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  1. The 3 infiltrators are not counted. Only real teams.
  2. 1800 - I'll just have a bite to eat then jump in the car. 1830 - nah sack that can't be arsed with the drive. RESULT
  3. Here's the full one, for future reference. From the LL Rules on their website.
  4. Save to your desktop! (Like what I have just did)
  5. Posting the spreadsheet would have been easier; unfortunately I haven't got it to hand. In fact, maybe it should be pinned to the top of the thread.
  6. Yeah that will be the producer's job. Although they will have production meetings with the host etc. where they will discuss upcoming/potential guests.
  7. Hospitality for me. So a Bairns win or it'll all be kicking off in the portakabin. Pwopah nawty.
  8. Answered below by other posters; sadly no joke. He was always a complete pillock but should have been exiled for life after his base intervention on behalf of the British State in 2014.
  9. I care that he lied to old folk about their pensions in 2014.
  10. He writes quite a few books and does the nutmeg podcast, as well as appearing on a few WSC things. He's doing well, and deserves applause for his work.
  11. Referees get all decisions correct apparently. Quite the take.
  12. FFS I can't believe you picked the same phrase as me! I'll need to change mine now!
  13. Quoted this as I was just about to say the same. Dunning's points are all fair, but completely miss the fact we are saddled with enormous overheads before we take in a penny. It's a common error among fans of other clubs commenting. Understandable, though.
  14. What the fucking hell is this meant to be? I mean, come on.
  15. Other fans are welcome, but when they come blundering in with lame trolling and half baked theories they rightly get a pasting.
  16. One of my finest ever nights was at the Barras where, unbelievably, your actual Metallica played. They were supported by prime Corrosion of Conformity and it was the hottest I've ever been at a gig. Was amazing to get down to the front and be so close to them. Soaked in sweat by the end, so bought my one and only bootleg t shirt outside to walk back to town.
  17. https://falkirkfootballheritagetrust.wordpress.com/?fbclid=IwAR2k8GFeM3iL1QicfV0VULGGJ2oASB9PvoryYUP7OeJ0FS_QjUCOk2lhVj0
  18. I'm doing some work with the FFHT just now, and came across the FFC board minute the other day where we signed the unbelievable striker Evelyn Morrison from Stenny. 71 top flight goals in 58 league appearances for us. He signed for £1000 and the brass got together (over a few brandies no doubt) in the Plough Hotel in Stenny to make the deal.
  19. @HibeeJibeeare you perhaps referring to the Robert Orr / Robert Russell bribery affair from 1935?
  20. 1990 "Escape From The Studio" mini tour for my first, at the SECC which cost about thruppence ha'penny. Enjoyed them at the Hydro in '17 (IIRC) but the sound was terrible, especially the bass, for us paupers up in the gods.
  21. We've got a massive 35 days between visits to The Recs.
  22. Voice sounds rough but in a good way, and I'm a total sucker for that Motorhead/NWOBHM quick style. My brother said to me it sounds like a Metallica NWOBHM cover song B-side, and I agree and am always up for that. Think It's Electric, The Prince, Blitzkrieg etc.
  23. Literally the complete opposite when it comes to dribbling. In Scotland we invented the combination, or passing, game. The English version was based on one guy dribbling and everyone else charging after him. Our use of space and positioning is why we dominated the first decades of the fixture, and of course led to the term Scotch Professor.
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