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  1. Dallas v2.0 also regularly guilty of this imo.
  2. Folk who suddenly and blindly 180° with their shopping trolley in the middle of the aisle. Also applicable to prams in any busy public area.
  3. Fair play to BT sport for showing them running away outside the ground half way through the second half. Glorious. Wish they’d gone for that atmospheric camera pan across the club deck at 1-7 as well.
  4. Ally was nearly bubbling there getting misty eyed about the journey.
  5. Guaranteed some of these weirdos will genuinely consider shuffling past the coffin as the time they met her.
  6. Are you sure you weren’t standing behind a stag doo?
  7. A significant proportion of Celtic fans wouldn’t know what to do with their lives if Rangers hadn’t been contrived back to life.
  8. Memories of the Morton / Brian Wake last game of season dead rubber for us / must win for them, during McCall's last tenure. A similar performance and it could get twitchy.
  9. If those 10 points were taken away we’d only drop one place and be 4 points behind the team we play next. If you took them off us and gave them to Queens we’d still be ahead of you. We’ve been shite recently but still quite rightly in with a shout along with the other consistent form avoiders in the top half.
  10. Think you are underestimating the amount of money big breweries throw at venues to install dispense equipment and tie them in to selling their beer. Carling / Molston Coors, Tennent's, Heineken, Ab-Inbev would all do it free of charge just for the brand presence in football grounds.
  11. There's an "Our Fans" thread on FF outing quite a lot more scumbag behaviour. Saw this avatar on one post confirming what we all know. Fucking dummies.
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