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  1. Lose this and I’ll no be buying another stream till Kerrs gone. This is fucking shambolic.
  2. This has Arbroath 1-0 written all over it.
  3. By best player, you mean the guy who’s missing all our chances?
  4. Possibly going with Muirhead and Chalmers midfield with McCowan and Zanatta up front.
  5. Surely Doohan would’ve been the obvious choice? I mean he must be available.
  6. Anything short of a win today will be a disaster and I think that’s what we’re in store for. Unless the midfield is drastically changed and Moffat isn’t playing as a lone striker, I don’t see what we’ll offer. We’ll get overrun in midfield which means we’ll pump the ball up to Moffat for Obrien to deal with ease. Reckon it’ll be a draw at best, but can only see us being turned over once again.
  7. Yeah, I’ve not understood why we’ve no had that at all so far, as had been said, really risk free and easy to do. I would imagine most who buy a live stream will get a ticket and ST holders will also be picking up tickets.
  8. If Kerr signs a winger i am finished for the season.
  9. Agree I would change the shape, but that isn’t going to happen in favour of having 2 up top. The only change tonight would be McGavin coming in for one of Walsh/Smith/McCowan. Yeah we are desperate that’s why I feel we need to try something new. Unfortunately I think it will be Moffat up top tonight and it’ll be another poor showing in front of goal and another poor performance in the middle of the park. Hopefully I’m wrong though.
  10. He’s probably had about 50 minutes over they 12 games as a striker. We’re toothless in attack and Moffat just isn’t cutting it up too alone. It’s really a no loss situation, he doesn’t do the job we’re in no worse a position than we are with Zanatta or Moffat up front. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If he turns out to be a dud then so be it, but at least give him the opportunities everyone else gets.
  11. He’s got to get given a chance. He’s only started 1 or 2 games on the wing for us. Moffat and Zanatta through the middle on their own just don’t work. When McKenzie came on on Saturday, he at least managed to create a chance for himself, he deserves the opportunity to stake a claim.
  12. Sinisalo Muirhead Baird Ndaba Houston Reading McGavin Chalmers McCowan McKenzie Walsh I’d like to see this being given a try.
  13. Morton’s main problem was they had 1 keeper, no right back, 1 left back and about 13 attackers. Fielding a balanced team was probably their biggest problem. As seen by having the likes of Robbie Muirhead playing left wing back etc.
  14. Fucking hell that’s too sensible a post to be from an Ayr fan, you better no go on the SRE Facebook page spouting such a balanced opinion.
  15. For me he done more in his 15 or some minutes than what Moffat and Smith done in 90 minutes. I think he needs a good run of games and minutes to show us what he can do. He took the ball in well and turned the defender for his attempt on Saturday and was really unlucky.
  16. We have 6 goals in 5 games with 4 being against a poor Alloa side and we now have lost our new striker to injury. I think you’ll be fine.
  17. You been at an illegal house party with Mod1967 all night?
  18. A name that’s not been mentioned and I would imagine wants to get back into football at this level or above, Alan Stubbs. Would he be any worse than the names mentioned? Another who may be not too picky in getting back into the game is Stuart McCall. Lower league wise, Darren Young or Stewart Petrie. We know Young would be interested as he was interviews previously.
  19. If there’s one person that bolded word sums up, it’s you.
  20. What a strange sub. Kerr really showing his inexperience. Why is Zanatta not getting much of a chance.
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