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  1. Worked out well. Laid the draw in extra time and Brentford to be promoted too.
  2. Brentford vs Fulham tonight. No club with red and white shirts and black shorts has ever won a playoff final. Sample is over 30 finals ha ha. I'm laying The Bees at even money.
  3. No show from DT but profit thanks to the lay.
  4. Some mad statistic that no team playing in red and white shirts and black shorts has ever one a playoff final. This includes Brentford, Forest, Sunderland and Exeter. Over 30 games apparently.
  5. Thought it was a red. Wouldn't have changed anything anyway. Motherwell could have played all night and not scored. Everyone got their tweeted questions ready for James and Kris?
  6. Jordan White on. Decent target man for the inevitable balls pumped into the county box. PELANTY
  7. Seemed to be more rigid last year with a 4-4-1-1. Seem a lot more confident. Motherwell seem to be happy by playing a percentage game of getting early crosses into the box with little or no effect. They need to get Seedorf on the ball more and get Turnbull involved. Laidlaw has barely been troubled...
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