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  1. Thought Alegria was far too quick to deck himself. Never a foul.
  2. This is John "Jocky" Simpson of Falkirk. He holds a realistic claim to being our best ever player, and his story is similar to the ones mentioned above. He was a tremendous right winger for FFC, in a time when we were a genuine powerhouse, finishing 2nd in the league on two occasions, and winning the Scottish Cup in 1913. He played for Blackburn Rovers as well, winning the English league twice, and earned 8 international caps. The problem was, they were caps for England! His parents were Scottish, but worked briefly in Lancashire where young John came into the world. Within months they were back home but this accident of birth meant he was sadly ineligible for Scotland. England only picked him, incidentally, after he moved to Blackburn.
  3. No, the most important part is the part where they admit "we're skint and desperately need cash". The "90%/10% is unfair" bit stands out as a glaringly bad turn of phrase, but the overreaction to it has been faintly embarrassing.
  4. Not since the siege of Krak des Chevaliers.
  5. Did Brechin City not have one last season?
  6. Pretty sure Michael McGovern didn't join Falkirk until 2011. Bobby Olejnik had the gloves in our first season out the SPL.
  7. Hey, come on now. No need for that kind of language.
  8. That history woman is utterly, utterly deranged. A stain on public life.
  9. Heavy "Luca Gasparotto v QOS" vibes about playing McKay at RB.
  10. Just want to say a big shout out to me for absolutely bullseye-ing the Burrell up top shout earlier in the week. You're welcome JMcG.
  11. Hey, they know their audience! Bigots, lickspittles and servile self-loathing Scots.
  12. Did James Cunning/Allan play for you?
  13. That's a sensational fixture to get to for anyone.
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