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  1. Spoke with somebody at work about if they were getting the vaccine or not. They said no, which found a bit surprising but apparently they are vegan and won't take it as it has been tested on animals... Any P&Bers abstaining on ethical grounds?
  2. Newcastle using short corners to good effect and ASM with a lovely finish to equalise.
  3. I get the feeling Mikel was happy enough with that. Didn't get thumped and they probably have a bigger game on Thursday vs Benfica.
  4. Man Utd setting out with Matic and Fred in midfiled holding roles vs Newcastle. This is gonna be a thriller isn't it?
  5. I'm sure Stéphane Guivarc'h won the WC with France. Jesus is a decent finisher but has definitely landed in a couple of sweet spots at Club and international level.
  6. Good to get a dreary premiership Saturday out of the way. Hopefully get one or two decent games today. West Ham vs Spurs - score draw (2-2) Aston Villa vs Leicester City - 1 - 2 🦊 Arsenal vs Citeh - 1-3 Man Utd vs Newcastle - 3-1
  7. Big Dunc ha ha He doesn't get his house burgled anymore!
  8. Andre Frank Anguissa kneeing Olly MxBurnie up the arse there was just about the highlight of that first half...
  9. Probably would of won if van Dijk wasn't injured...
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