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  1. The Celtic fans I know well enough who have some form of neural activity were mostly strongly against NL being reappointed. It was the uh, less academic ones who were taken in by the pyoorsellikman schtick. I'd imagine this is not a surprise to anyone.
  2. I was informed of this fact today, coincidentally. Mostly helping players new to Scotland find places to stay.
  3. First ever EOS game for me today, watching the Jeanie beat Dunbar 1-0. Was well deserved, as they hit the woodwork 4 times and played some lovely neat attacking football. DU had a couple of chances though to snatch something. Entertaining fare played in a good spirit - really enjoyed it.
  4. Yes what attracted Cochrane to Championship QOS? It's a mystery.
  5. So everyone excited for the new season then? 😄 I've got 40 years of first day butterflies under my belt but today: 0. So I'm watching my boy play for the Primrose and then off to see Jeanfield Swifts play Dunbar in the EoSL.
  6. That's actually heartening that (nearly) all the kids support the local outfit. Unless you simply don't allow your daughter to associate with OF fans, which is equally admirable.
  7. I think it's 6 new entrants this time out? (If you count Clydebank as a separate club). Clydebank, Cumnock, Dalkeith Th, Darvel, Dunvar Utd, Sauchie.
  8. I'm sad enough that a week or so ago I actually asked the SPFL about this. No response shock.
  9. Yeah there was a navy one with gold pinstripes, and another blue one with a Jackson Pollock on the shoulders.
  10. So potentially pumped out of Europe three times before the end of August? Yup. *popcorn gif*
  11. Yeah, like Caixinha/Murty era Sevco. Everyone licking their hands and rubbing their lips before playing them.
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