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  1. Well yea, because that was 6v1 not 6v0, and it was in the division above.
  2. Biggestbairn is a 5th rate troll account a supporter of another team. Ignore.
  3. Close the thread. Nobody is going to top this zinger.
  4. Hi new directors, it's GD here. Do you mind if we sack Sheerin tonight? Save you the bother on Tuesday? New directors: aye cool. We'll square you up by the end of the week.
  5. For clarity, as masturbation appears to have ruined your eyesight, we know we are awful. We are mortally embarrassed by our entire club, and yes you fisted us royally today. But this is the thing. After winning 6 nil, pleading for one, just one of us to tell you how good you are is crushingly embarrassing. And yes, very needy indeed.
  6. No mask needed you gonk, I am absolutely seething with my team. The hopeless trolling by a Hibee or two is just really lame.
  7. Nobody's taking solace from it, just pointing out their very own little tragedies.
  8. League 2 Lowland League here we come. I hear Edinburgh University is lovely this time of year.
  9. We lose by a barrowload, yet the worst performances of the day are a 5th rate troll, and a hibee still crying somewhere in Housties pocket. Apart from that: liquidate everyone and everything by 1700 please.
  10. told ye! Edit fuxking hell I was actually too optimistic
  11. Fucking delighted. Weather so shite that we sacked it off. So no £51 for QP and I don't have to suffer our disgusting team in person.
  12. Would have been interested to see what Duncan was noting, and if it was used in the manager's tactics. Was it number of crosses attempted/achieved or something?
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