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  1. Good news lads! March 20th or 25th is the whisper on the street.
  2. we will have a definite resolution for L1, L2, SC, PO by close of play tomorrow?
  3. I think we (FFC) should forget the Scottish anyway. We'll be stiff as a board while Arbroath have signed well and are really motoring. Give it lip service, play the squad players and laser focus on the league. Not getting up could be catastrophic for the club. Reminds me of when promotion in '94 kept us going (for 4 years at least).
  4. Yes, 18 is fine. It's fair and would fi ish at about the correct time.
  5. I know, not having your weekends ruined by watching galumphing attempts at playing fitba has been great! 😄
  6. I really hope not, because I do remember sticking up for them when they first arrived and were getting the usual regen/alias etc chat from folk. Generally I think he is pretty good value but eesht, not a good day at the office today, @G51
  7. The self delusion, even among apparently level headed and personable Rangers fans, is utterly astounding. Even 9 years after Rangers (1872) died. Simply wishing them to carry on because they were important to a lot of people ain't gonna cut it, I'm afraid.
  8. A fair bit of truth in that actually, when you see how certain other clubs have shed debt (repeatedly) on occasion. But I'm pretty sure the rules for CVA were not in place in 1998 so we simply had to pay back the lot. Our 'administration' was actually called 'provisional liquidation', i.e. a precursor to properly bust.
  9. In that case they 'grow up' and accept their club and its successes, are gone.
  10. The rules were changed afterwards, yes. The notion of a club is now much more nebulously defined as "something that can be owned and operated". That's what allowed Airdrie United to be rebranded as Airdrieonians despite having zero connection with John Martin's old side. They were sold/awarded (I can't remember now which) the rights to the image, badge and history of the defunct Broomfieldians. Sevco 5088 would definitely have tried to buy someone else, so I actually think that them coming in as #team42 was probably the best of the options as it meant another team was spared oblivion. Regarding the other point about "stripping titles" if you go into administration? Well, no, not necessarily. But if you are liquidated, then yes. Grow up and accept it. Or do what the Bairns did (see what I did there?) and pay back 100%, that's ONE HUNDRED F**KING PERCENT of your debt and carry on.
  11. Glad to hear it, but I thought you were in the shizz.
  12. Submitted. Some poor questioning there; bad punctuation and unclear meanings to certain questions with nowhere to expand on one's chosen option. Definitely has the feeling of a Sevco fan looking for hauners about how "badly" they were treated. One question you should have asked to all the Rangers fans who help you out: "You knew fine well that liquidation meant the end of the original club, as it was an incorporated company. You waved red cards to indicate your ire at this possibility. Please try to explain with a straight face how this is not actually the case and you pure knew this all along, but".
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