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  1. It’s a poorly worded statement but I do think there’s been a bit of an overreaction over it. I think years of bad statements have conditioned our supporters to react like this.
  2. What state would we have been in if season tickets and walk up sales had been down this year - which by rights they really should have.
  3. Absolutely shocking that some supporters are putting heating their home and feeding their kids before handing over even more money to the club. Club quite rightly calling these selfish b*****ds out.
  4. No way I’m paying £18 based on the feedback I’ve heard and pictures I’ve seen. That grassy bit will be interesting given the forecast as well. Edinburgh have started the season well so this will be a hard game - as most of them are. Hopefully we can sneak the three points.
  5. In weather like this the artificial pitch dries almost instantly anyway.
  6. Is that not more down to Hartley being an unbelievable p***k.
  7. Can we just not do a thread for the next game?
  8. Would we have had to close the academy if we weren’t blowing so much on using the stadium every year though? Other clubs with similar facilities to us are generating income on non-match days and would appear to have much more agreeable costs. As for having bigger playing budgets - have we not blown over £800k over the last couple of years?
  9. You can go even further back though. The club are starting behind clubs with much smaller fan bases because of the overheads we have at the stadium. It’s an absolute killer financially.
  10. Any patrons fancy saving the day and paying these jokers off?
  11. Reading the posts/pictures on here and social media and it is utterly incredible that the SPFL/SFA have sanctioned that ground for use at this level of football. To add insult to injury they’re charging £18 - disgraceful.
  12. We’re still crap. I think we all knew that, though. The club is in terminal decline. We need to see some sort of recovery starting this season. That probably means play-offs and trying to get up that way if at all possible. There is absolutely no chance we’re winning the league, obviously.
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