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  1. If Sibbs signs for Dunfermline I’ll be done with football forever.
  2. We need bodies in. Surely the club knows that and the noises are just trying to manage expectation a bit. The other side is that even if there is money there, getting the right sort of quality in given our position won’t be easy. We are miles off it currently.
  3. Inoffensive, navy Falkirk top. Fine by me. Grown adults are going to get worked up about this though, aren’t they?
  4. It’s the sort of thing that would end in disaster with us but no doubt it’ll end up working out there. It is wild though, no doubt.
  5. The club’s official Twitter account leaking this story is appalling. Will we ever learn?
  6. Not going to go over the top about Telfer. He might’ve performed better in different circumstances but I’m certainly not weeping at his departure. Not good enough over the piece with us.
  7. Brad McKay’s three year deal. Brad McKay’s three year deal. Jail Holt for life.
  8. Like everyone else in the team - he was shite.
  9. Please stop quoting him. Please, I’m begging you all.
  10. You won’t want to hear what I’ve just been told about Dwight Yorke then…
  11. We’ve managed to nail the stool part.
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