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  1. Just get him to f**k the now and get it over with. Never a manager in a million years. Utterly clueless. Holt to follow him out the door as he’s just as out of his depth as “Sporting Director”. Genuinely unbelievable that these two have the positions they hold at the club.
  2. I wouldn’t agree he gets a free pass. He’s not getting as much stick as others because he hardly fucking plays. He is pish though, that’s for sure.
  3. Paul Sheerin is a loser. A perfect fit for our shitty club who have perfected the art.
  4. Afterwards we could get a camp fire going. Sing along to kumbaya etc.
  5. I actually found myself sitting during the second half thinking we were doing OK and left at FT feeling a bit aggrieved. I’m slowly beginning to accept this absolutely dreadful standard. The manager seems to be of the same mind. The club is sleepwalking into oblivion.
  6. We weren’t as bad as we were against Airdrie. That’s about as positive as I can be. Our defending is an utter embarrassment.
  7. I guarantee you that the biggest takeaway the board will have taken from the fall out after the Q&A will be, “f**k doing anything like that again”.
  8. After his op I’m sure the hope was early December to get back training wasn’t it?
  9. The “it was a statement” comment. My word.
  10. As much as there’s clear discontent among supporters on social media/this website, there’s clearly not much appetite for action throughout the wider support. It feels that way anyway. It’s really frustrating.
  11. What exactly did Colburb say? It doesn’t sound like it’s going well. Bullet points from someone who’s there would be appreciated.
  12. Sheerin bemoaning the need for us to become more “stuffy” is a real low point for me. It’s League One we’re in.
  13. By the way, there was a shout towards the physio towards the end of the game today from the South Stand that was totally unacceptable. It’s bad enough going to the games just now without stuff getting shouted at the physio for f**k’s sake. Total neanderthal behaviour.
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