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  1. Haven’t read the whole thread but this will be a hard game against a full strength Rovers team.
  2. I only just now realised they didn’t play it after reading this post. I wouldn’t bother bringing it back after goals tbh. I didn’t miss it.
  3. I’m imagining the reaction to Shiels getting the gig and I’m actually warming to the idea a bit. What a laugh it’d be.
  4. They were absolutely terrible. The game told us nothing about Miller, McCracken or the team.
  5. How can you compare playing against Linlithgow to the three teams you mentioned? Pointless. It is irrelevant how well we played or if there looked like any improvement. I actually thought we looked pretty poor considering the opposition.
  6. I absolutely regret not doing more to fight the closure of the academy. I don’t know what reasonably could have been done but I just shrugged a bit at the time despite having serious reservations. It was a huge mistake.
  7. I don’t think anyone is on his back because of his performance last night tbh. It’s the post-match comments people have taken issue with. I actually don’t care about the comments but I won’t be praising a guy who has downed tools for large parts of his time here for having a decent game against the poorest team we’ve played in many a year.
  8. Don’t you think it was less him raising his game and more him playing against amateur football players?
  9. I was at the same game as you. We were woeful for long spells against an absolutely brutal non-league outfit.
  10. Pointless making any sort of judgement of the team after a game against such a poor side.
  11. Good to see us diversifying our crowd wanking. Great to see.
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