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  1. in the words of Roger Daltry ...meet the new boss, same as the old boss???
  2. Forfar v Airdrie Bankies

    And so endeth our season. I wonder if Murray has a dressing room crisis with players that know they have no future with the club just deciding to go through the motions
  3. Airdrieonians v Dumbarton

    I see the second coming of the big revival that's not really happening thread has disappeared, who's been upset now??
  4. Stenny v Airdrie

    ......and that is not going to happen, going into reverse.
  5. Stenny v Airdrie

    I think that it is important to try and win the next three matches, we have Stenny, the Sons then Forfar, and Forfar have two tricky matches against Arbroath and Raith (then us), so there is a big opportunity to turn the current 3 points deficit to a 6 point advantage over the Loons
  6. Supporting yer local

    They sure do[emoji16]
  7. Supporting yer local

    King Kebab - as you seem to have a fondness for steam locomotives, why not try to schedule in a visit to the Caledonian Railway next time you visit Brechin!
  8. (Another) Ayrshire Derby - Auchinleck vs Ayr

    Well done Talbot, hopefully not the last big shock of the day!
  9. Supporting yer local

    And it could easily happen again, I for one would not invest a penny in them even if I won euromillions
  10. Supporting yer local

    Reading the post about the away days you have had I started thinking about the grounds that I have visited that are no longer there (or no longer used for football), I visited Broomfield (obviously), Boghead, Shawfield, Clydebank, Annfield, Bayview, Brockville, Firs Park,Muirton, Love Street and the old Douglas Park!
  11. Supporting yer local

    My first game as an Airdrie Supporter was on 11th February 1967 at the age of 9, my Grandfather took me to the reserve match against Aberdeen and we lost 1:0, (the first team lost 7:0 at Pittodrie). I was a regular thereafter and was lucky enough to see some of the best Airdrie players, Jarvie, Busby, Clark, Black. Watched them play in a Scottish Cup Final , One Texaco Cup Final and the Spring Cup Final, unfortunately moved away from Airdrie in the 1980s so missed the later cup finals and the bad times that came and went. Despite not attending games I still watch for the scores every Saturday and am either elated or deflated as a result, still a Diamond at Heart and absolutely hate the OF and all that they stand for, I went to school in Coatbridge and was always slagged off for being an AIrdrie Supporter, by the usual tossers that as has been well documented, never went to a game themselves.
  12. Half Term Report Card

    The three teams that do make the playoffs could have to overcome either Falkirk or Partick Thistle to progress, as those two are really struggling and Alloa have moved five points clear. Could make for some interesting playoff games and next year the wee Seaside League could be quite different!
  13. Airdrie v Dumbarton - Scottish Cup R.3

    Airdrie on the up and up, playing well vs Struggling Dumbarton, these are the ones I worry about (hopefully needless worry). Hopefully able to wind DC up on Monday