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  1. Man of the match probably as often as the rest of the team put together so far.
  2. Answering my own question, you need an EU vaccine passport to travel on the train between Amsterdam and Berlin. Non-EU big hitters like Albania and North Macedonia have joined the scheme but none of the UK countries have.
  3. Thanks. I can get a train which will swoosh me to Berlin in 6 hours and is roughly the same cost as the flight from the Dam to Berlin. I'd certainly rather do that than hang about any airport for 11 hours. As you suggest, I'll hang fire a bit but going to the bother of tests to spend a day in the city doesn't seem worth it.
  4. Managers only want to talk about injured players when they're just about fit. Seems to me that's been the situation forever. When did you ever hear Gus talk about players who weren't in the team? Ditto every head coach at QP that I can remember. It's been said on the site that Quitongo and Baynham are both training. That they're not in any squad to date tells you that they're not ready to play yet.
  5. Wee plug for this, if anyone's interested: "Drew Busby (ex Hearts, Airdrie etc) is looking forward to welcoming all Dumbarton and Queen's Park supporters to the Waverley Bar He will be there until about 3 pm and is open to any questions on his career and Scottish football in general. The bar is a five minute taxi ride from the stadium." Your fun fact is that he scored Third Lanark's final competitive goal before they folded.
  6. My flights to Berlin via Amsterdam were cancelled and the new ones have been changed since I rebooked. A wait of 11 hours in Schiphol now! Contacted Schiphol and they wouldn't answer what I need to know about leaving and re-entering the airport but a very helpful person took great length to refer me elsewhere rather than tell me what their rules are.
  7. Is that the one where you knocked off a bobby's helmet and were fined a shilling? You were outrageous that day.
  8. Not so much on the road; these c**t cycle delivery wankers who seem to think some fat p***k's pizza is worth causing carnage for and we've all to get out of their way.
  9. If the purvey was a £15 Lassani munchy box, you'd be all over it like a rash!
  10. Think you might have been seeing double if you reckon that there were 100 Mo fans at the game. I thought there was a Mo player at the far side keeping Smith onside.
  11. Random thoughts: Fox was outstanding again but, that said, we looked a wee bit sloppy with the marking. On the other hand, the man that had scored in the previous eight games didn't get a look in. I thought Mo had done their homework and were right on top of our midfield, stopping the service to Murray. They did it very well and maybe deserved their point. Hopefully Liam Brown is OK for next week, but we have depth in midfield so we can rest him. I'd be going for the win at Killie and not resting too many; I'm not a fan of dismissing this tournament. Unless we lose, of course. I know that there was a clamour for Connell to start as he is a guy who can score a goal, but did we miss Gillespie a bit too much? Dave is right in that we should have picked up more points in the drawn games, but not them all. Plus, we won a watch with the game at Falkirk; there's more than us losing points when they shouldn't have - which is why we are top of the league. We do have considerable resources, but I'm assuming we're playing to a budget, or else we'd have staffed up over the close season to ensure we skated this division. Largely speaking, we've stayed with last year's squad (I thought I heard someone say that the idea was to build a team last year that would challenge this year) and brought in loan players from decent clubs although, of course, we'll be contributing to their wages. Cove and Falkirk will be well-funded too so I wouldn't be thinking automatically that we're sitting with the biggest budget. We may well be, but you can see the distinct increase in quality of player compared to last year in this division. Hopefully Laurie solves the issue up front. He's trying two up but it's not been a roaring success yet. It's the final piece of the jigsaw I feel; we seem to be pretty comfortable everywhere else.
  12. Top o the league. That's all you need to know.
  13. Some scudding for second placed Dumbarton. Maybe puts last week's win over Peterhead into a much better light. Can't wait for the game tomorrow.
  14. Campbell would probably be worth an extra few quid for his chat alone. Hopefully we can do stuff like this when we're at Lesser; the layout at Firhill doesn't really lend itself to it.
  15. Soup - a quid; dessert -£2; depends how much drink you can fire down yer gullet (less four Included ones) for you to judge whether it's shite or not. Comparing the two, you've got £25 at Firhill to spend at the bar, or £22 if you deduct the cost of courses 1 and 3, after your four drinks that are included. Unless you're going to be going Tonto with it over the two and a half hours, probably not much of a difference to most folks. If it's an issue, probably better to buy a fish supper and spend £67 less the admission money on drink. It's a modest investment in your day. £50 sounds fine and will hopefully attract the more casual punter.
  16. An upside (other than winning and being top of the league!) was that we were getting efforts on target. Four outstanding saves by Long, one cleared off the line and you can add in that Liam Brown hit the post. Superb game of football; some of that slick passing play was as good as anything I've seen a QP side play. Ok, a bit concerning that Peterhead came back so strongly, but we changed it and we're two points ahead and unbeaten. Halcyon days. We've got an excellent squad now and hopefully some support to Simon Murray on the goalscoring front. Good to hear a wee bit of noise at the game too.
  17. Big one for the QP as we need a win to keep us ahead of the pack after a couple of draws. It would be good to bang in some goals too; we're relying on the defence too often. It'll be interesting to see if the recent signings start; I'd certainly like someone up front with the Ginga Ninja. We're definitely looking a more powerful outfit but we need to be converting pressure into goals. Home win, 2-0.
  18. Thank you; I think you prove my point re wearing them. Cricket teams and a US sports mob.
  19. Flying to Berlin in December via Amsterdam and I can't make head nor tail of the Dutch COVID travel guidance. I am double jabbed and have the certificate. Am I correct in saying that under current circumstances I don't need anything else if I stay in Schiphol, but there would be a problem if I left Schiphol for a wee wander into Amsterdam between flights?
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