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  1. The Rangers head of youth interviewed in the Sunday Herald today.
  2. The wallopers couldn't support the last initiative to bring on young kids (being forced to play them in every SPL game) and have abandoned a reserve league. We bend over backwards every time something's suggested to help them; the Irn Bru Cup has matches anywhere but at their home grounds, such is their contempt. Into the sea with it.
  3. A left wing party will never win in the UK now. When was the last time a party with a left wing agenda won an election in Britain? Probably well over 50 years ago. A loathing of foreigners and / or foreign influence on the UK has taken over from having a more equal society as the main driver in voting by a stack of previous Labour voters.
  4. I understand that Celtic wear green and white hoops because one of their directors attended a St Anthony's match and liked their strip, so chose to copy it. I was told by a football history boffin that Celtic had changed to green and white hoops a year before the Ants wore them, but it being the other way round is a good story. The Ants and the Bens, of course, used to play within a few hundred yards of each other near Ibrox turning out in Old Firm kits.
  5. Stats on how vibrant Scottish football is based on crowd numbers per head of population are skewed as we have two clubs who see 50k plus crowds every home game and they play lots of home games. As a balance, we also have teams in the top flight who struggle to get 3000 at some home games. Any change in setup will still see two teams dominate and a massive collective hard on if anyone outside these two manages to finish third.
  6. Women with huge ears tend to have very short haircuts that emphasise this ( that Naga woman on BBC Breakfast a perfect example). No idea why that annoys me, but it does.
  7. I read that beer continues to "mature" in a bottle, but not in a can. I'm not sure, but I think that's a good thing. Anyway, completely at a tangent, I ordered a dozen bottles from the Strathaven Brewery and they brought it to the door. It's great stuff.
  8. As if the lockdown isn't bad enough, even people I think to be sane keep sending the latest "stay safe" messages at an hourly rate. Even if I survive the lurgi, my mental health will be shot to bits.
  9. A quicker way to get OF kids in the SPFL would be for their clubs to play them.
  10. Found this when scrolling through photies; one of my faves ever. Just to remind you what winners look like. These guys have just been promoted.
  11. If you'd take a five minute break from being an insufferable p***k, people might be keener to engage with you. That the guy replied at all should be enough. He's daft to do so.
  12. Ability and the contribution to the continued well-being of the Club have to be the driving factors. It's a hard shift and recent years have seen a significant increase in the complexity and the amount of what has to be done. You dump experience and a willingness to do that shift at your peril. There should always, though, be a place for non-Committee people to contribute, something which I reckon will kick in when we move to Lesser.
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