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  1. My GP is useless. I've developed this nasty compulsion of sticking things up my arsehole, so he suggested a couple of books. No good. Now I've ripped my anus and my local library is furious...
  2. jagfox BLM

    Week 2

    Wilson with another great game. It's amazing that he's good when he gets a second or more than usual on the ball.
  3. I'd expect a substantial fee for the Championship forward of the season...
  4. Gave up after five minutes. Now I find myself watching Leeds vs Fulham 🤷
  5. Missed the boat on the PSG vs Marseilles madness...Montpellier vs Lyon a relatively tame affair bit still...
  6. I've never used it. Was a drop down option on the left. Some folk got fiftyfree too. Accepted my code but no free bet ha ha.
  7. Going a bit better today. Single on Leicester at evens. 6 fold with a void match beciming a 5 fold needing Spurs to win. Also had 6 5 folds but cashed as one leg level. Went om to win. I meant to cash the 6/5 fold i😂😂😂
  8. Anyone with a skybet account. Log on and go to poker. Use the drop down menu and go to promo code. Enter 10FREE Go back to sky bet and you will have a £10 free bet Good luck ğŸ¤ž
  9. Glasgow Airport doesn't even have a rail link. What about Edinburgh?
  10. Poor day for me too. Golden Wand today for the 2.35 at The Curragh.
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