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  1. Had to check that out. Lyon hasn't scored in his last 70 appearances for us, going back to March 2020. Horrible stat especially considering he scored 5 in 27 appearances that year. In comparison, Blues has scored 9 times since lyon last scored, in 61 appearances. Lyon needs to put a lot of work in this year or he might struggle to maintain his full time professional footballer status. Shame as I've always liked him but Blues deserves to start ahead of him right now.
  2. Long had he been with you? Did he play friendly games etc? Wondering how far away he is from match fitness. Would have thought you would have offered him a better deal than us.
  3. More likely Lyon. Fully expect midfield 3 to be Blues, Gillespie and Crawford when he's up to speed...
  4. He has been pretty good for us. Pleasantly surprised how well he and Jai particularly have done tbh after Queens Park let them go.
  5. Does sound like an absolute classic in the making, Under 1.5 gaols is 2/1... Probably be 4-4 now...
  6. Where has the Poplatnik info came from? On us, we look solid enough defensively with Gillespie giving us a bit of composure in front of the back 4. Keeper has done well too. 5 goals conceded in our first 6 games and only 1 defeat suggests we are hard to beat but only scored 6 goals in those games so you can see where our problems lie. Quitongo has impressed a lot but not a natural goalscorer, yesterday he missed a one on one then scored a screamer from 20 yards. Starting 11 picks itself, would love a striker to come in before Saturday as we have feck all options on the bench to change it but I suspect if we are bringing someone in, we will leave it as long as possible to save paying a wage. 1-1.
  7. Sorry if its been mentioned but why is this game tonight if not on TV and stenny playing away tomorrow?
  8. We are skint but hoping we can find some money for at least a striker. Jacobs going out on loan means some money freed up so hopefully Dougie can work his magic, sooner rather than later. We have a decent enough starting 11 to give most teams in this league a game but zero depth so long season ahead. Played well at times on Sat so no reason we can't win but will be a tough game. 2-1.
  9. Accies highlights out? Want to see the pen claim.
  10. Think you've summed up the ref well there. He became very card happy and at one point you felt any foul would end up a booking. Wouldn't say it was in favour of one team, he was just blowing for fouls all the time. On the key incidents, need to see them on highlights as we were 100 yards away. The reaction of the Accies players suggests its a stonewall pen but will wait and see. Accies were better with 10 men, thought we were comfortably the better team when 11-11. On that showing, both of us will be bottom 5 easy.
  11. We are still paying off Gus, no chance we can afford to pay off Dougie too. Only way Dougie wont be our manager for the full season is if he walks..
  12. Aye Morton are guilty of many feck ups but this isn't one of them. As for no pathway to 1st team, you kidden? Half our current squad have came through the system over the last few years- King, McGregor, Sir Alexander of Easdale, Garrity, Hynes, Quitongo, McGrattan, Strapp, Lyon. If they are good enough at under 18 level, they will get a chance. Hopefully the reserve league makes a return sooner rather than later.
  13. Thistle Dundee ICT Queens Park Raith Arbroath Ayr Morton Cove Hamilton
  14. Would be happy with Crawford but would give us 6 centre midfielders so I'd expect a loan out at some point.
  15. He went to BSC Glasgow in Sept 2020 until Jan 21 so the season was up and running by that point. BSC were playing games but Easdale hardly kicked a ball i dont think.
  16. He went on loan to the juniors and couldn't cut it. He isn't good enough for League 2, he's not good enough for any standard of football being brutally honest and everyone connect to Morton knows it.
  17. Could it not be no one else wanted them apart from Inverness at the time and that's why they moved up there? Who are all these amazing players they are attracting on great wages that we can't afford? Are Robbie Deas, Tom Walsh, Sean Welsh and Danny Devine on huge wages compared to Morton and Ayr players? David Carson came from the 7th tier of English football so prob was a step up for him but is he on crazy money compared to Morton players? Championship players on decent but not amazing Championship wages for me. Not saying they might pay a bit more than us for certain players, but will be closer to our level of budget than Dundee or Thistle IMO. Be interested to hear an Inverness fans opinion on their budget. Happy to be corrected. A lot of fans guesstimate budgets at this time of year, would love to see a league table of playing budgets.
  18. I think Schwake will be our number 1. Martindale wouldn't have sent him to us to sit on the bench all season. I would imagine Dougie will have told DM he will play. Looking forward to seeing him, glowing reputation from his time in league 2 so keen to see if he can make the step up. I'd hope we won't waste another decent wage on another keeper. A young kid on not a big wage to warm the bench is all we need knowing we can bring in a more experienced keeper on emergency loan if Schwake gets injured.
  19. Not convinced ICT will be in with those 3 when it comes to budget. I'd say they are closer to the other larger pack to be honest. 5th season at this level, shite crowds like the rest of us, I'd be surprised if they are offering significantly better wages than us, Ayr, Raith etc.
  20. Aye bit annoying he is coming out with that stuff. Likewise he said in the tele the aim is to stay in the league, Morton has got to him already as that wasn't the chat last season. He spoke last season about kicking on and challenging at the top end this season. We have effectively 12 first team players with 6 dev players( 5 plus Hynes) as backup. We have lost 11( 10 first team plus Bysouth) players from season and brought in 6 so we absolutely need more in.. For me, we still need, Backup GK, backup CB who can cover LB, Attacking central midfielder Winger Striker. If we can get a few of the dev boys out on loan and potentially shift Jacobs either loan or permanent then that should help. Our budget is apparently the same as last year so no reason to come out with the money is tight chat when we are still 5 players down on last year. i doubt the players we have brought in are high earners too so when you consider we lost a few high earners in the Summer, I'm thinking Reilly, Gozie and Hamilton, the kitty should be looking fine to add a few decent options in the final 3rd. Hope Dougie is just playing the game but comments like that dont help when we have 12 1st team players signed.
  21. Is that true for every loan? I know we covered all of Reillys wage but can't imagine Arbroath covered all of Jack Hamiltons or Noubles wage.
  22. Bet 365 odds; Dundee- 7/4 Inverness- 11/4 Partick- 13/2 Hamilton- 10/1 Arbroath- 10/1 Cove Rangers- 14/1 Raith- 16/1 Ayr- 33/1 Queens Park- 40/1 Morton- 50/1 I'm guessing not much thought has went into that. Accies 4th favourites ffs.
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