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  1. Got the bus once from Perth to Donington. Boys pissed by Glasgow, spewing up by the border, dead on arrival at Donington. Foolishly got it again from London to Eindhoven for Dynamo. Whole journey soundtracked by the execrable sounds of a Strapping Young Lad live album played over and over and over again by a gang of big boys on the back seats. Driver and many passengers utterly homicidal by the end. So no, I would not recommend getting the bus to a metal event. Edit: these were chartered buses, not service buses.
  2. I'll give you Bartley, but Fleeting seems very bland and non-committal.
  3. His dad actually played for us back in 80/81. Two appearances and bumped. Obviously still sore about it.
  4. Thompson was an utter rat. Even to his own employees. I said before, but I was waiting outside Tannadice before a game once, pre-2 pm because I'm a saddo. Thompson arrived, and was greeted by the doorman with "Afternoon Mr Thompson, lovely day for a game!" Thompson just looked at the guy like he'd just spat in his face and grunted "Hmph, is it!" The poor doorman went bright red as ET stormed past. I was mortified for him.
  5. The very mention of the phrase DEAL WITH IT still causes spontaneous embolisms and sector-leading claims of "not botheredness" from them. It's extraordinary.
  6. +1 for the Rory Loy love in. He's an absolute gentleman in real life too so more power to his microphone.
  7. David Martindale has done a fantastic job there. It's always a tough place to go. The pitch is a real leveller. Had one or two financial problems in the past but punching above their weight now. Jim fecking Leishman. That about covers it I think.
  8. It is. Edit: we've got two players on loan at Gretna. Gary Holt's son () is a keeper. Blair Sneddon, LB, is the other. Neither of them on the teamsheet.
  9. To be fair, the BBC are taking tonight seriously. A good production. MacLean and Cameron (especially Cameron) are pretty interesting and honest as analysts.
  10. As a former Arbroath player, who is still young, he'd be able to command more than most, I'd imagine, yeah.
  11. What the hell is going on with the Dundee derby highlights? The volume is ridiculously low, and actually faded to zero in the goal celebrations!
  12. *Dayle Edit to add - there will be large disparities in wages, even within one club. From basically expenses, up to three figures for a few players.
  13. Only 3 points off the top! #keepthefaith #COYB #pleasehelpme
  14. We are punch-drunk. Year after year of getting the hope beaten out of you by uncaring an/or incompetent owners managers and players has had that effect. I know my one and only club will be FFC, but I am struggling to care too. Last season ticket was several years ago now. Take the kids along to maybe 2 or 3 games a season. Never watched a single streamed game over the last 2 years.
  15. I don't think so, more long term that will hurt us. Yay! more good stuff to look forward to. Finding it hard to give a shit tbh; it's more like morbid curiosity out of habit by now.
  16. Only 5 years ago we had Sir William Vaulks smashing cuunts and leathering rocket shots into the top bins. Fucking heartbreaking.
  17. The May appointment started this whole spiral. We had a brilliant side under Houston in 2016 that would have demolished a normal 2nd tier. Since then the wheels have come off, the car is on fire and the passenger behind the driver has just spewed down his neck.
  18. Bad managerial appointments, bad recruitment. It really is as simple as that. All starts with our pathetic Mr Nice Guys of a board. They keep Holt in place and he is utter poison in our veins.
  19. Sheerin appears to have lost his mind since we had absolutely no luck against QP, and started throwing players in anywhere.
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