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  1. Definitely worth listing the pluses and minuses of each and have the readers of P & B vote. Who wants to start with the pluses of Greenock? Anyone?
  2. The trip was arranged at pretty short notice unfortunately. Flights were ridiculously expensive unless you went at daft times We were also due to play the magnificently named Go Ahead Eagles Deventer earlier in the day which would have given ever everyone a game but they pulled out. No doubt they were cacking it!
  3. Their youth team played earlier in the day so this was their first team pool. Outstanding display overall. They changed the full team at half time and we matched them for fitness over the 90 minutes when I thought that we'd flag. Murray was applauded when he went off; well deserved as he was easily the best guy on the park. Robson is a step up to where he was last year. Given a hard time and coped with it all. interesting in both games that the refs just let the game flow. I thought the guy today was a bit of a homer though. You have to be happy with this today. All this and wee guys in black and balaclavas setting off flares outside. We've arrived. The crowd was about 1200.
  4. Give it (say) three years and I would reckon everyone will have caved in to it.
  5. To be fair to Ferrie, he produced at least six outstanding saves and kept us from being skelped by a team well into their pre season and playing in Europe very soon. There's a bit of the gallusness about Williamson that impresses me and some of these kids don't look like kids. I can see why we've signed them up. The "trialist" certainly looked the part.
  6. Not sure what you mean. Do United get good or bad crowds?
  7. That is usually done when the fact is simply opinion.
  8. The Colts are hardly pulling them in and they've got the town in their name. You could also argue that Cumbernauld punters didn't seem to embrace Clyde either. Will any of them turn up in numbers to see this mob with a daft name? I think not. As someone so accurately put it, it's a bunch of guys with a bag of strips rolling up. Hard to take them seriously.
  9. Please tell me this is a spoof. That's more like a doll's house or the wee Western army fort I had as a sprog.
  10. Yip, I realise that but would you really want to be relegated into a league that's making it up as they go along? It needed a few years to build itself up, weed out the teams that simply aren't up to it and establish a decent reputation. That's not happening. Three colts teams this year, how many next year? "One year only" is now two years. What will be pulled out of the magician's hat next year?
  11. Fair point but it'll be an embarrassment all the same and undermine the concept of the pyramid. It's hard to take the LL seriously at the moment. I can certainly understand why current L2 clubs don't want to be dropped into this comedy turn of a division.
  12. If they hadn't contributed to the demise of the reserve league by pulling out, they would have something to fall back on. Feck them. Maybe they should be pushing for its re-establishment, but they seem to be getting pretty much their own way at the moment and I'm sure they can smell League Two football. I give it three years, five tops, and they'll be in.
  13. Given that their first team were given the ability to postpone fixtures for friendlies by the SPFL written into the rules, no doubt they thought this would be ok'd. Ecstatic that they've been denied.
  14. Personally, I was sad to see the demise of the Junior game as it was, but the clubs, and their Association, have to move on. Not quite sure how this will work (is it to have a Junior league to run alongside the LL and HL - and you have to ask to what benefit?) especially as it is pretty garbled. Someone will hopefully proof read any application.
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