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  1. Some bollox ads all over the site making the screen go all narrow and odd. But this made me smile: pop princess (it says here) Mabel obviously smitten by BSLM.
  2. Benedictus loves a red card at TFS. He got consecutive ones the last 2 times I recall seeing him play at our bit.
  3. Hard to tell, they are keeping their cards close to their chest. They'll be well informed about our team selection though, thanks to that all round Falkirk expert Texas Geordie Munro.
  4. Stuart Rafferty and Jim Smith are the two supporting characters.
  5. Nah, that's a pretty famous incident. It was also the only time we all got ourselves into a lather about signing an Italian, Sebatino De Massis. He played once, and we would have been better with J Mascis.
  6. Isn't there a SM poster from on here, on there? @djchapsticks rings a bell.
  7. He turned up at Dundee United for a wee while, at the same time as the other Alan Irvine, of Crystal Palace fame. "Our" one did not impress DU fans much, he was nicknamed "The Log"!
  8. Alan Irvine is bizarrely overrated by our fans; I just don't get it. Maybe I was too young to appreciate him. I was more of a Bryan Purdie man! The EF game in 1986 is a funny one for me, we turned up late (thanks Dad) and I was in the actual turnstyle as the cheer went up for McGuire's goal. Remember Irvine running through to net the second and EF got 2 in the last 5 minutes to make us all fill our breeks. We had spent most of the season trying not to get promoted by losing far too many silly home games, and Jimmy Gilmour bailing us out away from home.
  9. Ex Bairns update: Patrick Brough scored for Barrow at the weekend, while Botti Biabi and Ryan Blair have signed for Stenny! 😕
  10. A natural process of losing motivation or interest I think. Can't criticise too much for that, but you can criticise for a lack of oversight of their appointees and not selling to an appropriate buyer some time ago.
  11. Could it be something to do with the mooted idea of overlapping geographical areas having two separate play off paths towards the LL?
  12. Was tempted by Fuath the night before, but too many of the bands over the weekend were of the "who?" variety for me to justify the fee.
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