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  1. Let him be, if he is believes his own bullshit he will fail to recognise his teams weaknesses and therefore not work to improve them, so they will continue to decline and cease to be a genuine contender. Shame though, I would have liked to see them take a point off Falkirk.
  2. Boilerplate? Footplate is the word you are looking for KK would be happy there
  3. I hope the management team are doing their best to keep the players feet on the ground and not to get over confident. Yes we can laugh at EFs cup result but let's not forget that our own brilliant run followed a similar embarrassing home cup defeat, and that EF gave us our worst defeat of the season at Methil. We need a repeat of the workrate and intensity that was evident at Falkirk, hopefully an early goal to get the crowd behind the team. Mon the diamonds, we have got to the top now let's stay top[emoji3532][emoji3532][emoji3532][emoji3532][emoji3577][emoji3577]
  4. Tonight's division 1 is like the recovery ward in a vasectomy clinic, everyone firing blanks!
  5. That part of Ayr has changed dramatically over the years, Somerset Park used to be surrounded by Industry, now it is housing or derelict land where the railway depot used to be, waiting to be turned into housing, bet the local council wished you had been able to move back then
  6. Fill the bus with bridies and park it!
  7. Can I be first to have a snigger! First of two home defeats
  8. Elton John is bigger than the Killers IMHO
  9. Do you seriously think they have heard of the word "ecumenicalism" in ML5??? They will have even less of a sense of humour after Saturday!
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