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  1. Cheers lads. Hopkin picked up Kalvin Orsi last season in a similar fashion and he ended up surprising us after adapting to full time football so hopefully he can do similar with Omar.
  2. I used to think the same. Always felt he looked very nervous when playing for them against us and as you say he got ripped apart in that 4-1 game. Looking at it further though, that was 3 years ago and he was only 21 and very raw. He went on to play most games for St Mirren that year winning the league and then played pretty much every game in the 1st season back in the Premiership. When he came to us, he looked more steady and confident than he did previously but i don't think the shambolic defensive setup we had early in the season helped his game as we were all over the place collectively. Since that was sorted out, he has looked solid, chipped in with a few goals and has done well so for me so I would be happy for him to come back, he certainly seemed to enjoy his time here. If we can find an experienced partner for him, think it could work well with Tumilty and Strapp either side of them and Jacobs sitting in front.
  3. Apparently we were one of 5 teams in the championship who 'voted' in favour of reconstruction. Looking forward to hearing what Mckinnon says about this.
  4. What attracted you to the club?? "Oh its a club with a lot of history" Cmon Bob..
  5. It must be a very good deal to drop 2 divisions. You would think chairman out there would learn their lesson giving that idiot a blank cheque. Grant, Bell, Slater, Mclean and now Mchugh. They "should" cruise that league when it restarts, but then again so should Falkirk this season.
  6. Im thinking Raith Rovers. They have history of offering 2 year deals to our players.
  7. Morton. Goalkeepers Defenders Lewis Strapp. (20 ) 2022 Sean McGinty 2021 Brian MaClean 2021 Midfielders Kyle Jacobs (28) 2021 Reece Lyon (20) 2022 Craig McGuffie (22) 2021 Cameron Salkeld (21) 2021 Luca Colville (20) 2021 Cameron Blues (22) 2021 Jim McAlister 2021 Chris Millar 2021 Aidan Nesbitt 2021 Strikers Kalvin Orsi (23) 2021 Gary Oliver 2021 Robbie Muirhead 2021 Rabin Omar 2021 Manager David Hopkin- ( 49) 2022
  8. Aye but you were in the Premier League and Championship back then, you're cemented in the seaside leagues now , he would look like Beckenbauer. alongside Buchanan.
  9. We haven't released Brian McLean officially certainly but i do see him on the available players list so i take it he must be away. He was in the local paper recently hoping for a new deal as well. He did ok for us when called upon but never really got a good run in the team. Would be a solid signing for a League 1 team like Thistle or Falkirk, man that felt good!
  10. It will be John Morrow, an Irish winger who played for us 97-99.
  11. Not a bad effort. I'd have Parfait Medou Otye in there over Perciar and Caraux over Cervi just for that performance at Celtic Park. I'd have Weatherson over Wake too. It's slim pickings though when you look at the bench!
  12. Think every team will have their hard luck stories. Had DU, Alloa and Inverness not scored injury time goals against us recently, we would be 5 points better off and sitting in the playoffs. Likewise Arbroath will feel they should have held on against us on Sat. Interestingly, 8 of the last 10 games in this league have been draws. Very little between teams. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a few more tonight. From Morton's perspective, as long as Thistle and Queen don't win, it' will be an ok night for us. Still have slim hopes of the playoffs, but the dropped points recently have dented those hopes and with games running out, we would need to win 4/5 of our last games to stand a chance and for other results to go our way. As long as we are safe with 3/4 games to go, I think most Morton fans would take that considering we were 9th and 2 points off bottom after 18 games!
  13. Aye was talking about this on Sat at the game. He talked about all the under 23s being offered deals so must presume he plans to offer Ramsbottom and Blues deals which would be incredible considering how much game time they have had. I think Strapp, Lyon, Colville, McGuffie, Jacobs and Orsi are signed up for next season. Looking at the rest of the squad, I'd go with; Keep- ITumility, Cadden, McHugh and Nesbitt.. I'd like to see McAlister stay as he has looked good recently, still as fit as the young ones and will give us good experience in the dressing room, especially if we are going for a younger squad. Can also fill in a number of defensive positions if need be. Release- McLean, McGinty, Millar, Muirhead, Ramsbottom, Blues, Doolan and Sutton will presumably retire again! Undecided- Salkeld, Baird and Rogers I'm not that fussed either way.
  14. Think Arbroath have had loads of praise this season and rightly so. Very impressive season and Campbell has done a great job. Yesterday was just a shit game all round, not helped by the conditions. Arbroath were the better team for most of it but even then Rogers didn't have much to do despite your large spells of dominance and your goal came from another defensive feck up. Clearly your issue is creating clear cut chances and scoring goals whereas we have no difficulty with that, it's keeping them out which is our downfall. Both teams will be safe, can't see the bottom 3 overtaking either of us, or Dunfermline for that matter.
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