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  1. Cant do nothing if they have shares in Rangers and King can get away with not buying them out!
  2. County Vs Morton

    He is exceptional and has so much talent but we are willing to give him back for a very good price if you are game?
  3. County Vs Morton

    Entirely expected! We are a better team with Tidser in it and whilst there is the possibility, albeit small, of us either going up or indeed down, we should play our best team, Assuming we dont go up or down, there is a still around a 50k difference between 5th and 8th so every position counts.
  4. County Vs Morton

    Absolute should IMO. Tids signed his PCA weeks ago yet has still put in really good performances and is a big factor in us picking up points recently. We are still not safe and we need to finish as high up the league as possible- finishing 4th/5th compared to 7th-8th( or worse) is a right few quid difference. Not that I think we will, but we still have a mathematical chance of 4th, so we need our best players on the park to finish the best we can to make as much prize money as possible! Could you imagine we dropped Tids and ended up going down? Unlikely, but possible with our form and form of others! Lyon will also learn a few things playing with him!
  5. Aye no doubt Rudden has played a big part in keeping you competitive. Prob have a similar career to Hardie, score goals for fun out on loan but never break through at first team level. To be fair to Mchugh, he has looked better this year compared to last season and does more work outside the box but he can go a good few games without scoring and doesn't do enough to merit starting when he is not scoring. Btw of those 26 games, he was on the bench for 5/6 of them so 6 in 20/21 starts reads a tad better considering we genuinely create feck all chances under JJ. No doubt we need better than McHugh buy don't mind him kicking about as a 3rd choice as he can score goals. Issue this season is that he has been our number 1 striker!
  6. County Vs Morton

    Would disagree it was backs to the wall at Cappielow. First half we gave you too much respect and sat very deep with County controlling it but I thought we pressed high, forced mistakes and created more in the second half and were the better team. We actually had more shots at goal and more efforts on target than County that night. No idea how JJ will approach Sat. I would like to think he will give a go but he will no doubt want to stay in the game earlier doors!
  7. County Vs Morton

    We have been playing a bit better recently with Tidser back in the team, Kiltie giving us something different and young Reece Lyon impressing every game however its a tough ask to go up there and get a result. ( 9 wins out of 12 at home is impressive) We have been 532/352 the last few games so expect us to line up the same but no doubt much more defensive than the 2 recent games at Cappielow. Kiltie and Thomson have looked ok together and with McHugh prob out, would expect them to start again! Dallas just hasn't done enough to start games at this level yet! Only decision i think JJ will have is to bring McAlister back in or keep Millar. Think he will go with McAlister with him being captain! Just hope JJ doesn't make wholesale changes to give Dykes and co a game! Feel a bit sorry for O'Connell as he probably came up here expecting more game time but circumstance has meant a change in formation again. No doubt we will revert back to 442/433 once we get pumped and he will get a few starts as he looks a decent player. Expect us to line up something like; McCrorie. Waddell Buchanan Kilday. Tumility Iredale. Lyon McAlister Tidser Kiltie Thomson. Bench- Gaston, Millar, Telfer, Oliver, Dykes, O'Connell, Dallas. If we come back down the road with a point, that will be a good result for us however more than likely a narrow defeat. County have hit some form again at the right time so really difficult for us to get anything. McKay is a big loss for County but you will no doubt bring in McManus and he is bound to score.
  8. Hopefully both of them in place come the Summer.
  9. Falkirk edged the first half for me but there really wasnt much in it. Robbie had a couple of comfortable saves and we only threatened once or twice. Both teams played ok but didnt have much up top. Second half I thought it was mostly us, even with 11 men but again we rarely threatened, if at all. Falkirk going down to ten probably didnt help us and they made it really difficult with two deep and tight banks of 4. Credit to them, they made it difficult and we created feck all. Wasnt a bad performance but we just lacked cutting edge in final third. JJ should have made the changes earlier, no doubt about it. Thought Dallas was poor. How Rudden never got booked ill never know, must have committed at least 5-6 fouls and a few dives as well. Looking at the McShane tackle, could have easily have been a red. Tumilty should have also been carded for that pull back while on the deck. Time wasting pretty standard and we would have done the same! Poor crowd from both teams but I guess understandable being a Friday night and awkward ko time. Disappointed with the point but the last couple of games we have improved and we do look a better team than a month or two ago so I'm hopeful we will comfortably stay up but dont have enough up top to threaten 4th. Fully expect Falkirk to finish at worse 8th. McKinnon has added some strong, physical, experienced players and made them very hard to beat. Rudden will score another few to see them safe. Unfortunately the 4 points this week probably sees JJ through to the end of the season!
  10. Bound to be bore 0-0 now. The gods wont allow 10-20 further pages of gloating if one team wins!
  11. Relegation Royal Rumble

