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  1. Mind a fortunate 1-1 draw with Burnley (Rice pen. for us). They had a big, extremely noisy support.
  2. Kevin McAllister made Amoruso look like the utter amadan he was. That was amusing.
  3. There is absolutely no need to throw everything out of kilter in order to shoehorn 4 Euro representatives into the groups of the Betfred Cup FFS.
  4. They get rightly annihilated for that, but it was only when they hosted a Celtic pre season friendly.
  5. I canny believe what I'm reading in my heid.
  6. You do realise the only reason 4 teams skip the league cup group stages is because they are the 4 teams in Europe? Agree with the rest of your post though.
  7. Pacific Rim Uprising. Quite enjoyed the first one but this was woeful, just woeful.
  8. Normally subjects are considered independently so I'd guess that would be the case here. We'll have to wait and see.
  9. But they'll also take into consideration final grades of all pupils over many years, number of A's awarded etc. So L.S. Esq. will not be unfairly treated. And if they are unhappy, they can have their assignment marked. And if they're still unhappy, then I'm afraid there's always going to be some in that position.
  10. I'd recommend it if you've got a bit of time to spare. I'm a numbers geek though. As I said earlier, my predictions have been close to their final awards. I do know of colleagues where there's a regular uplift of a band or so, so that's what they will be submitting.
  11. Then look back at your predictions over the last 5 years like I did, see what the average uplift was between prelim based estimates and final results, and adjust this year's accordingly.
  12. So the lazy sod in question has ignored a century of advice that prelims are important and got 25%. Their assignment may or may not have been sparkling; we'll never know. They've done unit tests and A/B tests throughout the year. If at Higher, they presumably did well at N5. Their teacher, who looks upon the youth with a kindly eye, sees a spark therein and bumps up his grade, sensibly, along with the rest of the class. What's the problem here? If historically the schools predictions have been iffy then some or all of the bump will get adjusted, if they've been good, then his result will be waved through. And if he doesn't like the final result, he'll apply at post results to have his assignment marked properly.
  13. So in what way are they being hard done by? No evidence, either from prelims or their school's estimates being historically accurate means hard cheese old bean.
  14. And as I said, those who feel hard done by, will be putting in post results requests en masse.
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