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  1. It's great to be the only Glasgow team in hoops that can win a game.
  2. Opening dotting accounts and surfing P and B for those that do. Surely a new low for the species?
  3. Thought Stenny had done their homework and stopped the full backs Robson, in particular, and Doyle hammer up the wings. You could see them up in the top four on the basis of this performance. Quitongo darted past his man everytime, but the final ball sometimes lacked a bit. He is really exciting to watch though. Gillespie great and McHugh stepped up a level, but Murray was a joy to watch as was his interview. In the long term, the key for the Club is to achieve a sustainable model over the period of Willie Haughey's investment. Presumably that is Leeann Dempster's remit. Exciting times; without the investment, though, we'd be tussling with Brechin and the Rovers near the bottom of the division. No one wants that.
  4. The other side to so many young girls looking like real life Barbie dolls is that a good percentage of the rest are huge.
  5. Office staff don't have access to the stock and, in any case, because the players use the JB, the Club want as few people as possible in the building. Dooflick must have a silver tongue.
  6. I know someone who was at a dinner he spoke at. Apparently he's as big a Kant as you'd expect.
  7. Back to League action with two home games against City and Stenny. I've been impressed with how we've dug in at Stirling, Stranraer and Elgin when all three of them looked pretty handy, but we need to be banging in goals. Hanging on in there a goal up is no good for my wimpy heart. Hopefully we see something of Simon Murray.
  8. Hate zombie movies but this was quite good. A bit disturbing, but that's zombies for you.
  9. The BBC insisting that "their" crap like Strictly is worthy of leading headlines in their news programmes.
  10. I know it was just the Betfred, but St Mirren had something to play for didn't look top league material. We matched them everywhere and whilst it was a corker of a header, we shouldn't be giving guys a free header at corners.
  11. Don't think that will be the Board you're thinking of.
  12. A surprising amount of negativity here re both sides. I thought it was an excellent game, with the result in doubt until the end. McKinnon got it spot on by having our forwards harry the City defence and it certainly rattled them. But City looked much better in the second half and had a right go at us. Was it 4 or 5 forwards towards the end? But defending is part of the game too and QP's back line was excellent. Hester had just been booked and went into Carroll's ankle with his studs up. Could have been a red. What was he thinking? Elgin looked to be a decent outfit and you could see why they've started off so well. Our full backs were top notch; maybe Doyle's best match, whilst MacLean and Slater stood out too.
  13. Trying to keep fans from mingling will be a nightmare unless you restrict it to the stand. Hopefully you crack it, but I'm not sure the extra effort would be worth it. We could easily accommodate thousands of fans at Hampden (social distancing for our 600 diehards isn't generally a problem), but we just have to wait and see how things pan out.
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