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  1. In Brussels Airport last week, there was a hand written sign saying "Cash only" at the wonderful bar. I dug out the euros for a beautiful Belgian beer whilst the contactless Nazis headed for the cans at the sandwich bar which still took their new-fangled plastic.
  2. Days when a bank's system crashes make life worth living. There's an audible squeal from the cashless.
  3. After last week's disappointment, it's hopefully back to winning ways against the Bino's. Hopefully the park survived the Old Firm carthorses ploughing it up, allowing us to return to silky soccer ways. I'd stick to last week's team. Edited to add: home win.
  4. Everything you need to know about how civilisation as we know it is totally fucked. Advertised as a tracksuit. Sizes up to 5XL so all the hugely fat guys can look like wankers too.
  5. Billy's getting a bit of stick on here but I think he's more there for what he gives us in terms of his attacking abilities. Having five out and out defenders really isn't in too many manager's thinking these days.
  6. Disturbingly poor attendance. Less than 300 and we had more than half of that. A great shame, even allowing for the rain.
  7. What on Earth happened there? Rovers ran over the top of us in the first half, pure and simple. We picked up in the second, but still couldn't score. Move on.
  8. This has taken over the mad Darvel Juniors thread as my favourite on P & B. I am so glad to have been rid of this stuff for the last 12 years. I have no idea how some of you guys put up with it.
  9. Brussels Airlines sorted me out very efficiently when the strikes in France screwed up my flights.
  10. We'll have to agree to differ on Talbot's potential to increase gates on double entry price, in a fairly tribal and sparsely populated part of the world. They might be the new Annan; being the current Talbot might be a lot more attractive. Maybe we'll find out.
  11. I'll sell you the one they cancelled on me yesterday for a quid.
  12. A hipster pub near me only accepts cards. I wouldn't go in as a point of principle.
  13. Wee shops sometimes have crappy machines that take ages to connect. I'd gladly stab a student who pays for chips and cheese with a card.
  14. Get the wee shites to clear up their litter. Worth a few quid not to have to wade through McD wrappers and crisp pokes.
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