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  1. There she is...swoon... {Cock on chopping block}
  2. ...it definitely ain't happening.
  3. Pedants' corner: Her attributed comments regarding Tommy Wright would not be described as misogyny but rather misandry. Regardless of this, she seems to have a turbulent relationship with the truth and no off button. A bad combination.
  4. eristic (ɛˈrɪstɪk ) adjective also: eristical 1. of, relating, or given to controversy or logical disputation, esp for its own sake noun 2. a person who engages in logical disputes; a controversialist 3. the art or practice of logical disputation, esp if specious twat 4. Michael Stewart Word origin of 'eristic' C17: from Greek eristikos, from erizein to wrangle, from eris discord
  5. With the Festival being on, there are literally thousands of arse holes in Edinburgh city centre roads....
  6. Ironically there are a number of contributors to his thread that could do with a dose of Diazepam. Not a fatal dose obviously...
  7. Could someone explain just exactly what was supposed to have been wrong with the pitch? It had 11 inept St. Johnstone players on it...
  8. Is that Lambie picking himself back up in 3rd place? Sure is.
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