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  1. Liquidate FFC now. In fact, just liquidate me; it'll save me a lot of pain.
  2. Can you point to instances where this has taken place before?
  3. Chapeau to @Salt n Vinegar as the only one among the Rangers* support who was brave and sensible enough to both foresee and disown the predictable simian behaviour from his fellow supporters. To the rest of you on here: shame; absolute shame for defending those thousands of utter morons.
  4. Same. I think I persuaded my (non football fan) late dad to bring me through as it was around Christmas wasn't it? Bet he was delighted to go but the second half was tremendous fun.
  5. 93 94 is my all time favourite season, but 90 91 was amazing too. A bunch of right hardy b*****ds who never gave up and couldn't half play too. My kids are teenagers and really keen on football so it's absolutely heartbreaking to have to suffer with them the utter horseshit we have dealt up for the last 5 years. I describe games like the Motherwell and PT cup games, Stainrod at McDiarmid, Greg Shaw at EEP title wins and bouncing around like mad and it's like a different world to them. They had some good days when they were younger but they are ripe now for life changing memories and the side are so rubbish I can barely bring myself to even put us all through it by watching the matches. So grim.
  6. Check out the two wee boys above the tunnel. "FUKKIN..... BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"
  7. ...and all for the bargain price of, what was it? £100M? 😄 It's a mystery why Albion Rovers and Stenny haven't done that before, an absolute mystery.
  8. It is with unutterable sadness that I have to agree with you. Right behind the Dee on this one #Dunkirk
  9. Reading back through this thread, some takes are solar-core hot. Amazing viewing.
  10. Seeing The Scream (one version of it; there are several) there reminded me about a fantastic long weekend I spent in Bergen in October 2019. Among much other merriment and exploration we visited the KODE art galleries. Lots of Munch and Picasso among other treasures. Thoroughly recommended. A sensational city. Could imagine it would get hideously busy in Summer, but early Autumn saw it simply glorious. Can't wait to return. I even re-enacted the photo in my profile which features, I'm sure you all know, Einar "Kvitrafn" Selvik.
  11. Yeah Dods left in '14 I think. McCracken was a direct replacement.
  12. I actually love big Will Vaulks and am not ashamed to admit it.
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