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  1. The guy buys a home end ticket, recognises that he's in with home fans, and acts accordingly.
  2. No. Thistle fans in wheelchairs can apply to sit in the designated space, and have, but we don't have to give them seats. If you want to give away fans seats, that's less for QP fans. You can't argue for away fans to have seats and then complain that they have them. I've asked and there won't be any mix of fans on the big terracing or in the stand. The club, though, are open to talk about QP fans standing behind the goal on the right. But that's uncovered and once there, you can't scoot back to the stand if it's pishing down. Happy to take people's thoughts on it on Saturday.
  3. Really entertaining evening at the Q And A with the management duo, Dom Thomas and Charlie Fox. Obviously the Ayr game was discussed quite a bit and no one said anything other than what the fans were saying. However, optimism and positivity was to the fore. The enthusiasm from the four of them for what's happening was great to hear.
  4. The pies were outstanding too. Agree about our second goal but I think the linesman had just decided to give offside / onside on an alternate basis. He had a shocker. Nice wee setup at the Vale. Hope the season goes well for you.
  5. In all my years, I've never seen a second half collapse like that. We should have been out of sight in the first half; hard to understand what happened. I don't grudge Ayr their win, but that's never a penalty. Imagine the guy giving that in an Old Firm game? He'd be back to the local BB league next week. And so we move on.
  6. This thread is a joy as I no longer have to put up with the likes of it.
  7. He ended the season really strongly for us and was a regular. I can't see that LL level football (with all due respect) will help him move on. It's a big step up from LL to where Hearts are.
  8. We should have been three up at half time but it ended up I was happy with a point. Very pleased with the performance but maybe we ran out of legs. Decent start to the campaign.
  9. The more I drink, the more I think we will be absolutely pump ICT.
  10. "Chic" become "Chic featuring Nile Rodgers" then Nile Rodgers with Chic". Bluddy big head.
  11. We're a bit of a nightmare this year, asking fans to travel to Ochilview for home games, but there does seem to be this thinking from clubs that inconvenience to fans re buying tickets (see Dundee v Thistle as a great example) isn't that important. Rather than making it easier to get into a game, clubs do what is easier for them. The days of spur-of-the-moment fans turning up and paying in are gone. All but two sides should be doing everything they can to make it easy to get in, not making it more difficult. No other business behaves like this.
  12. And that's before you see the nick of some of our fans.
  13. Football is the only industry where the "seller" seems to be making it so difficult to spend your money with them.
  14. Great idea to snip a couple of quid off the price to encourage you to buy before the day, but to have tickets on sale at the ground too. I see that Thistle fans are having to jump through hoops to get tickets for their game at Dundee. The arrangements seem to be designed to deter them from going.
  15. Every day's a school day at the moment. If we can sort out the set pieces catastrophies, we'll do ok. Even against Dundee, with McGowan and McGinn giving us a shagging in the first half, it was the set piece defending that did for us rather than anything else. Score draw - 1-1, of course.
  16. Clach casuals teaming up with the Irn Bru Firm to boost our support. Expect carnage.
  17. Arrogant fucks. Presumably not an official site but you never know with them.
  18. Random stuff We need to be better than this. I thought Accies were shite and we should be aiming to be better than them, but it took us 75 minutes to get going. Too many misplaced passes. Bannon was great; very encouraging. One turnstile open for the away fans and the the least-filled pies I've ever encountered. For all that we're complaining, hopefully we can do better than this when we eventually get back to the south side
  19. If only you could be playing a League 2 team every week.
  20. For all that we're not happy at travelling to Stenny for home games, the pie stall there is the business.
  21. Given how shite the non-OF are in Europe, we should just have a raffle to decide who represents Scotland. Couldn't be much worse than watching a succession of no-names pumping our third/fourth/fifth ranked teams. You could at least shrug off (say) Montrose's defeat to Sligo with indifference.
  22. What's particularly galling is that there was a decent turnout last night and now we have this. Some people might be happy at a wee train trip on a Saturday to Stenny, but who would bank on the trains actually running to get back from evening matches?
  23. Really enjoyed the Spiders talk podcast. Well done and hopefully it's a regular thing.
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