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  1. 15 minutes, so about 2 questions then? He's some boy.
  2. The brand new Grandstand at Brockville Park, picture taken on its grand opening in 1928. The new turnstiles at Hope Street which were erected at the same time. Mrs Waugh, the fearsome looking wife of Chairman Robert Waugh, receiving a silver key to mark the opening from architect Mr Callander. Pics from this article https://falkirklocalhistory.club/people/james-g-callander/grandstand/
  3. Excellent, as it will be a lunchtime decision for me whether or not I head through the Glen and the Yetts.
  4. I have almost completely eradicated the 9 months or so either side of the end of 20/21 from my memory so have no recall of the goal you mean. I'll take your word for it!
  5. That is the very moment the flight controller saw the Challenger explode. And in the opposite corner, in the land of utter hilarity, I just heard whichever gimps warble away on Rangers TV describe that as a definite penalty for Rangers, with a leg in an unnatural position () and thinking that Robbie Neilson was chuckling because he "got away with one" rather than the fact he was laughing at the cheating ratboy Ranger.
  6. The boy has become a national hero just like that. #stickyourBteamsupyourarse
  7. Dwight Yorke is giving him a lift up from England in his wee Corsa.
  8. Similarly, I was helping my mum make a cup of tea in the kitchen when my dad roared through that Hewitt had scored. He had no interest in football, but was cheering the dons that night. I think 99% of Scotland was.
  9. Colleague of mine here is a big Par and he admits they are getting very twitchy. Manager apparently happy with the squad he has. Reckons it will come down to the head to heads with ourselves which I have to agree with. We've definitely got the momentum but another fuckup in Kelty and the good feeling could easily dissipate again if they win and it goes up to 8. No prisoners. Full throttle from the off every game. We have a good bench to keep things turning over nicely up front especially.
  10. There was a video floating about a wee while ago of Sammy Ompreon strolling about residential London in his own Falkirk away strip. Some boy.
  11. 4 teams on the same number of points at the bottom after more than half the season is tremendous entertainment. Please keep it up. And get Well fucked down in 12th with Killie filling their nappy in the playoffs like versus Dundee for the ideal conclusion.
  12. Their main man is a Chemistry teacher. They were the featured interview on the Bandcamp main Metal page recently too.
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