    Jesus, Inoue is a crippling puncher!
  9. Boxing Thread

    TBF Prograis is a far, far better operator than Baranchyk.
  10. Boxing Thread

    A natural puncher
  11. Boxing Thread

    Taylor points Inoue mid round stoppage, he's a wee machine.
  12. Shipping 7 goals to a bunch of Swedish jobbers is a heroic act of letting the country down my man.
  13. Never happening but thanks.
  14. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Can't blame the guy for wanting to get a big move and if it doesn't come off then yeah he'll be a vital part of next season's team.
  15. Twitter

    This is livin'...L I V I N.