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  1. Every single one of these halfwit cyclists cutting about in the dark, with black clothing and no lights.
  2. I like the idea of Brewdog and might invest if I didn't find every one of their non-stout beers too bitter to drink. If you like auld guy Scottish heavy and export beers, Strathaven's stuff is the business.
  3. Best of luck getting the stewards to tackle these fucktards and put them out for their £10 an hour. It's just what happens when the OF are in town.
  4. Guy Ritchie's "Revolver". Jason Statham being the exact same character he plays in every film he's in. Surely he's even bored with that? He's laughing all the way to the bank, so why change it, I suppose? He's released from 7 years in jail and he reckons Ray Liotta owes him. Loads of guys get shot; dodgy accents; an unintelligible script that jumps all over the place. A waste of time. 2/10
  5. These delish guys from the Strathaven Brewery. No bitter taste, no exotic fruits, no outrageous pricetag.
  6. That was pretty grim. I liked the way we moved forward in a unit, but we don't have a goal threat. How many times did the ball get fired across the goal and Parry's only save was down at the post in the last minute. Too many passes went astray; very disappointing. Robson and Fox tops for Queen's and Brown was a joy to watch in the second half Clyde without Goodwillie were as gash as you'd expect but he turned them around when he came on. Gash as they were, we couldn't beat them once again and that sums up our season. By the way, is there a more irritating wee shite in Scottish football than Ally Love? What is up with that guy? Anyway, unless we pick up a scorer sharpish, the season's done. Sad to see how deflated the fans have become.
  7. You can't get it right about 8+30pm on a Saturday either!
  8. Hopefully, that's us on the move on and off the park. Very impressed with the honest assessment of the Alloa game by Breuker.
  9. Come on now, that's our best chance of jumping about like maddies, when yer man misses.
  10. Pretty much a middle of the table clash; certainly not good enough from a QP perspective. To die a death after so much pressure in the first half - very disappointing. We're not a force up front, end of story. With even one of Cove's two up front, we'd at least be battling for second place. Solid at the back again, which is encouraging. Ferrie's save was top drawer. Great to be back at a game, though, and the cheeseburger was top notch.
  11. Indeed. Even the countries whose names sound made up are well organised now. The shambolic madness that once marked this tournament out seems to have gone, sadly. Best entertainment in the Egypt v Nigeria game (other than under-inflated balls) was an old heavy-set guy in the pub taking a tumble and knocking over two of the wood and glass partitions that separate the tables.
  12. It might have come down to a preference of grass over plastic, always assuming that the Fountain of Youth Stadium (I kid you not) is still plastic.
  13. Gagging for a game so hopefully this goes ahead. Desperately need to start winning games as the season is in danger of slipping away and it'll be interesting to see what the line up (COVID permitting) is.
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