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  1. Cannot understand why ICT are still odds against? Has Grant been binned on the sly?
  2. Away Supporters Ticket sales for Kilmarnock will be handled directly by Kilmarnock. An allocation of tickets for the Colin Weir stand have been sent to Kilmarnock to sell. There will be no cash gates available on matchday for away supporters.
  3. Chris Kane has been booked in last three matches versus Rangers. Available at 4/1.
  4. Did this bet builder on McBookie's a couple of days ago. Morelos starts.
  5. Looking at Scotland quite a tough set of fixtures. The one that sticks out is Rangers around 8/15 to win at St Johnstone. If you add in them to reach a few corners or score 2+ goals seems a decent single bet. St Johnstone have lost arguably their best two players from last season and it may take their new signings a couple of games to show what they have got.
  6. They like peas in a curry too. Strange behaviour. Had a lamb and mint pasty out of a Greggs down in Swansea which was quite nice,
  7. Just discovered today poppadoms are a thing in Welsh Chinese restaurants? What is that all about? They have prawn crackers too. Is nuclear annihilation of the Principality too harsh?
  8. What are your thoughts on the Boltz for the coming season?
  9. Thistle did something similar two years ago... Don't go there, honestly....
  10. Can we get Austria in the playoffs?
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