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  1. We live in hope that Gus will come to his senses and won't start him again, starting on Friday.
  2. Is it a big incentive for the players and manager though? Does it really matter to them if you finish 6th or 7th? I know it's an extra few quid for the club but I doubt your players will care. Understand they are on a staying up bonus so they would get that regardless.
  3. Aye will be interesting if we go in level at half time and Ayr are a few goals down. Unofficial Gus and Dick nod of let's see this out...then of course Ayr score 2 towards the end, leaving us fecked. I'm tempted to buy both games and turn my phone off for 90 minutes..
  4. Surprised to see you've let 14 in over your last 8. Gives us a glimmer of hope that we can cause some problems and you're not great at the back We have let in 9 during the same period, but of course, our problem is at the other end.
  5. Fully expect an og and sending off from agent Low.
  6. We played East Fife for their 4th game in a week and they were the better team with us needing a last minute penalty to force extra time.They never even made the top 5..
  7. Aye the big man puts in a shift but so would any of us, it's not enough and he can't be starting games for us. I'm not even convinced it's the level, I doubt he would score goals in league 2, just doesn't have the technical ability or composure to play football professionally. If Gus stays, regardless if we go down and retains him,Muirhead l, McGinty etc, I'll be giving up the season ticket and possibly MCT money as it would be criminal keeping these guys at the club.
  8. I think Hopkin has it in him to go up there, be defensive and compact and shit fest a draw against a team who will be hurting after missing out on the playoffs(after such a good run), on a bit of a downer and prob won't burst a gut to break you down as winning means feck all for them. Hope I'm wrong of course and you get skudded 10-2 but can't see it. If we are to stay up, we need a win.
  9. 2 wins out of 18, I'm amazed we still have a chance of survival to be honest.
  10. Would agree with above but we know it won't happen. If Orsi or Muirhead start, we won't win, I think it's that simple. Gus must see that surely?? If he plays Strapp at left mid again with McGinty behind him, feck me, we are done for. Get our best footballers out there, Oliver, Nesbitt, Lyon and McGuffie to give us our best chance of winning this. Can see Hopkin getting his point up in Inverness so we need to win this or it's the seaside leagues for at least a few years.
  11. Hope we just think of beating Arbroath rather than hoping you concede early. Someone mentioned above about us playing out a draw, we can't even think that's a possibility, both sides know a win keeps us up so I expect an open game. Only way we could play out a draw is if your are getting battered 3-0 at half time and we are still goalless. I think you'll get your draw btw so from our perspective, we need to beat Arbroath.
  12. The quality of the League 1 sides appears to be better than previous years. If we finish 9th, I don't think we will get by the semi, especially if our manager continues to make ludicrous team selections. Alloa didn't really give a feck today and had one shot on target, yet we still couldn't beat them.Arbroath will hump us.
  13. Big assumption that your players give a feck about Grant, he's a bit of a knob.
  14. Would be surprised if he changed the back 4 and middle 3 after the last few games. Nesbitt a certainty on the right so only question is who plays through the middle and out left. I'd personally go Oliver and McGuffie but wouldn't surprise me if he goes Orsi/strapp again after Tues. Going to be optimistic and say we will be right up for it and win comfortably against an Alloa team not really giving a feck. 2-0
  15. Inverness could quite easily be out of the playoffs before then if they lose( entirely possible) and Dunfermline win ( entirely possible) In which case its a dead rubber for Inverness against Ayr and increases your chances considerably. From a Morton perspective, we really need Inverness to still be in the hunt come the last day.
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