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  1. It looks to me like he was lampooning Russ' comment.
  2. Correct. It's fucking awful. Looks like it's had too much detergent in the wash.
  3. This was Falkirk's third game but only DU's first... it was mostly a fitness exercise for united... they had a youthful look (after making loads of substitutions!)... Any more feeble excuses you want to add to that, D.C.?
  4. Literally the only one that has ever been decent was the one mentioned a couple of pages ago, with the small sponsor logo, narrow hoops and dark socks. I thought that was a cracker.
  5. Those red socks with our home strip would be the very dab.
  6. With Rowan Alexander attempting to manage the team.
  7. The SHOCKING and COMPLETELY UNPREDICTABLE news that SPFL2 clubs will not even entertain any discussions, hence proving that the LL scabs dropped their drawers for nothing.
  8. Funnily enough I was just reading a couple of days ago about the Scandinavians at DU. A good article in Nutmeg #24.
  9. It's the fact it is a straightforward Inverness Thistle strip. That's important.
  10. Genuinely might, along with our own sensational home tap.
  11. And swap them around every year you mean
  12. Absolutely erect at that Thistle strip. Will be buying.
  13. Yes, I like it, although ours is obviously light years ahead. I bet Bugs Bunny got a fright when he tried to take a bite out of that particular crunchy carrot, that's all I'll say.
  14. Sunday amateur standard. And the kit's not much better! Hahahaahkdjfksdkvl
  15. My word, I am positively priapic at the thought. Like the '15 cup final number. You know, where we came back to win in extra time and never completely fucked it.
  16. You all fucking should be. It is never boring, I'll say that.
  17. Love the top and the socks are fine. Blue shorts though, hmmm.
  18. 0506 "the Tiago" was horrible 0607 "the Stokes" tremendous 0708 "the Higdon" even better 0809 "the Dad's Army" not bad 0910 "the Finnbogason" rotten - far too much white. These are the definitive ratings and I will be accepting no questions, thank you.
  19. The 85/86 pinstripes/2 tone shirt was gorgeous. My eyes have only just recovered from going skelly because of the red on blue I agree though.
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