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  1. Anyone's guess how we will line up at the moment. Strapp should come back in which should give us a better balance and obvious quality over Muirhead. Still absolutely ridiculous that after 4 competitive games, we still have no sub keeper. I'm just waiting for a manager to set his team up to injure McAdams early doors by "accident" We have looked strong defensively which should give us confidence and Mcpake coming back helps. Ayr squad looks decent but think we can edge this 1-0.
  2. Mcpake big loss for us, been comfortably our best player so far. We have looked surprisingly strong defensively in the last few games but expecting a much tougher test next week. Wouldn't be disappointed with a point. Expecting a reaction from you boys after last night too. You got your stream up and running successfully? Would imagine a good few hundred Morton fans will sign up.
  3. We don't use pixellot for the stream, cameraman and all the game for your £14.
  4. We were £220 for 14 home games, so £15.70 a game. I bought a season ticket to help the club more than getting value for money so not that pissed off myself but can't speak for others. I knew I'd be losing money when I brought it. I'm disappointed we have priced it as high, it will certainly put a few off, on both sides.
  5. Will many Alloa fans be forking out £14 for the game this Saturday? We have priced this too expensive imo, should be a tenner like our 2 cup games! It's a cat C game apparently, wonder what we will charge Hearts/Dundee. tv.gmfc.net
  6. Was Dobbie injured? Guy is clearly a class act, any concern he is now getting on a bit? See he is 38 in Dec. I know people probably said the same last season and he still got 11 goals. If he starts, fully expect him to score alongside McKee.
  7. How do Queens fan's think they will line up on Tues? Difficult to predict with us as we have a lot of options. Absolute guessing, something like this; McAdams Salkeld Ledger Fjortoft Strapp McAlister Jacobs Mcpake. Colville Nesbitt Orsi. Bench McGinty, Omar, Lyon, McGuffie, Oliver, Mcavier and Wylie Wallace, Millar, McLean, Blues, Muirhead in the stand. Our squad is too big.
  8. Can now buy tickets for the game on Tues through the shop on gmfc.net
  9. One today is of a random bridge, struggling to understand why right enough but it is Morton we are talking about.
  10. You can now buy your ticket for the game on Tues through the shop on gmfc.net Not convinced this will be a success but we live in hope.
  11. 1. Hearts. 2. Dunfermline 3. Dundee 4. Ayr 5. Morton 6. ICT 7. Arbroath 8. Raith 9. QOTS 10. Alloa. 4th-7th hardest part to judge, can see those teams being very similar. Think Ayr have a slight stronger 11 than us so giving them the edge. Don't think there will be much between those 4, possibly Raith as well. 4th is definitely up for grabs for quite a few teams. For us, we have enough (hunners infact) attacking threat to compete in this division but lack a natural goalscorer so will need someone to step up and score 10-15 goals. Most of the midfield has been retained from last season so solid enough in there. Its the defence and keeper positions which is causing me most concern, need to hope the recent defensive signings show up well. If they do, 4th is possible, if we leak goals like we did last season, it's bottom 3-4. Just looking forward to watching us again, even if Alloa skud us on the first day!!
  12. Would be amazed if its that's low. If I can somehow watch every Morton game this season, I'd pay to do so. I go to most home games and the odd away game purely because i can't justify all the time away from family, (canny be out all day every Sat basically) but if its only between 3 and 4.45, I would be able to get away with that and would happy pay the streaming cost to an away club as well as my own( through the season ticket). If say 25% of a standard home support signed up for an away streaming service and adds to the home support , say 50% of their normal home gate, i would imagine it would be a lot more than 20%. If we take the up and coming Morton- QOTS game for example. Might attract 1200 normally, paying on average £15 a ticket- 18k revenue. Id like to think you would get at least 600 Morton fans and say 300 Queens fans signing up for a streaming service, £10 a head- 9k revenue., so 50%. The more i think about it, the more i think the away number could be more. They will want to see their team play, just as much as Morton fans, the venue becomes irrelevant. I might be way off, but i think fans at our level are itching to watch their teams again and many will happy sign up or a home/away match as long as the streaming service is acceptable. Pure guess work, but 6 months is a long time and I think the majority will want to watch their team live on a streaming service rather than wait and watch a highlights package and check the score on Soccer Saturday. Proof will be in the pudding i guess.
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