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  1. I think "Sing for the boys" was a recruitment song in WW1. I only remember the chorus.
  2. Hindsight's a wonderful thing. Is there a third wave coming? If so, how should we plan for it?
  3. "Present to" as in go to. I heard a bint on TV talking about someone who was going to present to hospital.
  4. The Dutch experience re colts teams is much the same in Germany. Teams with home attendances of 60000 get 1% of that for their colts on a good day, unless it's a derby and the neds decide to turn up for a battle. They take no one to away games which annoys the other sides.
  5. Happy to stand corrected if things have changed re signed players and school teams but I'm surprised.
  6. We've also lost boys club football and BB football. Just about everyone I knew growing up was involved in one or the other, or both. Plus playing in schools football isn't allowed if kids are signed to a club. My brother played three times a weekend as a teenager. All gave kids the chance to play, albeit 11 v 11.
  7. Almost without exception, good or even half-decent teams have players who can pass a ball ten yards. Scottish football is crammed full of guys who can't control a ball or pass it even 5 yards. We still value guys who can toebash a ball 75 yards. No amount of colts teams or any other initiative like changing the league setup will make up for not having basic skills, like those in successful small football nations nurture. Your average Croatian or Norwegian is far more technically skilled than your average Scot. Our own top league teams employ just over 50% Scots (according to one of the betting sites so it might not be that accurate) and very, very few Scots play in any top league abroad. That tells you everything you need to know about coaching and, I have to say, dedication of the players.
  8. If the Old Firm are for it, it's the duty of all of us to tell them to f**k off, irrespective of what it is. They live to serve themselves.
  9. We have a situation where one team wanted the League rules changed for them to be able to withdraw from the first game of the season to play in friendlies or to go on winter trips. If two of them want something enough, they'll get their way.
  10. First 45 was a vinyl that had 6 singles on it - Rolf Harris "Nick A Teen and Al K Hall" , Manfred Mann "54321" and 4 others. First album "Blues from Laurel Canyon" by John Mayall.
  11. Better late than never. His other dalliances were only that. This is troo love.
  12. Win ten Scottish Cups, establish the game in your country, building a feckin massive stadium, and have a local rich guy take a liking to your club. It's that easy.
  13. Which leads to your probable next photographic exploit - Pissers of the SPFL. Ya massive big perv!
  14. According to a Bloo Toon director four years ago, he was on £650 a week. Decent money for the free-scoring diving b*****d. Scores every time he plays against QP. The diving b*****d.
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