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  1. Is there some sort of rivalry between Falkirk and Aberdeen from 1904 that I’ve missed?
  2. Are you capable of letting a post on this thread pass without comment?
  3. I’ll reserve judgement until we see who the new additions are. Happy enough to keep some of last season’s lot as a core to build from but every single new signing is going to have to be a hit otherwise I don’t think we’ll have enough.
  4. Get the last two pages to f**k. I canny take it.
  5. While the idea of JJ is probably a good one, surely it’s something Alex Totten could be asked to do? I don’t think it would be a full-time role if it’s just to advise the board in football matters when required.
  6. Aw man, don’t start that one again.
  7. It’s hard to remember a more unpredictable period in Scottish football history but one thing that was 100% predictable was McManus going there.
  8. They did actually get promoted though...
  9. I don’t think that’s fair to assume at all. I think it’s too early to say but if things keep charting in the same direction then it’s feasible that supporters (to some extent) will be back in October. Obviously all subject to change depending on the wider situation.
  10. Yet, despite all these folk apparently ignoring the rules, the spread of infection continues to fall. The majority of folk are following the rules as closely as possible. You’re always going to have people who decide they don’t apply to them but it is the minority. Not saying we won’t see another rise in cases - that’s inevitable - but I agree that as long as the majority continue to follow the advice most of the time, the situation will continue to improve. Not defending the government’s handling of this in any way I hasten to add.
  11. It’s changed in that the government are now instructing local authorities to plan for a full-time return with a blended solution as contingency. Yesterday, were they not planning to open in August with the blended learning model, full stop?
  12. I think there’s a growing confidence that crowds - restricted numbers of otherwise - will be able to attend matches by the 17th October. Long way to go until then and I’m not saying that’ll be the case but certainly, the majority of clubs in L1 and L2 will be able to accommodate close to their average crowds even allowing for physical distancing. I also think clubs will be working on the assumption that the testing regime won’t be as strict as it is now - if it’s even still required at all. Obviously that’s the dream scenario for everybody but anything other than that - and this situation going south again is very much still in play - would make an October start difficult. I can’t see how any club at this level can sustain long term testing costs with no gate income.
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