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  1. Recently picked up a PS4 and FIFA 15, LDU02167 if anyone fancies a game or pro clubs
  2. I'm not aware of a fix as yet. I believe the issue for most people is moving between campaign and multiplayer. If you delete your player profile as before, restart the campaign and complete it before moving to multiplayer. Not an ideal solution, but the best if you really want to complete the campaign.
  3. You can pick it up from Shopto for under £28 with the China Rising DLC. I would have thought their share price taking a battering on the back of the BF4 issues would be hitting them hard. The following link suggests otherwise as EA state the huge investment in correcting BF4 issues won't affect release dates for future titles: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/wall-street-taking-notice-of-battlefield-4-issues-as-ea-stock-falls/1100-6416566/ I agree that the part of the lawsuit concerning the game having too many bugs/flaws isn't a particularly strong case, but i guess they are hoping to make a claim on the grounds of EA reporting false/misleading info on the status of the game to their shareholders. Edit to add that BF4 sales are way down on BF3 sales after 6 weeks. Taking PC sales as the example: BF4 sales after 6 weeks = 547,951 BF3 sales after 6 weeks = 1,237,799
  4. I didn't know this, so the compatibility between the two now looks pretty interesting!
  5. Sony supporting cross platform play with PC - http://ps4daily.com/2013/07/playstation-4-supports-cross-platform-play-with-pc/ An interesting option for some games, but PC gamers would smoke console gamers on FPS.
  6. Cheers, worked a treat! If it is alternative development studios then they would each have 2 years to work on a game. Still, I take the point that with DICE's experience of BF3, 2 years wasn't enough for BF4, so you worry about the 2 year period being suitable. Visceral Games which is being touted as the second source of development done some work on the BF3 DLC, so they may have also been working on a 2014 BF for a while already. Agreed - the biggest worry with annual releases is that by the time the bugs are fixed, and everything is stable people will be done with the game and looking to the next instalment in the series. You would hope being hit in the pocket would make EA realise rushing games is disastrous to their reputation, profit, and share price. However, I suspect it will just mean they will force out some other game earlier to try recover damages..... http://www.oxm.co.uk/68266/ea-hit-by-class-action-law-suit-over-bug-riddled-battlefield-4/
  7. I must be lucky as i've had no issues with it freezing during multiplayer (X360). My biggest gripe is that everytime i go to play i get the "existing player profile data is damaged and can't be used" message. I have to go to Options menu everytime to turn off tutorials, and make the couple of tweaks to the settings i like to play with. Are you guys having the same issue - any idea how to fix this? A fourth patch in such a short time frame from release is pretty embarrassing - i'm sticking with this in the hope it will come good and replace the void of BF3. I read somewhere that EA are trying to turn Battlefield into an annual franchise (much like CoD with Infinity Ward and Treyarch), and that another studio (Visceral Games) would be handling the 2014 game. After this experience i think i'll hold off buying until reviews are in - i dived straight into purchasing this on the back of BF3.
  8. Glad to see no-one here has been affected by any of the launch issues with either console. Was on another forum and seen the xbone is having some issues with the blu-ray player not reading discs: Also seen that the kinnect has issues recognising you after a haircut.... http://www.gamereactor.eu/news/100294/Kinect+won%27t+recognise+you+after+a+hair+cut/ Edit: Don't know why it won't embed all four youtube videos - is there a limit on how much can be included in one post?
  9. I feel like i'm stuck in limbo on the second heist, so looking for some help.... I chose the offshore option, so went to the dock and released the sub before taking it ashore and parking it undercover. Since then i've had no prompts for this mission, switching between the characters is only offering stranger missions/random encounters. I've returned to their safe-houses, tried calling one another etc but nothing is working. I have the FIB 'B' icon on the map, but when i explore i can't find any trigger point. However, i don't think this is related to the second heist. Edit 2: Found Dave and triggered the first FIB mission I tried going back through the thread, but after 10-15 pages i couldn't see anyone with the same issues. Cheers for any help! Edit: looks like this is a known issue
  10. Adrian84

    FIFA 14

    I've twice gone onto FUT Seasons single player and found that it has failed to save my progress. It's only failed to 'save' one game on both occasions, but I notice that my squad have all lost a week off their contracts, so it remembers that they have played the game. I made sure i had advanced back to the main FUT menu after the game, so i've no idea what i've done - any ideas?
  11. With the initial batch of pre-order units already snapped up for the xmas rush, what sort of time scale do we expect before shelves are restocked? I've not bothered my arse as I was initially planning on sticking with my xbox for 12months before getting a next gen console but now i'm tempted to move to PS4. I can't remember what happened with PS3/360, but I read someone suggesting it will be 6 months until all pre-orders are met, and shelves are fully stocked following people fighting over the units drip fed after xmas. If that is the general feeling, i'll stick with the xbox, but 6 months seems a pretty excessive estimation??
  12. ^ True - the tour cycle for TTAOE and The Blackening was ridiculous! I think they may have played Glasgow 3 times in support of each album (twice at Barrowlands, and Download @ Glasgow Green for TTAOE, and at the SECC for Black Crusade tour, and supporting Slipknot & Metallica?) Edit: a quick google shows they also played Carling Academy in 2007, and O2 academy 2010! Those guys must hate the sight of each other spending that much time on the road.
  13. While Machine Head are a big act in Europe, I don't believe they command a similar status in the US. No idea what sort of money they take home on an annual basis, but i wouldn't imagine they are living it up by any means. You're right that Adam and MH parting company was nothing to do with financial issues, and that it was down to personal issues with Robb. The two of them had been seeing a 'therapist' for 5 years plus to try work things out, but i think that relationship had ran its course after close to 30 years. I also read that Mark Hunter said Chimaira lost money on their last tour! You go on LinkedIn and you find guys like Dallas Coyle and Jim LaMarca having to side line their musical interests for financial security. Also expecting this to become more common....
  14. I thought people were kidding when I read that, but then I seen the video posted on youtube. I'll stick with my 360 for 12 months, and move to the PS4 when the price drops and the catalogue of games builds up. Like a few others, i'm not looking forward on moving back to the PS4 controller. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=&v=DxkEe_l7S3g
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