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  1. Reading between the lies it seems more a case that the SFA need to address this to meet their articles of association with UEFA. Expulsion is highly unlikely, probably a fine which range from paltry to about a two year contract for Kenny Miller...
  2. 7-0 not even half time yet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  3. Speaking of Lawless we got him when released by Motherwell, SOD freed by Celtic and Taylor-Sinclair from Montrose after being let go by Aberdeen. We also had Welsh, Muirhead, Forbes and Balatoni from Hibs, Annan, Motherwell and Hearts respectively. I feel this is the kind of Player we should be looking at this season rather than the jobbers Falkirk filled their squad up with last season and which we seem to have done for the last few seasons. Young guys who need an opportunity to show their talents. They brought an energy and good team spirit to the club. That promotion team had Doolan and Erskine in place. There were a couple of old heads around the squad which teams need. We appear to have that decent core in place. Docherty, Brownlie, Graham should be decent performers at this level. We will hopefully see Zak Rudden develop and get the goals he is capable of scoring. I'd say we need a keeper to compete with Sneddon. Similarly a left back to challenge Penrice and a right back too possibly. I think McCall would like another centre back to allow three at the back when required. O'Ware and Bannigan need to step up and prove McCall's faith in their talent hasn't been misjudged further. Niang and Lyons seem good additions on paper. [email protected]#k me I'm getting mildly optimistic about next season...I need a lie down...must be withdrawal symptoms...
  4. Was he? He scored a wonder goal vs Accies and had a brilliant game vs Motherwell. We lost both... He was flashy but very inconsistent. Give me Lawless anytime. Lawless has signed for Burton Albion. Higgy is off to Kelty Hearts...
  5. I got thrown by the second table ha ha
  6. No man. I'm on phone at moment. Does that look right?
  7. Got club 3367526 but won't let me go further ha ha
  8. Have you got an invite form me @Busta Nut?
  9. His parents must have enjoyed the odd trip doon the water a some point...
  10. Gone for Revich in 1.50 at Newmarket. Good luck.
  11. Rangers still waiting on 55...delicious. Right enough Celtic must be on over 60 now... Mon the Livi, destroy the hegemony... Dundee Utd going down and Ayr exiting the league are nice touched too...
  12. That was AIDS m9. It was alive and they didn't eat it either...
  13. Yesterday I picked A'ali in 1.50 at Sandown. So far so good... Was checking bets and I saw I was getting a cash out for a golf bet I had over the weekend. Was only just over £10 but my selection was quite of the mark. Cashed out. Checked horse result and A'ali had romped it. £20 on so a return of £260... Unless you cashed out before the race and didn't notice. FML. Raging but [email protected]#k All I could do. Stuck £50 on a slot with another company and cashed out £490 But still felt a bit of a hollow victory.
  14. Up for joining. Application sent @Busta Nut
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