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  1. Aye Morton will want to take advantage of a visiting DU crowd on a Sat afternoon rather than a Tues night. Likewise hospitality will be booked etc. Hats off to anyone who makes that midweek trip.
  2. Tad nervous about this one. It should be a comfortable home win but difficult to judge the quality of Brora. They are doing really well in the HL and scoring a lot of goals so will come down the road full of confidence and will fancy their chances of an upset. We struggled away to Turiff a few years back but then won 6-0 at home. Would take any sort of win to just get us through. Wouldn't fancy us in a reply!
  3. You were watching a different game from me if you thought we were playing a deep 451....
  4. Muirhead comes in for only his 3rd start. Hopefully not playing the same position as when we last played Ayr. Presumably 442.
  5. After an unexpected win today, we should go into this one with a wee bit of confidence. We weren't great, but at least we hung in there and grabbed the winner. Would expect Nesbitt to come back in but hopefully not too many changes to hopefully try and build a bit of consistency. Salkeld did enough to keep the jersey alongside McHugh. Ayr appear to have hit a bit of a sticky patch so might well be a good time to play them. Ayr battered us on the 1st day, was really impressed with their pace and movement, albeit our defence was an absolute shambles! Incredible to think we have 13/15 at home and 0/15 away. 3-2, McHugh, Baird and Nesbitt.
  6. Deserved, not for me,buy of course I'll take it. We got a bit of luck to grab the winner. Had we not got that, game would have probably fizzled out to a draw which both clubs would have probably took as being a fair result with so few clear cut chances.
  7. Don't think you'll find 1 morton fan who's confident of winning this. Dread to think how we will line up, Hopkin seems completely clueless to most of us which is worrying this early on. We really need to win either this game or against Ayr midweek as can't see us getting anything away to Dundee on Fri and that would make it a run of 6 games without a win and most likely bottom. If we do win, it won't be pretty. Worrying times ahead.
  8. First 4 league games- 12 goals conceded. Last 2 league games- 1 goal conceded i'm hoping we have turned the corner now that the late arrivals in the window have settled and we did look solid enough on Saturday against one of the more fancied teams in the league. Hopefully Nesbitt is not too far away and would be good to see King involved at some point. Would take a draw on Sat and that would set us up nicely for Oct where we have 3 homes games and 1 away to Arbroath. A win and the league would be ours to lose!
  9. Felt like Dundee targeted long balls over Strapp, possibly after seeing ICT score that exact way a few weeks back. They hardly ever played long balls to our right side. Thankfully the quality either wasn't there or Strapp did a good job of intercepting many of them.
  10. 5-600 may have left Dundee, but they certainly didn't arrive in Greenock. I thought about 350.
  11. Our defence has been chopped and changed week to week since the start of the season, including midfielders playing centre and right back and that has heavily contributed to the goals conceded. Hopefully we now have a settled back 4 of actual defenders and we become the team we expected to be under Hopkin; disciplined, organised, hard to beat etc etc. First time seeing Baird today and certainly seemed less nervous and clumsy than he did a few years ago and more crucially Grant looked more comfortable playing with an actual centre half.
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