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  1. Police concerns over City v Hearts / Hibs casual clashes.
  2. That's a tough shift, but we're gearing up to compete with teams like this. Indeed, bring it on.
  3. Gates might be good in the LL, but with admission prices at half of D2, the financial gap will still be there. As an aside, Queen's Park have one midweek league game next season, away to Elgin. Be careful what you wish for! That's a lot of six quids and three for concessions to get your guys up there.
  4. In Bournemouth's situation, you're looking for guys who are going to give it everything. A player not willing to sign up for the last month even at £20k a week isn't that guy. I'd rather have eleven grafters on the park than ten, plus a guy kacking himself that he might get injured.
  5. Only as much as supporting them is. I'm not interested in betting, but I can't imagine the thrill of seeing your £30 mount up over the season would be particularly absorbing.
  6. In Germany, I think the U23 sides that play in the lower leagues have a cut off date when they can't use players who have played for their respective first teams.
  7. Guys weren't getting paid the big bucks that players get now. Anyway, going out for a wee row in a boat is different to chancing that you won't catch the plague.
  8. Deferred? That means he still gets it. No need to pass the hat round for him. Sorry, but this apologising after you get caught doing something that you know is stupid doesn't wash.
  9. If only the well-paid Aberdeen players hadn't behaved like daft wee steamer boys, they wouldn't have had to get someone to apologise for them. It's why Scottish players aren't worth a feck nowadays.
  10. Ray playing it cagey. Messi will start to panic and will accept a much lower salary from us.
  11. Hopefully Ray has previously signed Messi and Ronaldo!
  12. The fact that the season wasn't over and his team had a decent chance to stay up is the disappointment. I'm sure you appreciate the difference between his situation and the players who finish up at the end of the season. If it were me, I'd have felt a moral obligation to help them, especially on £20k plus a week.
  13. Very disappointing what he did to Bournemouth. Then again, he'd got so much from them over his spell there, he could afford to tell them to feck off. Sad, but typical of today's player. Not one to rely upon when the going gets tough.
  14. Or to come up with cutlery rather than two wee sticks?
  15. After years of of whining like a bitch about Virgin's coverage abroad, I've got off my lazy arse and dumped them.
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