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  1. Hard to be too positive really. Can anyone honestly see us getting enough points after the split against the other four top half teams. I can’t.
  2. Why is Lewis desperate for our players to be injured? None of them are in worse shape than my ears after the start of those adverts.
  3. Firmly in the “tell them to piss off” camp if the stories about them playing funny buggers about the Crunchie campaign are true. Honestly, it never ends with this mob.
  4. Hopefully everyone else drops points too.
  5. Unqualified for the job. Out of their depth. If this was a full 36 game season we’d have been mid-table by Christmas and they’d have been out the door.
  6. If I could be arsed digging out the quote I would but I can’t. I called it from day one.
  7. Totally predictable that this would all end in failure. Absolutely mental appointments. Get rid now and try and save the season.
  8. Presumably Falkirk aren’t interested in receiving our prize money for participating in the cup either? Just get the game out the road and stop greeting.
  9. I don’t think it’s necessarily sensible to link coming out of lockdown and the resumption of football. We were still playing football in Tier 4 areas in November/December which was effectively a lockdown. There should be a push to resume games once the numbers reduce to the sort of levels we were seeing when the tier system was introduced, IMO.
  10. I believe the chairman has gone on the record saying the club will push for the season to be completed, even if it needs to be extended into the summer.
  11. What has that got to do with Leagues 1 and 2 getting suspended? Absolutely f**k all.
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