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  1. Cost him his job when he was last there under similar circumstances.
  2. Shagger drinking champagne on the pitch. Reported....
  3. I was at this game back in 2016. Does this performance put Neilson's coat on a shoogly peg?
  4. Some performance by the Rangers players. Similar to the semi-final vs Celtic they still found the energy to win in extra-time after playing a big game in Europe. They also had to cope with disappointment this time. Hearts, well, Nielsen and his coaching team have fucked a great opportunity.
  5. That's the kind of thing you would do in a preseason friendly. In a Scottish Cup final? Bit cheeky from the Teddy Bears, imo.
  6. You would doubt Hearts have any way back into this....
  7. One is scored about once in every 17 attempts on average.
  8. He was apparently spotted in Seville too. Is he on their coaching staff?
  9. He has the odd stinker but overall he is fine. He has a reputation which goes before him.
  10. He's tried to let the game flow. Not got any big decisions wrong. He's become a Scottish football trope among some fans who feel wronged by him at some point. Probably one of our best referees. Queue Rangers pelanty....
  11. Aye, another 4 fouls at least before he gets another yellow imo. ...probably in a Premiership u23 match vs Brighton and Hove Albion.
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