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  1. Silence from the club. Daily Record breaking the story and Voice confirming who’s in charge for the weeks ahead, but radio silence from the official site.
  2. Sounds like the Neil Watt days with his Stranraer recruits v the rest.
  3. That’ll be my last until he’s gone, can’t stomach watching that and wasting money on it, total shambles.
  4. Don’t look like we’ve played together before.
  5. Looks like Murdoch is amongst the subs warming up. Strange he’s not in the 18, surely must be down to Covid.
  6. If only the Somerset Hub was up and running everyone could’ve dived in at full time to watch more misery.
  7. Was originally for 7.45, but moved to 6 for some to get away for the Scotland game. Only other date SPFL offered was tomorrow, but I don’t think either club train on a Wednesday so preferred today for recovery for Saturdays fixtures. See Hewitt is missing tonight, wonder if it’s an injury or the affects of Covid if he was a positive case.
  8. Biggest issue for me tonight is, I’ve no clue what we’re going to do, back 4 or back 5? Wing backs in centre mid? Centre backs in centre mid? Playing wingers, but launching the ball over everyone’s head? Can see there being a very low crowd.
  9. Dreading this tonight. Don’t know why I’m bothering, just know I’ll be raging during most of it.
  10. From the initial excitement of the Dave Smith takeover, it’s been more or less a sharp decline. The running of the club seems to have gotten worse since Cameron departed. Today for example, Paul Smiths loan wouldn’t have been announced had it not been brought up in here or on Twitter. Things need to change rapidly, but I fear for the future.
  11. That’s a bit of a riddy tbh. That article is made out as if the fans have magically come up with the idea that players would come on loan, not that the fact we were told several times that would be the case. ”In return, Ayr will recruit some of Burnley's up and coming stars on loan deals, while the clubs will work closely on a range of off field interests”
  12. Scotland game that night, would’ve been a good double header had it been Dumbarton, just a day out in Glasgow before hand instead.
  13. No he left on a free. However the talk was we have sell on fees agreed for Daniel Harvie (MK Dons) and and Michael Rose (Coventry).
  14. We’re not woefully short on numbers, it’s quality we’re short on in there. Any of Chalmers, Murdoch, Miller, Hewitt, Muirhead, McAllister and Maxwell can play in the central positions. Biggest problem for Hopkin was/is Chalmers and Miller being in 2 year deals (even Murdoch to an extent). With the first 2 not being involved much, we’re hopefully trying to move them in to allow maybe 1 or 2 quality additions in there, all down to another team wanting to take them on.
  15. On the topic of squad numbers, we’ve had many say over the last few years that 1 or 2 injuries kills us and that we need to run with a larger squad, so now that we have a larger squad, it’s funny to see people question the size. Would like to see Ecrepont back out on loan this season as well as Smith.
  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dundee Utd outnumber us. I’m out on Saturday and was going to say to the other half about going before we head out for dinner, but no shelling out 30 quid for the 2 of us to watch that turgid pish. I was quite excited after the Edinburgh and Hamilton matches, but what’s followed has been murder.
  17. That has to be up there with the worst sub I’ve seen at Ayr
  18. State of this man allowed back or no I’ll no be parting money to watch that pish.
  19. Yeah, if you take the emotion out of the games, we’ve qualified for the last 16 of the league cup and lost to the league favourites in the opening game of the season having not played for nearly 2 weeks. Add to that Killie having had a couple of results to boos their confidence going into the match. I’m still optimistic for the season, result needed on Saturday though.
  20. Oh Gary, that fact is bright and shining, for these fine robes are the hallowed rags of the Harold Wraggs.
  21. Holy f**k how many times, Ayr never paid a fee for Chalmers.
  22. As much as Monday was poor, it was never going to define our season, win or lose. All down to how we react on Saturday. We do have good players, it’s all up to Hopkin to now get a tune out of them….
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