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  1. We never looked good at all that whole game IMO, but neither team did until about 70 minutes. The game was a stuffy, scrappy affair up until you got your second and then all hell broke loose. The 2nd and 3rd came within 60 seconds of each other and knocked the stuffing out of us and after that there was no way back. As mentioned above, we lost Tidser and Millar early in the second half which didn't help but the two goals in 60 seconds was the real killer and you ran out deserved winners as our players basically chucked it after the 3rd. You are kidding yourself on if you thought you put in a dominate display for most of that match. Looking at the stats from that match, we actually had more possession which is mental to think after a 5-1 humping. Anyway, on this game, no idea what Morton team will turn up. We definitely need a response after last week but whether or not that is good enough to get a win, I've no idea. Ayr obviously not lost at home yet so a point wouldn't be a bad result, but would be magic if we can be the first team to take 3 points away from somerset.
  2. Has he had many MOTM awards? Would have thought Shankland would get it every week!
  3. Ton v Alloa

    ?? It has pretty much been the exact same line up and formation the last 3 games except for 1 change in each and that has been due to injury. The only questionable decision from Saturdays line up was playing MacLean in centre mid for the injured Telfer instead of Millar but presumably he wasn't 100% having only trained for the first time in 2 weeks on Thurs.
  4. Ton v Alloa

    He won't be anywhere near the cowshed....
  5. Murdoch gets better and better each passing day with us it seems. I liked him , but it's not like we let Messi go. He was great with Jamie Lindsay in his 1st season but wasn't exactly a standout last season. Did he get many Man of the Match awards? Was he in contention for player of the year? I don't think he was even mentioned. No doubt he was a solid, dependable option for us but think some go overboard on just how good he was for us. If he was that good, he would have got a better move than Ayr ( No disrespect of course, well, maybe a wee bit) I really like the way our midfield is set up. Jim sits protecting the back 4 and stays extremely disciplined ( which is why some probably don't see his influence) and allows Millar/Telfer and Tids to get move involved higher up the park. Jim himself said he was suffering from an illness recently so perhaps wasn't performing 100% but now appears to be over that. We all liked Murdoch, but would we be better off in the league with him in our team, I honestly don't think we would.
  6. Ton v Alloa

    How has he been for you? Was linked with us under the snake at one point
  7. Ton v Alloa

    Expecting a difficult game on Sat. They have took points off Inverness, Queens and Thistle in recent weeks and only just lost out to Dunfermline last week so not an easy one but we need to be looking for 3 points. I missed Sat but by all accounts the 532/352 seems to play to our strengths and it sounds like we finally have a settled team and formation to kick on with. With Millar, Johnstone, Bell ( and TIffoney) still to come back in, we are looking in decent shape after a dodgy start under JJ. 2-0 McHugh and Oliver.
  8. Ton v Jags

    Deliberately targetted him because he was autistic. Shame on you for even suggesting that. Muppet!
  9. Is it really that unbalanced? 2 keepers, 3 fullbacks, 3 centre halves, 4 centre mids, 2 wingers, 5 forwards. We have every position covered, some stronger than others obviously! I'd say wingers are our obv weak spot as Maclean is inconsistent and Tiff is just shite( one of the main reasons we are playing 352 now id imagine) Excluding Kyle Thomson and the dev players from those numbers obv. Think 1 issue this season has been injuries, just like most other seasons. Gaston, Waddell, Kilday, Millar, Telfer, Tiffoney, Thomson, Johnstone and Bell have all had periods being out, 4 of.them still are! Get Johnstone, Millar and Bell fit and back in the squad and JJ will have plenty of options.
  10. Ton v Jags

    Thistle fans feel the exact same way we felt going into last night and look what happened. 2 home games against teams struggling below us would suggest we should be aiming for 6 points, but quite difficult to win 3 in a row in the league, think only the top two have achieved that to date. Quitongo is bound to score but the players should be buzzing after last night so will go for a 2-1 win!
  11. Queens v Morton

    Bloody hell....
  12. Queens v Morton

    Yeah that's how i recall it. Most players had offers on the table from Duffy but as soon as he was bagged, those offers were withdrawn until a new manager was appointed (apart from the under 21 players which was fecking pointless in the end as we let them go scot-free anyway) so Harkins decided not to wait to see who the new man would be and took queens offer which he was more than entitled to do. The only thing I was slightly disappointed with from a purely personal point of view is that he didn't wait to see who we appointed as McKinnon might have loved him and offered him a better deal, especially with Queens interest to use as leverage. Well within his rights to take the solid offer on the table but just thought with us being his home town club, a fans favourite and on the back of a good season he might have waited. However i noticed he recently talked about Duffy on twitter so perhaps he was pissed off with the board for sacking him and didn't want to stay! On the game, doubt you will find a confident Morton fan at the moment. We just haven't got going under JJ. The football is generally poor, we have a severe lack of options in the final third, we are not scoring enough and are poor at the back. Would be amazed if we won tonight and i think all of us would take a point with 2 home games coming up against 8th and 9th. Dobbie is bound to score as can't see him going 4 games without scoring!
  13. Think he was probably meaning to watch the game live. On Tumilty- Started well enough but then had a few dodgy games and was dropped for Lee Kilday who moved to right back and Kerr Waddell came into CB. He is decent on the ball and gives you an attacking threat but like many attacking full backs these days is suspect defensively and his positioning is quite poor at times. We have replaced a full back in Doyle who was rubbish going forward but fine defensively to someone who looks comfortable going forward but not great defensively. Think in games when we are expected to be up against it, JJ will go for Kilday to make us more solid so wouldn't be surprised if Tumilty is on the bench tomorrow.( Although Kilday did pick up a knock last week so might not be 100%)
  14. Yeah like others have said, whilst a win would be magic, if we come back down the road with a point, all of us would take that I would imagine. County seem to have found some form after a slight sticky patch( by their standards) and are scoring plenty so big test for us to get something. With the exception of the Ayr game though, we have been quite hard to beat but struggle to create all that much so not expecting a lot of goals in this one. Badly need Denny to come back and find some form as we look very light up top. McHugh and Oliver are decent options to have in the squad, but not starting up top on their own. Can see JJ setting up quite defensive for this one and look to counter. Think county will sneak it 2-1.
  15. Add Believe the Hype to the list lads...