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  1. I take it, even though it's Premier opposition, one can just rock up and pay at the gate at Montrose tonight?
  2. This was the fear. I don't, like some, actively support them but I have absolutely no problem with the England cricket team. (Whereas I'd have been a seething mess yesterday, and probably for a long time to come, had that been their fitbaw or union team.) But please deliver us from having to hear about Sirbenstokes etc for the rest of our days.
  3. Lack of player availability for the Medda game was regrettable but understandable during "holiday season". However it's far from ideal that we can't (I guess) field a team a week before the start of the season. Hopefully the issue is with the Sunday, in which case maybe opponents can be found for Saturday? In any event I'm afraid two cancellations don't reflect that well on us. Felt quite positive after yesterday where I thought we played well, but the players need more minutes before the real stuff starts .
  4. Couldn't you just play another over? The tournament has been going on for seven weeks or something, not sure another ten minutes would matter too much.
  5. What a game. Well done England. Feel so sorry for NZ - better team on the day (just) but had no luck. Horrible way to lose - imagine playing all that cricket and losing out by something as arbitrary as most boundaries tie breaker (I mean, why not most wickets?). Loved the tournament though. Got to six of the games and had a great time, and an astonishing final.
  6. England's luck has been absolutely incredible. I'll eat my hat if they don't find a way to win this.
  7. Plunkett was already a MOTM contender... Interesting to see what he can do with bat!
  8. Another woeful review...
  9. Stokes and Buttler batting themselves towards knighthoods. England firm favourites again, but it's been gripping and could yet take another turn.
  10. A few disappointing aspects to that innings for NZ - use of review, batsmen getting in but not putting up big scores, lack of aggression at points - but just about competitive. From a neutral's perspective, early wickets needed to keep it interesting. If England start anything like they did against Australia then it's not going to make for much of a game (not that they'll care!).
  11. Whoops. Had foolishly assumed the deadline would be this evening rather than 1pm so I appear to have missed the boat... Wasn't mad keen on the idea of potentially forking out hundreds of pounds many months before even knowing who was playing (I'm quite confident it won't be us), but still annoyed at myself!
  12. Sorry to hear the pub's away, but thanks for the info! Will try to visit the social club if time allows.
  13. Is there still a pub in Rosewell? I remember going to one last time we played at WW, but Google isn't giving me any results. I was at a game against EK end of season before last but didn't have time to investigate local hospitality.
  14. I was at the England/Afghanistan game and it was more of a contest than this. Impressive stuff from England, but I think I can safely find something else to do with the rest of the afternoon now...
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