    It was in no way 2 evenly matched teams on the night for me! Our midfield completely controlled the game with our wing backs causing you a lot of problems, No surprise that our 2 best players were Tidser and Lyon and McAlister also had a really good game. Of course you boys created a couple of chances but you would expect that with your front two however we were by far the better team on the night even before the subs and deserved the victory!! Felt you boys were much better on the first day of the season and even though we were 2 up and it finished 2-2, you probably deserved to win that game, Scully got us the draw with a couple of brilliant saves that day! On relegation, opinion will prob change week to week. Dont think it will be 2 from bottom 3 just yet. Queens, Morton or even Dunfermline could get dragged back in if they go on ( or continue on) a really bad run but on the other hand, wins for Dunfermline and Morton this weekend will go a long way to getting them safe! For now, i'll go for for Alloa bottom and Queens 9th and it will prob go down to the very last min of the last game! Queens v Partick looks massive!
  12. We put in an unexpected good performance tonight so I guess there will be some belief that we can do the same on Fri. We actually created a few chances which is not like us and deserved the 3 points. That's now 4 1/2 games, 401 minutes since we last conceded at Cappielow. Tidser ran the show so surely must start alongside young Lyon who had a great game. Just hope he doesn't freshen it up and brings back Dykes and Telfer etc. Another huge game, win and I can't see Falkirk overtaking us and we can actually look at 4th place being a realistic target again.
  13. Morton v Queens

    Thought we deserved the win, even if it had to come from a set piece with 5 mins to go. We controlled it with our midfield 3 and looked solid defensively too. Full backs caused a lot of problems and that is now 401 minutes without conceding at Cappielow currently. Queens were poor, and whilst Dobbie is always a threat, I felt we kept him quiet tonight which gave us a chance to win the game. Didn't expect it, but that was a pretty good performance from us. Hopefully get the same level of performance against Falkirk. Special mention to Lyon and Tidser who worked brilliantly together. Hopefully Lyon can kick on and replace Tids when he moves on!
  14. Morton v Queens

    532, Millar, kiltie and O'Connell all on bench. Least Dykes is benched and Tids starting!
  15. Morton v Queens

    Your front line is the key difference here. Bob McHugh has done alright this season, scoring 10 but is often isolated up top with out midfield sitting so deep at times, especially against big teams like East Fife, Alloa and Peterhead. Dallas has come in and whilst he looks ok, he is still quite raw and has yet to get off the mark( not really had a chance due to our lack of creativity right enough) and has also played out wide rather than through the middle. I'd personally go 4231; McCrorie Kilday Waddell Buchanan Iredale McAlister Millar O'Connell Tidser Kiltie McHugh. You could potentially start Dallas up top but the main change is Dykes dropping out and Tidser starting in an advanced role. A solid back 4 ( well as solid as it can be with the players available) and if we play 2 wingers, we don't really need 2 attacking fullbacks so Kilday and Iredale are fine. That midfield 5 should have enough about them to create, if JJ allows them to play! No doubt McAlister will be right back, Dykes will start and Tids will be on the bench though! Huge game for both teams. I think we will prob lose but seems like Queens have a few injury concerns which might help us so might just somehow get a win, guess it depends on the line up and JJs approach.