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  1. Point one was said directly by him. "Gary won't play for the club again. And it's not just personal reasons."
  2. Aye, if he has to put up with the patter of yourself or Random Guy he gets to f**k off straight away.
  3. Will be devastated that the club don't deem him good enough to equal Rory Loy and his 5K a week deal.
  4. Playing a different type of football in France IIRC.
  5. Scott Burns of the Daily Mail reports ElBak2e has signed.
  6. Was debating that with my old man yesterday - any clauses need to be Intl Calls or Appearance related. If he signs a 3 year deal, it's reasonable to say he's there until his "peak" years are over and his next move is downward or sideways for not much cash. We've done a great job showing we can help elevate players, which should help when players decide their next move at a younger age, similar to what the DABs done. All about improving our negotiating position in the future now.
  7. That's them just chucking names at walls again now then.
  8. I've sent him a Tweet. I have faith he's just forgotten about it.
  9. Just back from my first live Majors ballgame, Arrieta is clinch. 2 walks and got himself in to a bases loaded 0 outs situation and somehow managed to avoid a run. I know this is hardly news but it's fun as hell to watch.
  10. Nemsadze is a god, but a goal scorer in any sense of the word he was not.
  11. Calling QLP - Greg Stewart to outscore Kris Boyd (conditions afore mentioned, all met and passed). £20 wasn't it? My charity of choice is Scleroderma & Raynauds UK. Old dear has been diagnosed as Terminal with it, a pretty horrid disease if you fancy a read about it, so it's one close to my heart. No rush or owt, just the Screenie, cheers. X
  12. Wouldn't mind us getting the bidding war going now TBH - make it clear he is free (if he doesn't accept our new offer by the expiry date), and get some real frenzy if at all possible. Then try to flog Kane as part of a Super Package.
  13. Had been waiting on that tackle for 8 years. Rodent of a footballer.
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