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  1. You could, and it would be a valid suggestion, but for me there's only one "winner".
  2. Indeed. Barring the Auld Firm clearly the most loathsome club in Scotland in the last 30 years are Hearts. By a million miles.
  3. A gargantuan 3 pts for me today. Still got my 3 Celts plus Tavernier to save my week tomorrow. I think that might be a pattern this season. Thanks to the Aberdonian morons I've got to play the St Mirren goalie at Ibrox in my side tomorrow now. 😒
  4. Bloody John Swinney. Getting all the english and Welsh results downgraded. Grrr.
  5. That random sort was all over the Falkirk thread a week or so ago, describing at great length all about bubbles and protocols and how it was basically impossible for a premiership team to suffer an outbreak. WHAT WERE THE CHANCES he was talking shit and failed to factor in the fundamental thickery of footballers. Oddly, he's not been back to discuss it.
  6. That's odd, as I've got the '57 Toffs replica, which has the highlander badge which the club must also own and license I'd imagine.
  7. If so then mea culpa. But I was commenting on the Iain Ferguson comment, who must have played for Rangers about 83 or 84, even earlier than Ian and the rest.
  8. Think he means Ian Ferguson. You can add Hurlock, Roberts and Souness himself to that.
  9. Our h strip has been relegated out the diddy league and is currently playing amateur football, hungover and just wanting to go home.
  10. That '15 cup final effort was absolutely gorgeous in every way. Would be happy if we wore all white on a regular basis, would accept as a standard away strip. This year's home effort is embarrassingly bad. Truly awful. Worst since the '10 relegation number and chessboard affair before that.
  11. So they did, I'd forgotten about that particular nefarious scam. IIRC Falkirk told them to ram it and it was quietly shelved.
  12. Same. Wee fud. I'll give him another couple of games though, as he was prolific last year.
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