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  1. Pretty much a middle of the table clash; certainly not good enough from a QP perspective. To die a death after so much pressure in the first half - very disappointing. We're not a force up front, end of story. With even one of Cove's two up front, we'd at least be battling for second place.

    Solid at the back again, which is encouraging. Ferrie's save was top drawer. 

    Great to be back at a game, though, and the cheeseburger was top notch.

  2. 10 hours ago, Crawford Bridge said:

    Mind when this competition was different and a good laugh?

    International football is turgid.

    Indeed. Even the countries whose names sound made up are well organised now. The shambolic madness that once marked this tournament out seems to have gone, sadly.   Best entertainment in the Egypt v Nigeria game (other than under-inflated balls) was an old heavy-set guy in the pub taking a tumble and knocking over two of the wood and glass partitions that separate the tables.

  3. 12 hours ago, Dooflick said:

    Nonsense Diehard. Hamilton would have been available certainly, the could have done with the money.

    It might have come down to a preference of grass over plastic, always assuming that the Fountain of Youth Stadium (I kid you not) is still plastic.

  4. On 08/01/2022 at 12:20, Spider Rico said:

    We can file sharing a dodgy grass pitch for the season in the ever growing terrible decisions folder

    With the Lowland League back in operation and a good number of them without a park and sharing the all weather parks near Glasgow, there weren't many alternatives.

  5. 1 hour ago, craigkillie said:

    Why would he be "eternally struggling" at Killie, .....Killie have potential that Queen's Park simply don't, namely to be a top six Premiership club and win trophies.

    Believe me, I'm not having a go at Killie, but they've won two trophies since 1965 and it's much the same for most provincial clubs. The Scottish game is so heavily slanted towards the Old Firm, it takes something special (Ferguson, McLean and a dismal OF) for smaller clubs to be successful.  Even Hibs have one solitary Cup win in how many years? 

    My point is that there's a chance for our new manager to be part of something, should it come off, which is building from what is basically scratch and that might be more attractive.

  6. BYOS - you're getting worse. Cheer up for fecks sake. Get someone to give you a slap.

    I see a lot of the players giving it their all; your view on them isn't entirely fair at all. We have lost our way over the past couple of months, no doubt about it, and the manager has paid the price. We wouldn't have done that before so quickly, but we are a different beast.

    We've reacted to the situation we find ourselves in and I think we had to. All but a couple of Scottish clubs would be pretty happy to be where we are (or are going). Have a beer and cheer up.

    We have, though, underperformed, and I'm unhappy too. Hopefully we can turn this around.


  7. 8 minutes ago, Zanetti said:

    Considering how ridiculously depleted our squad was against Airdrie through the week, I'm not remotely surprised by this.

    One 16 year old and two guys who had their 17th birthdays in December on the bench and the young goalie recalled from loan, so no real surprise we were struggling. Clyde only had three on the bench in their last game. Gives time for Goodwillie's transfer to go through.

  8. 31 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

    Surely Neil Lennon will be near the top of the list ?

    Surely you jest. Anyone could have been successful at Celtic with that financial advantage and no opposition. His record in Europe is how he should be judged.

    What job would be more attractive to Ross? Eternally struggling at Killie or any number of Scottish clubs who'll, realistically, win nothing or joining us with a decent chance to build up a good reputation with good money and an excellent infrastructure behind you?

    If he came in and didn't do a decent job, it could be he simply isn't a good manager. I'd take him in a moment though. Rather that than some of the oft-mentioned jobbers who do the rounds in Scottish  football and don't really achieve much.

  9. 42 minutes ago, Mybitchunderprotest said:

    For having the temerity to dance past the QP players? I certainly didn't see him acting in a manner that would justify calling him a wee shite. I've not seen that from him all season in fact.

    Nah, he didn't dance past anyone. Niggly fouls, complaining constantly, falling over. Aggressive attitude. Basically being a wee shite.

  10. 8 minutes ago, Big Badger said:

    Can we stop pretending this was a team of young boys we had out please?

    Fox, Kilday, Robson, Morrison, McHugh, Connell, Thomson, Gillespie and Davidson have all been first team regulars this season.

    A decent point, but I think a big part of our problem is that we don't have a team that picks itself. A successful team is essentially the same 13 or 14, including a strong spine and demon goalscorer. Grant ran the defence last year and we were expecting the goals to be tumbling in via Murray. We do have a good pool and should have been able to cope better last night but you couldn't see us scoring; we don't have a Longworth who could score out of nothing. 

  11. 13 hours ago, Cosmic Joe said:

    No other teams have faced these issues recently? 

    It would be interesting to see what the rules are. Our pool was short for Montrose and we had at least one 16 year old on the bench last night. That's not a complaint; I'd prefer we played the game and gave the kids a run.

  12. I'm not sure what to expect from QP either. We ebbed and flowed up at Montrose, with some moments of great attacking football interspersed with some poor stuff.

    Hopefully we have at least one forward fit.

    I can't see us catching Cove now but we need to get back to winning ways just in case they collapse Falkirk-style.

  13. In short, Hampden is shite, "someone" will come up with £800 million for a new ground, somewhere near Stirling, with its Trumpton railway station. Surely "someone" out there can follow this up?

    I wonder how many experts on here have actually been to major grounds outside Scotland. People abroad just accept that they won't be back in their equivalent of Inverwalloper 20 minutes after the game.

    Try to get anywhere from Murrayfield or even Ibrox or Parkhead after a full house.  70,000 head to Haymarket Station at 10pm after a midweek game. 65,00 are still there the next morning.

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