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  1. That squealing in Indian restaurants is murder. Mind you, better than the moronic stuff in all clothes shops with their own radio stations. Wankers with mid-Atlantic accents banging out the same sounding pish.
  2. That Lorna Slater of the Greens has got the sexy MILF librarian look going on and it's a "wid" from me.
  3. Similarly to this, folk who block doorways while trying to find their mask. Or plonk their messages on the conveyor belt at the checkout and them shoot off to find something they've forgotten.
  4. I was watching one of those eternal repeats channels and every advert showed starving kids, tortured donkeys or old people on mobility scooters. I was suicidal after thirty minutes.
  5. People referring to their dogs with a joined up name like cockapoodle when they should saying mongrel.
  6. So on one hand, SLFL clubs are deluded if they think they'll see increased turnstyle revenue, and now they'll be deluged by hundreds of thugs. I'm sure you'll appreciate the potential problem. The black-jacketed Bolton / Gateshead / Larkhall branch of either mob decide on a drunken day out and take advantage of your volunteer stewards and make utter cants of themselves.
  7. Hopefully someone at the LL will be drafting rules for these two that will limit the number of players that they can use and, most certainly, have a date after which they can't change their pool. Having a nominated pool at the start of the season would help.
  8. I'm only stating what everyone is thinking.
  9. Hopefully soon to be a big club with a sugar daddy.
  10. Met one of the players during the week. According to him, Ray was not sacked; he didn't say any more than that. I asked about the medals; the wee medals that the players collected on the presentation night weren't actually the championship medals, but were supplied by the sponsors for the presentation ceremony. Peter Grant who was quite literally under the surgeon's knife when the game was in progress, asked the committee guy who is in the team bubble to make sure he grabbed him a "medal" on the night, which is why he ended up with one when another player gave it to him. The actual medals come later and only go to those who qualify for them per SPFL rules ("x" number of games although I would imagine the manager would get one too). The guy didn't know anything more about the Lesser situation than anyone here does.
  11. I think his ability as a football manager is top notch, but might never be fully tested. He was tipped to be the next "great Scot". He fecked up what was probably going to be an outstanding career. Who knows how things will go for him. Known him since he was a very wee boy and couldn't praise him highly enough. Will be interesting to see if he can move on from the position he put himself in.
  12. I've seen Schalke and Dortmund under 23s play in the 5th level in Germany and neither of these clubs that get 60,000 plus every week could muster 200 in either game.
  13. Chairman Fraser said on Radio Scotland last night that the highest-placed non-colts side would be put forward by the LL for the play offs.
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