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  1. Tiny Tim scores to get is in the Christmas spirit
  2. There should be subtitles on when Kane is being interviewed.
  3. Wales could still qualify. Fucking hell!
  4. Looks like we're heading for overtime!
  5. Pickford failing to intercept the corner there...
  6. What's that total receptions status box all about? I just hope USA can score the first touchdown
  7. I personally wasn't planning to protest but these communications are pushing me mighty close.
  8. After their Hungarian capitulation they then got beat 1-0 by Belgium and 2-0 against eventual Winners,Argentina. They also had three defeats and no goals in the 1970 group stage So not great.
  9. Had a tenner on the winner of today's race with PP and Sky Bet. Which was nice. There was a 10p rule 4 but a wins a win.
  10. So going by that Ronaldo did dive/ go down easily yesterday?
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