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  1. Gillespie was miles off it a couple of seasons ago with us christ. Quitongo at least has previous decent form with Morton. GG looks like a signing of someone who Imrie knows, is available and not a big dent in the wage bill.
  2. Henry, Sibbald, Cuthbert and another CB and I’ll be creaming.
  3. Arbroath (H), Queens Park (A), Hamilton (H), Cove (A), Dundee (H) are the first 5 fixtures. good chance to get early points on the board with 2 promoted teams, hopefully a weakened Arbroath and a Hamilton team in turmoil.
  4. I would hazard a guess and say that is someone different, I am sure Dipos hair is longer.
  5. Any rumours on where Hamilton would be off to? By all accounts he had a good year with you guys, but that's his first in many, can't see him getting a team in the top league.
  6. Yeah, they've done well picking out some gems from the lower leagues etc, but also picked out a couple of duds. I'm more glad we wont be in direct competition with McInroy this season.
  7. I don't think anyone is back tracking. He's yet to be tested at that level, he was very good for us and getting him back would have been brilliant, but it wasn't to be. Is he going to go on and get Killie 15+ goals and assists next season? Doubtful, but it's not out with the realms of possibility. If Killie are going after the likes of Kelly and McInroy, I don't think you'll be looking above top 6. I would say they're signings in the mould of how Livi do their business.
  8. Never knew Akinyemi, Ashford or Bryden played for EK.
  9. Yeah. I said on the Killie thread i'm not sure how McInroy will take to Premiership football. Clearly done well top end League 1 and decent enough for us lower end Championship. Good pass and set pieces, won't run a game and lacks a bit of pace that he may need at the top flight. All depends what system McInness plays. Would struggle to see him and Kelly in the same team, experience alone would be an issue.
  10. Personally would rather see Hewitt get that shot first, still have nightmares of McAllister at Thistle away.
  11. I’m sure it’s away games due to work being done on the pitch, may be wrong.
  12. I think Mathie could do a lot worse than speaking to Bryden to get them in and maybe have someone like Bryden present.
  13. Mathie saying it's more to do with what the club can do to support them with creating an atmosphere, permanent banner in the ground, possible designated area and stand for the drum. I would imagine they might want to discuss do's and don'ts, but not every bad bit of press etc the club has is down to young fans, or that particular group.
  14. Houston, Bangala, Hewitt and McAllister can all cover right back so can't see him coming back.
  15. I felt a bit for Mathie at that point, some awkward questions and points made about situations previously well before his time and even smiths time at the club. We’re in a new position now and that should really be forgotten about and looking ahead and helping the new generation which he seems to be doing, think the younger lads need to go in and engage with him.
  16. Also kiosks getting card payments this year, not 100% it it’ll be cashless or not, then Mathie had a joke about no dodgy fivers any more from Killie fans.
  17. Is there any chance of anything going through before this evening, will be murder if it is riddled with questions about new signings.
  18. For a curry, there's a place called Priya not too far from Craig Tara, does takeaway and sit in. Decent spots in town I would say are Smoking Goat on the sandgate, Ghilli Dhu top of the town and Tempura top of the town.
  19. Yeah that seems to be what a lot of fans feel without actually knowing ball park figures etc. Especially no real concrete rumours around other clubs being in for him or close to signing somewhere else. He seemed to have it good last year when flying back south every week, assume he didn't train all week with us.
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