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  1. I was talking to my mate earlier about the season Thistle went up 2nd to Dundee in 1991/1992 season. That year we beat both the gubbins Ayrshire mobs 4 times each in the league. Kilmarnock went onto win the league the following season and haven't been relegated since and Ayr have never won promotion to the Premier League, SPL or SPFL Premiership. Almost 30 years ago...shit...I feel old. Not sure if Kilmarnock would bully their way out of the second tier if relegated or if they would struggle to get promoted again? Dundee are so random they may be strong title candidates if they stayed down or just middle table pish. Que sera, sera may the least pish team achieve top flight status next season...
  2. Well done Rangers and their fans...on making Glasgow City Centre look like a Poundland Shankhill Road 😂
  3. Most underrated player in the EPL?
  4. He was a Leicester City fan in the womb though...
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA f**k you Chelsea! f**k you Chilwell! I bloody love VAR 😂😂
  6. You can just tell Aberdeen are going to be a shambles next season. Glass gone by Christmas?
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