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  1. Ta for the info - thought he was maybe someone who only played a handful of times... but others reminiscing over his class decades later has me wondering why I can't remember him (even with the first name)!
  2. I think this was the season that I really started going to watch the BU every week. I can remember everyone else but struggling with Scott - anyone got anything that might light a spark in my memory?
  3. Bryan Ferry at the City Hall in Newcastle. Seen wor Bryan many times but this evening was one of the very best - heavily Roxy oriented setlist. I may also have spunked a load of money on a Genesis ticket earlier...
  4. These groups have already split themselves out. Asking me, a CAMRA w****r, if I'm "a craft beer fan" (what does that even mean in the UK??) would elicit a response similar to asking John Cleese if he's a member of the Judean People's Front. And it works the other way too! (Also, Brewdog largely abandoned real ale many years ago, so they may be many things but they're not Real Ale Twats...) I share your frustration on the IPAs though. Above para notwithstanding, I'm happy to try anything that looks interesting regardless of dispense method (cos I'm so open minded!). But when I go to an offy with a decent beer reputation to find my faither a couple of different beers - maybe a bitter or a pale ale - for his birthday or Christmas, it's wall to wall sours and milkshake IPAs...
  5. Was going through to Embra tonight anyway so I took in the game at Olivebank. Crazy finish! Cheered the equaliser like it was a Bo'ness goal...
  6. A week ago tonight I was at Carly Rae Jepsen at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester. As you'd expect from one of the great recording artists of our time, it was a strong set list and a really charismatic performance. Top marks to Carly, though the venue was a bit pish. Since then, I got a ticket for Suede at the Usher Hall in the autumn. It'll be the first time I've seen them since their "farewell" tour in 2003. They're playing Coming Up in full... A perfectly decent album, but I can't listen to it (I tried again this week) without feeling it was the sound of a band losing their magic... Still, the album's not that long so they'll hopefully "pad out" their set with some classics!
  7. That probably makes sense. From my own - less comprehensive - records, I see we played that friendly on the Saturday before the Camelon game for which, according to John, Ryan was included as a sub. If I remember rightly we murdered LTHV 1-1 that day. Anyway, that's probably enough Lemetti chat, but glad we've cleared that up!!
  8. I'm absolutely certain(ish) Ryan Lemetti did appear for the BU, at least (and probably no more than) once as a substitute. It was at Newtown - don't ask me which game though! Main recollection of that signing was AMcG talking to the Journal not about the lad's ability but that his family had a chippie. It was quite a nervy showing and he is, or was, quite slightly built, but that was two or three years ago - hopefully he'll do well.
  9. What's Auld Heid actually suggesting when he repeatedly comes out with this stuff? That the current BU Junior committee, or part thereof, will become involved in the running of the senior club? If that does turn out to be the case, are we supposed to be troubled by the prospect of these seemingly talented, hard-working, ambitious individuals contributing to the success of the club? Weird thing to be attempting to wind folk up over, IMO...
  10. Hip Priest


    I doubt I'll be able to take this seriously but hey, what else is there on the telly on Sunday evenings? Might go for the Battlehawks out of a sense of Missouri solidarity and also (and to honest, mainly) because they have a daft name.
  11. Even if HoB don't win all three in hand (a tall order in this league) but just continue to collect points from those games at around their current points-per-game rate, they'd still close to within three or four - so although that'd still be a good position to be in for Bo'ness, it's hardly "in the bag" territory with a further thirty points available. To add to that, as we know better than anyone, there is no such thing as a banker in this league so that ten game run-in really is a ten game run-in! Agree that it's surely down to Bo'ness/HoB/Broxburn now though. At least one of those teams should surpass the 60 point mark, so when you consider the max points available column for the rest of the pack, it'd be very hard to make an argument for any of them.
  12. Very good set of results for the BU elsewhere today. Almost glad we ended up not playing in case our own score ruined it! Meanwhile, an entertaining game at Newtown ended with Darren Gribben tapping in a 90th minute winner for the Juniors for a 3-2 win over Newburgh. It gladdened my heart to see him back playing and scoring in Bo'ness. Just five minutes earlier it appeared they'd fluffed their lines, missing several good chances on their way to surrendering a 2-0 lead. Just about deserved overall. I know, I know; juniors forum for this pish!
  13. That was every bit as enjoyable as a midwinter, midweek trip to Bonnyrigg promised to be. Third goal with the last kick of the baw possibly a bit harsh, but no complaints really.
  14. Not to say this means it'll definitely be on, but there was nae snaw in Edinburgh/Midlothian as far as I'm aware...
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