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  1. The Eagles are not helping themselves much either...
  2. Yup, that holding call on Kelce was a joke.
  3. She can probably leave at half-time too.
  4. Nice work if you can get it...
  5. That is some kind of Asian handicap goals betting. I’m not too sure on that. Also I have no idea about US odds whatsoever.
  6. That's a great TD throw by Burrows.
  7. Worldy by Mama Baldé for Guinea-Bissau then VAR reverses it.
  8. Gerrard to apply for Everton job because it is closer to LIverpool...
  9. Went sort dinner after Man Utd went 2-0 up...oh well... Looks like Rafa could be getting the sack sooner rather than later. Emergency board meeting arranged by Everton tonight.
  10. Gone for Eldorado Allen at Kempton with my Bet365 free bet. 1.32 Twenty Twenty - PP 1.32 Lock's Corner - Sky Bet 3.00 Gone for one diamond_ for_life may have mentioned e/w.
  11. 1.32 2 1/2 mile chase at Kempton for Sky Bet (2nd back as cash) and Paddy Power ( free bet 2nd, 3rd and 4th). Seven runners so might have a flyer on PP. Betfair doing money back if your horse does not finish 1-3 in the 3.00 at Warwick. @diamond_for_life @welshbairn
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