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  1. Those Bo'ness derbies in the Premiership are sure to be tasty affairs!
  2. Funnily enough, at the cup tie at Cowdenbeath I was stood on the terracing side listening to a constant foul-mouthed barrage at the officials from the nearby home fans - often based on an understanding of the rules from a couple of decades back. I remember turning to ma faither at one point and saying, "And I thought we were a shower of moany b*****ds!"
  3. BU replied to a question on Facebook saying there is a cash gate. We'll just have to charge the gates if it turns out there's not.
  4. Is the third Civil Service fan also this touchy?
  5. Well that puts my post match pint(s) at the Carron Works in the shade somewhat... We're going to be big underdogs in the final, but reflecting on the tournament so far it's been some achievement to get to the final - a combination of geography and luck of the draw meaning we had to play away at both the third and fifth finishers in the LL in the groups, followed by an away quarter final, then away to the fourth placed team in the semi. (Places quoted excluding the ineligible guest clubs.) And all almost entirely without subs. However it ends, definitely something to be proud of in a difficult season.
  6. Colin Cameron for Cowdenbeath? Wikipedia says he was once transferred for £1.75m - although that was to Wolves rather than the Blue Brazil.
  7. Aye, could just be the blue tinted glasses but I wasn't convinced by either red card at the time and I'm even less convinced having seen the replays. Maybe the referee had an angle on Skinner's red that indicated it was deliberate, though. McCormack's looks harsh, as cards of that variety go. A performance that lacked quality but they battled to a result. Good day out and hopefully they can do the business at home. Mon the BU!
  8. McCormack with a scrappy winner from a corner in the last ten minutes. Berwick had a man sent off shortly before half-time for a challenge on Gemmell. (Home support unhappy with the decision but that's not exactly a surprise...) BU worth the win - also the better side before the red card - but not a classic!
  9. Still a tenner for the supporters club bus, aye?
  10. Can't say I'm bothered, quite apart from anything else we had too many players called Con(n)or McSomething and it would have taken me until the end of the season to work out who was who. Herd might have more of an idea how to get the best out of them, so possible win-win situation. Also sort of admire the pettiness of the official LRFC social media guy going for "Bo'Ness".
  11. I'd been checking Rangers B Twitter regularly all week and tried to buy a ticket as soon as I saw they'd gone on sale (fully intending to infiltrate the home support), but to no avail. BUs are absolute box office.
  12. Going to Scotland's first game against Italy, then a wee jaunt through Doncaster, Leigh and St Helens taking in some of the less glamorous but hopefully still decent first round games. Followed by the semi in Leeds - which if I remember rightly, should in theory be Aus-NZ - and the final. Seems it's in doubt as to whether it takes place this year, due to travel issues. We should know soon.
  13. The whole organisation much less stressful and annoying than feared. Then the fitbaw started.
  14. Can't really grumble about the draw in that, "on paper" at least, it gives us a decent chance of progression. Just a shame that circumstances mean we'll miss what might have been a memorable away day, and probably won't be able to see the game at all. Had a wee look at their Twitter to see if they were broadcasting games on the internet, disnae look like it...and yet they've got the cheek to nickname themselves "the Streamers"! #tradedescriptions
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