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  1. Doubt it will come to that. Will be a tasty atmosphere, prob some plastic snakes, lots of "Feck your Ray McKinnon" songs, maybe a hostile arrival for your team bus but that will be about it Can't see a hearts fan/Lennon scenario playing out. Hopefully the game is played in a typical derby fashion though. Our players will be right up for it and if anything, I'd be more concerned about one of them losing their heads and getting sent off!
  2. I take it you don't use this site very often. Fans of other clubs read and post in others clubs pages on this site every day in life. Feck, if you go on the Morton page, it is filled with Falkirk fans at the moment the same way this page has many Morton fans on it!
  3. Surely he can't sit and wait about for a job which might never be available. He has been out the game for a year now. I was surprised he apparently knocked back the Falkirk Job. Now that the Skunks are going for this Irish guy, I'm hoping we at least sound out McIntyre.
  4. Thank feck he is not Morton Chairman then!!
  5. I'm sure your board would react the exact same way if they went for GN instead under the same circumstances! Morton fans are realistic enough to slate the board when we f**k up, i.e the Quitongo situation, but everyone is right behind them on this one and rightly so!
  6. So you have admitted you are guessing which basically means you have no idea what contract Snake had with Morton. You have no idea if it was or wasn't a rolling contract and if it was, the notice period of that contract! Crawford had clearly stated he was in contract until May 2019 and that he has breached that contract by signing with you lot. That is fact! Not sure why no Falkirk fan has admitted that your club has simply fucked up here, it's that obvious! The fact that the Falkirk board have failed to comment on this tells it's on story!
  7. Doesn't matter when their contract ends. They are still in contract with Morton FC and Crawford advised what he felt was acceptable to release them from their contracts. It could have been a million if he wanted! If a club want a player who is in contract, they don't pay a transfer fee making up his remaining wages do they? They pay what the selling club want for that player. Can see Falkirk settling this soon as they clearly know they have done wrong!
  8. Never realised Margaret Lang was a reporter on the side!!
  9. No, but he and Falkirk could have went about it the right way! Don't claim( not you but the fan above) that he came out of this with Dignity when even Stevie Wonder can see that he is blatantly lying. Anyway, enjoy him and bring on the 20th!
  10. Do you honestly believe he is telling the truth? He said he hadn't spoke to anyone at Falkirk before Fri afternoon. The first news about him taking the job broke on Twitter at 2.41 on Fri from The Sun reporter yet McKinnon took training on Fri morning which I would imagine would finish around 12.30-1pm and I can't imagine he would feck off up the road bang on finish time being the gaffa and all! He then apparently drove to Falkirk from Port Glasgow while Falkirk had to contact Morton to "ask" for permission to speak to McKinnon. He then had a sit down with your chairman about the vision, was shown around the infrastructure of the club, discuss personal terms and then had to make a decision to leave Morton which he admitted was very difficult so I presume that decision wasn't made instantly. Do you see how it doesn't add up here? He already had the job before 2.41 for the journo to know about it. It's clear as day conversations took place before Fri afternoon. Did one of your own fans not say they seen him at your stadium on Wednesday? McKinnon and Falkirk are lying, pure and simple!
  11. Aye pretty much. It is slim pickings, especially now Hopkin is not an option( even then, he wasn't wanted by everyone) It's a certainty that whoever we hire now, it will split the support whereas 4 days ago, we were all united behind McKinnon. Either way, we can't sit on this for weeks, we need someone in ideally by the weekend to give the new manager a week to work with the players before we go to DU next Sat.
  12. Who you wanting for you lot CS?
  13. How could Goodwin reject St Mirren if he wasn't offered the job?? Clear difference between withdrawing from the process and knocking back an offer!
  14. Haven' t you got bigger things to worry about???