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  1. Hopefully we are speaking to Connelly, good player and we don't have a player like him in the squad.
  2. How do you know that Baird was offered reduced terms? If Bullen didn't rate him, surely he would have just released him? Baird still played in 11 games since he came in ( McGinty and Muirhead played 18) so he was still involved. Its clear Ayr fans dont rate him, fair enough but he was fine for us so hopefully he can get back to that, similar to what McGinty appears to be doing with you lot after being dreadful for us and you lot in the first half of the season.
  3. I liked Brandon, slightly surprised to see him get a Premiership offer, good Championship player for me. In saying that, I don't see him getting a game ahead of your captain so presumably brought in as backup which is a shame as he would be a certain starter for us. Good luck to him, certainly improved our right hand side once he came in.
  4. Don't think it was just a manager bounce. We only lost 2 of his first 15 league games. More a case of the team put a hell of a lot into catching the pack, taking over it and securing safely ( albeit not mathematically) with 3/4 games to go. Once we beat you boys, we knew we were all but safe so it was a mentality change more than anything for me. The 2 losses we did have in that run of 15, we won the the following week. Disappointing to lose the last 3 but the hard work was done. In the 15 games before that, it was W7, D6, L2. Hamilton also lost 3 of their last 4 too which makes sense with nothing to play for either. Big pre season for Dougie as fans will expect a good start, but rumour of budget cuts are kicking about so god knows what he has to work with.
  5. I take it McInroy is out of contract at Celtic and not been offered a new deal so no compo required? Liked the look of him, hopefully Dougie has made him an offer, about time we took some your players!
  6. Fixed that for you. Gus was fecking horrendous overall, but it wasn't his team last season. He then decided to retain a lot of said shite team which then made it his team.
  7. When i sit down to watch my weekly Falkirk highlights bonanza, ( more often than not, the highlight of my weekend) Mutch is the one player who always seems to perform well, particularly with the calamity in front of him, literally every fecking week.
  8. Think Shaw tripped himself up more than anything. Really frustrated to only get a point from that, story of our last 3 games tbh. Strapp was brilliant. What's the going rate for compo these days?? Hopefully puts off some clubs. Brandon and Wilson also played very well. Would be delighted to see those two signed up next season. Great to see Ugwu back to producing what we know he can and Reilly put in a hell of a shift as he always does. Just about safe now and really looking forward to seeing what Dougie does in the Summer.
  9. With the away team changing in the gym, right beside the home gate, the area around it is cordoned off before kick off, at half time and at full time to allow away teams to come and go. Rather than wait an extra 5-10 mins in the cowshed at the end of the game for the away team and management to get in the gym, fans can go behind the goal and leave via the other entrance. Not ideal but you'd think Morton had joined Russia in bombing Ukraine by the way some fans have reacted to this. Hopefully next season away teams will be back in the away dressing room and all will be forgotten.
  10. We are yet to lose under Imrie at Cappielow ( 3W, 3D) if we are still undefeated after the game, I'm sure most Morton fans would take it and its another point to almost safety. Looking forward to seeing McInnes back at Cappielow. Dont think he has managed against us at Cappielow since 2008-2009 with St Johnstone.
  11. Would take Connelly at Cappielow although he's 22 so compo would be required. Would you take Kyle Jacobs back? Imrie doesnt seem to rate him but he does have a year left on his contract after Gus gave him a 2 year deal in the Summer. I would imagine he will leave if we can agree a deal with him.
  12. No they dont. Away team now uses the gym at the Sinclair street turnstiles. If you are in cowshed, i presume its due to the pitch invasion by Thistle and then Morton fans.
  13. Absolutely take the point. That would have been 3 or 4 under Gus. Wasn't pretty but defended very well and for all their pressure,Hamilton didn't have that much to do. If Killie take care of Queens it's a decent weekend for us and we will be all but safe. Beat Ayr at Cappielow next weekend and it's job done for Dougie and he can start planning for next season.
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