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  1. This hopefully will be a positive move, buy only if those full time players are be treated as full timers, and not like last time when the then full time players spend half the week on the golf course and were still humped on the Saturday by part timers
  2. Hi Stephen - please accept my apologies for my idle speculation following the original posting by our now discredited "contributor", great to see the truth being posted.
  3. As I said in my previous post, threat of legal action. Journalist receives information that prominent local businessman is being naughty, but journalist knows said businessman and decides that printing the story might result in expensive libel case if alleged facts cannot be proved so contacts said local businessman for comment and is firmly warned off. Local businessman has a pretty good idea who the source of this story is and takes action.
  4. Agree, we need some transparency before the conspiracy theories begin to form, as nothing has been leaked either on-line or via the press I think that a threat of legal action has been made
  5. CHAMPIONSHIP Play Off Run in

    Home banker if yesterday's performance is anything to go by, our season is over, marking time to the end of the season, mathematically involvement with both promotion and relegation playoffs is possible but I think Brechin and Stenny will still occupy the bottom two slots at the end of the year and East fife and Montrose to be Fourth and Fifth
  6. If we had nothing to play for then I would go for an Airdrie win, but as we still have a slim chance of a playoff place, Airdrie to take an early lead then fail to consolidate and hold the lead, late equalizer from Stenny = 1:1
  7. CHAMPIONSHIP Play Off Run in

    Could we see the ultimate aggregate score in the final?? East Fife four Forfar five???
  8. CHAMPIONSHIP Play Off Run in

    Impossible to predict who is coming down, with every team involved one minute they are bottling it the next they are on a run
  9. That was amusing - what was the story about 1964 and Rovers getting booted out the league, cant remember hearing that one before but not surprised that Rangers were behind it.
  10. Fife vs Mo - 4th Place Fracas

    Draw please! Failing that a Mo win
  11. Spread the word mate - we could do with a few more like you! Maybe there is a future outside the Old Firm after all!
  12. CHAMPIONSHIP Play Off Run in

    Looking more and more like Falkirk will be the Championship representative in the playoffs, would be a nice rekindling of old rivalry if we could scrape it, but I think realistically we blew it on Saturday, come on Airdrie prove me wrong!!!
  13. Just had a look a the run in to the end of the season and if we are going to nick the playoff spot from East Fife we will need a really good run, I figure that we need to beat East Fife, Stenhousemuir and Stranraer and get at least a point off Montrose and Arbroath to nick it on goal difference on 52 points. Montrose have by far the hardest run, all five games are against the teams currently occupying the playoff spots and ourselves so I see than dropping points to finish below us, I reckon the Fifers will pick up about another eight points which would leave them also on 52. One slip up and we are out of it, so I am not getting my hopes up at all - I can just see us at Stranraer on the last day battling out the win but needing East Fife to draw at home to Forfar, only to hear that a late home winner has gone in at Methil - remember the 10th of May 2003!!!!
  14. Dombarton vs Airdrie

    Despite my cheeky post on the East Fife thread I have a horrible feeling of deja vu, at the end of January we had Forfar in our sights, a couple of wins and other results going the right direction and we would have been up to fourth, instead we then went on that terrible run and Forfar raced well ahead. Here we are again potentially with two wins from fourth but this is one game that I would not try and predict never mind risk any money on, it could realistically go any way.