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  1. Despite today's signing, I'm sad to say there's been a bit of droopage. Here's hoping for a big Friday of staunerisation before the weekend.
  2. Absolutely mega-whooshed here. Whoosh d'Or contender.
  3. The competition is just getting better and better. Hat doffed in the direction of the SFA!
  4. Yeah, I like Liam Craig as a player, and he certainly was dynamic in there, but I have nagging doubts about his ability to get around the park effectively too. Or if he sits, who does his running?
  5. Thank you for doing the research! Although Morton's was worse in absolute points, ours was worse in ppg: 1.78 versus 1.25 points lost each week on average. Soul destroying stuff.
  6. My word, to see players' names spelt with an apostrophe instead of a "c" is really antiquated, like 19th century stuff. Can't believe they did it as late as 1972. For clarity, I am referring to John McGovern and Denis McQuade.
  7. Spam Valley was a phrase from the 70's/80's on, where people got aspirational and took on huge mortgages. This left them with a big house but no cash so they were reduced to permanently eating spam.
  8. Butcher is an absolute mindless donkey. A walking red card.
  9. It was "Morton-esque" in feel. Need to check the stats for that, but I fear it would be too sanity-destroying to undertake.
  10. Literally everybody wishes him well, but we all saw what we saw back then... and it was surprising he got a move to Liverpool of all places. I see he got caught out in a very poor manner for the winning goal against Kelty at the weekend, so maybe his defensive side still needs work.
  11. Isn't he correct? A late Pars equaliser did indeed stop you winning the league (for a week)?
  12. Money available, the league begging to be taken, and he signs Chalmers, plays him out of position, and we miss out. Some boy, wee Holty.
  13. Not in 14/15, tbf. QOS pipped us to 4th place. The next two years we were out in front.
  14. Your first sentence is a complete non sequitur to my post, M√64. As for the second one, yes, that's true, but if you can't see the benefit in seeing what neighbouring countries mess up and then consequently not repeat those mistakes, then there's no hope for you. Literally no hope.
  15. Yeah, learning from other people's mistakes, what a stupid idea that would be.
  16. Reckon we should put in an offer for Calvin Ramsay as back up for Ryan Williamson when he gets gubbed.
  17. Is Vertainen getting totally frozen out? Would he be made available for loan? (and would we want him, or is he McMillan Mk2?)
  18. Indeed, but that led directly to the idea of antimatter so I'm ok with that.
  19. Falkirk would have absolutely annihilated that division in a normal year in 15/16, and probably won it in 16/17 as well.
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