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  1. The thing about naming old heroes is that they were superb, but often surrounded by, or managed by, dolts. Hence we have never won anything major since 1957.
  2. That midfield slot should be taken by Stephen Bradley. My BP just increased by 300% thinking about that donut wearing the NB.
  3. The Lion Rampant is the Royal Standard of the Scottish Crown. The saltire is the flag of the nation and people. I think you were right to bring the saltire tbh.
  4. If he's insulting German beer he's to be ignored. It's far far superior to Spanish gunk.
  5. Rangers will come unstuck here by four goals to one. I shall chuckle contentedly, while still applauding their efforts to reach this stage.
  6. Of course, and the truth is much muddier than they would have you believe. It appears they were not in the same league (no pun intended) as the cloud of destruction that follows Rangers around settled on Glasgow last May. Rangers gonna riot, Celtic gonna holier-than-thou. And the world keeps turning. But if we are ok with rags like that producing misleading articles to point score then that is troubling.
  7. Are some people really ok with newspapers using 4 year old photos to misrepresent a recent event? Interesting.
  8. For clarity, I meant the direction she swiped. Damn right. #commitment
  9. Blair Sneddon turned up on my daughter's Tinder a couple of weeks ago! Direction of swipeage currently unconfirmed.
  10. Not only that, the 1873 date seems to have been superseded recently by 1872.
  11. Do you never revel in Rangers' or Celtic's failures? Do you have to finish above someone to rip them? Interesting.
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