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  1. Edinburgh City

    Superb clusterfeck of a thread. I bet some of you City guys are wishing you'd stayed in the LL! Welcome to the twilight zone of the world as seen by the Clyde fans.
  2. As an aside, the BBC seems on a mission to have all its presenters female. Not that this is a particular problem, mind.
  3. Bino Boys v The Irn Bru Firm

    Probably more stupid than soft.
  4. What is the point of Labour

    He's clever enough to know he's not clever enough to sort this utter mess out. Standing on the touchlines is his best bet.
  5. Worst Town In Scotland

    Govanhill has the benefit of the creeping gentrification of Strathbungo. Unfortunately at the other side, Mount Florida isn't what it was and looks a bit run down. Govanhill has always been a place where immigrants end up. Many have been desperate to improve themselves and move on. Some of the current incomers perhaps have a few more challenges to overcome. Hopefully the work being done will bring the area back from where it was / is.
  6. c***s on the road

    Plus they are wanky wee cars. It's like having a wee dog like a Yorkie, which just a hairy rat and not a proper dog.
  7. Edinburgh City

    There's a difference between expressing an opinion and being a fanny. There are a few Clyde fans who can't seem to help themselves from being the latter.
  8. Clyde vs Cowdenbeath

    Fairly sure you had one where there was a thaw that melted the snow and then a quick freeze which turned the water to ice before it could drain. The Colts used it that morning.
  9. Calling Cards of Morons

    Loud telephone conversations now being replaced by people using their phones to play games and watch shitty videos without earphones on public transport.
  10. Calling Cards of Morons

    Was in the Netherlands just before Christmas. Every town I visited was clean and tidy, and there was a noticeable absence of fat, sullen people. Two steps off the bus in Glasgow and a guy's up chinning me for money. Beggars lying in the rain amongst all the rubbish. My heart sank at how much my city is becoming worse after a few years of getting its act together.
  11. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Instead of carping constantly, why don't you offer to help out?
  12. Bino Boys v The Irn Bru Firm

    Certainly a bold and adventurous team selection. 20 shots with 10 on target suggests that it was a rip-roaring success. Sadly, we found the Bino defence on top form when it came to blocking the goalward attempts. Galt's return was a big success; his close control and footwork is a joy to watch. At last we saw what Gow can do; some of the balls he threaded through were outstanding. The lads at full back did better than I had expected and McGrory and Roberts looked the part. There seemed to be a return of confidence all through the team. A good day...apart from not converting more of the 10 efforts at goal! A win next week should put the fear of bottom place to bed.
  13. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    I think it's quite nice that the Clyde fans have got something else to do on here other than fire insults at each other and defend the indefensible. Galt's return will have me drinking to excess tonight and wearing out that orgasm-inducing goal.
  14. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Aye, and it's in old black and white.