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  1. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    Win would be pretty huge for us, having a 7 point lead over Dunfermline would at least give us some breathing space before the relegation battle kicks in. If we can bring a couple of forward thinking players in, we might have a chance but most likely a dull and boring 1-1. Gary Oliver back in time to score as he always does against the Pars!
  2. Ross County ---------------------------------------- Dundee United QOTS ICT -------------------------------------- Ayr Dunfermline Morton Alloa -------------------------------------- Falkirk -------------------------------------- Partick Thistle
  3. Alloa v Morton

    Alloa thoroughly deserved the win. They played some good stuff and ran all over us, particularly in second half. Counter attacking plan was madness from JJ when we have no pace in our side. 5 at the back for 90 mins was a joke! Well done Alloa.
  4. Alloa v Morton

    Ryan Scully in goal
  5. Your worst squad in your lifetime proved it could get results against ICT and Dunfermline so why couldn't they do it on a more regular basis with the best manager in the world at the helm??? You see managers come in all the time and improve struggling teams. Mckinnon and your board are basically playing Football Manager and using the cheat function in the hope of making you better!
  6. Or more accurately is pretty average as he still performed terribly with your squad for 4 months and needs a blank cheque to make you better!! If he was that good a manager he would have improved your results when he came in! Any half decent manager( actually prob don't even need to be a manager) could improve Falkirk with the money your board are throwing at him. Desperate times call for desperate measures!
  7. Breaking news... Wallace has sacked York....
  8. Yeah he started every game under Ray. Scored against Stenny in the cup and Queens in the first league game. I do find it a bit odd that JJ never seem to rate him so i personally don't blame him for moving on. ( bound to get abuse of some fans on his return though) Hopefully Kiltie can do the business if/when we get that over the line!
  9. How did MacLean look for you boys on Sat? Think most Morton fans thought there was a player in there but we never really played a system which suited him. Got the impression JJ never really rated him either whereas McKinnon clearly does.
  10. He sounds like a promising young attacking midfielder from what I've read etc but I'm just not sure where he fits in. We have Tidser and Telfer who can play that role and we also have Lyon who sounds like a similar sort of player, not seen him personally though to really judge. With the budget been tight and other positions more of a priority, It doesn't make much sense to me unless we see something really special in him, i.e better than what we have!
  11. He was a weird one. Duffy got a bit obsessed with him and tried to sign him a few times before finally getting it over the line. Don't know why as he was pretty shite.
  12. We dont really have enough attacking options who are good enough to start, only really Mchugh merits game time so naturally its one up top until we get Denny back or bring another striker in. We don't have 3/4 gd strikers like County do or a decent front two like Queens so play to your strengths and all that. Besides, we had more efforts on goal and more shots on target that the league leaders who have a war chest of a budget compared to us so we did something right! Cracking 3 points for us!
  13. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Of all the the signings you boys and Falkirk have signed to date, Cardle is the only one i would have really wanted. Think he will be a good signing for you.