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  1. If he wasn't, he wouldn't still be there. We don't muck about.
  2. Unsustainable due to being a wee village an hour plus from Inverness who, I am fairly sure, would struggle to attract players who could complete at L2 level. Divide your hundreds of fans travelling by 16 games and that's not all that many. I think there are plenty of teams who might talk the talk re going up but don't really want the additional hassle and expense. I'd include possibly all the HL clubs and, FWIW, I can't see what L2 football would add to the Pollok or Talbot experience.
  3. Can't say I saw any chat about QP comparing Airdrie to a pub team. Sounds like a loada nonsense.
  4. More than one offender at the game in the wrong-sized top, sadly! I think there was an article in the Daily Record saying he was having a verbal go at an Airdrie director. Possibly over the incorrect sizing information given to him at the club shop.
  5. Any QP fan who posts the Davie Galt goal on here should be taking a good look at themselves. The breath of fresh air that is Glasgow's New Force to beat the club chased out of the city for being pish 1-0. I'd be happy with that. Clyde's Geriatric Green Street mob to get very agitated and to shout at kids for no reason.
  6. Fairly dour stuff but Airdrie coped with us very well. Their full backs were excellent and Easton was a stand out. Currie's save from Murray outstanding. Baynham a couple of weeks away from being fit so would like to see a bit more of Longstaff to see if we have the option of his playing up nearer Murray. Very impressed with Max Gillies; Brown and Gillespie excellent as always. What was the Airdrie fan turfed out for? He was quite animated anyway.
  7. He's in the playing squad COVID bubble and deals with registration and any other admin stuff that would normally be dealt with by the office and other staff. The team train away from Lesser and the COVID restrictions mean that someone has to be on hand to deal with a myriad of practical issues of being remote from the place, and it's him. If the team are training or playing, he is there.
  8. Perhaps telling that these guys played in the first team before moving on. Sadly, we normally lost players well before they reached that level. One of the huge bonuses of being professional is that the good lads might be tempted to stay with us a bit longer and we do get the benefit of the hard work put in by our youth coaches. If they don't, we might get some cash instead, as was the case with Regan Thomson.
  9. Ex QP boy Paul McGinn added to the Scotland squad. Simon Murray, polish up those orange and yellow boots!
  10. Award yourself a chocolate medal for keeping this going. If you're serious, you'd be better off asking your players whether they prefer grass or plastic and why.
  11. Last 20 minutes, we were great. First 70, we didn't look anywhere near as good as we have previously. Overall, I'm really enjoying it.
  12. You don't see him on the screen; how on Earth can you say it's questionable based on when he pops in? Anyway, it's been a joy to read the comments. Was it Keena who missed the chance of the game with the free header in the first half and there's the penalty blasted off the bar. Blame in on weegie bias, refs, linesmen, diving, fouls that weren't given, non-fouls that were given, but if your guys had been able to put the ball on target, and the keeper didn't look like a bag of spuds trying to say Murray's free kick, you'd have won.
  13. Cheers. It's a measure of how up for it I am this season that I'm looking forward to a trip to Airdrie on a Friday night in a cup I can't even remember the name of.
  14. Following a win at Falkirk, the mighty QP are top of the league and the McEwan's Export in this old man's pub is pretty good. Two square sausage waiting for me at home for my quality evening meal. It's important not to set your sights too high in life re being cheerful.
  15. What's the story with the bar at Broadwood. Is it still not open to the general public on match days?
  16. Really impressed with Fox yesterday. He seems quite comfortable on the ball for such a big guy. For all that we were under a lot of pressure and seemed to give the ball away much more than usual, the defence were solid and Muir didn't have a save to make. A bold move to bring McHugh on, presumably to keep Falkirk concentrating on defending as well as attacking.
  17. The first two had bad injuries and there's probably no good reason to speculate on their return and perhaps circulate false hopes. I'm sure when all three are near to a return, we'll be told. We had to wait on Thistle sending out their ticket info first; we agreed to their request to do that. Moving on, the Club have acknowledged that their communication has been poor. We now have a marketing guy in place who will, I'm sure, sort that out. But, bottom line, we're top of the league and playing good football. The rest is peripheral. I'm here to get excited on a Saturday and that's what's happening. Bluddy marvellous.
  18. Taking his cue from Keena who did the same thing.
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