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  1. That buzzfeed style of writing enrages me to an intense degree.
  2. Genuinely interesting chat between G51, AJF and a couple of Sellik boys, and along comes the drunk, tripping over the coffee table and dropping his cigarette down the sofa.
  3. Sitting here with my head in my hands reading this. Being stuck down in the netherworld forever, with permanent boardroom shenanigans and a spiraling quality of team is a real risk. Real existential stuff, or Clyde/Airdrie meaninglessness could lie ahead.
  4. Strong aroma of a Trumpian nature around that boy.
  5. It's mental how he hasn't got a big management job recently isn't it?
  6. 11 - 10 - 274 Appearances There's so much you could say about these 2 guys. One homegrown, thrown in at the deep end who exhibited great skill and toughness for us, scoring 38 times, and deserved to go higher in the game than his current status. The other, Cup winning hero from 1957 who just happens to also be our top post war goal scorer (107). Craig Sibbald and Doug Moran.
  7. 12 - 268 Appearances. A decade spent whizzing up and down the right flank for the Bairns allowed a well deserved testimonial for Andy Lawrie. A highly creditable 28 goals too, from 1997 to 2006. I was glad he got a season in the SPL before the whole team was remodelled.
  8. 13 - 264 Appearances, 1977-1984. With a mighty 30 goals to his name from central defence, Brian "Bomber" Brown was a meaty character and, when partnered with Alan Mackin, I wouldn't have fancied playing up front against Falkirk back then. Part of the team that dragged us out the 3rd tier and stablilised in the 2nd tier in the early 80's.
  9. Was a good header wasn't it? Not a sclaff. Seeing as you're here, I left early and missed Bobby Olejnik fumbling into our own net v Hamilton in a 4 -1 win in 2009.
  10. You have been telt, yes. Take any further dreary complaints to the Tartan Army board please.
  11. Oliver Burke is an absolute donkey. McTominay has grown really well into the RCB role alongside Gallagher. And having seen some of the lovely counter attacking play we've done in the last 3 matches, anyone who says we're a long ball team has not been watching.
  12. Just a couple of Dundee fans of varying levels of intellect failing (probably knowingly, in at least one case) to understand a simple wind up.
  13. You are clearly unaware of the fact that the SFA and the other Football Associations on these islands have agreed to ignore that FIFA rule.
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