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  1. Personally don’t think it was Dryhorse, he was somehow more literate than Dryhorse. We just seem to attract the dafties!
  2. When that puddle drinker re appears and I have him back on the block list, please for the love of f**k don’t quote him!
  3. Longridge was more than ready when he was here, but Roberts hung him out to dry after the red card v Airdrie in the play offs. Never got a look in the season Roberts took over and he signed *shudders* Austin McCann and Marc Twaddle. Never offered him a contract at the end of the season which meant we never got a development fee.
  4. Siriki Dembele, Jackson Longridge, David Mitchell, and our very own Aaron Muirhead were part of our academy. On Ecrepont, he’d only really just turned 16 when McCall was here, think he was 16 when he played the game at Wrexham.
  5. He was only part of the Roberts coaching staff to help with the transition of youth players into the first team. Something Roberts ignored and just signed a load of his mates. I believe that’s where the breakdown came between them. Along with him assisting coaching for both Kerr and Roberts, he’s still doing his main job as Head of Youth Development. When the new manager arrives it would be best for him to bring in his own assistant and coaches. Under McCall, White was going and watching future opponents and doing match scouting on occasions.
  6. I’m sure White said to AU Media he could be available for Tuesday?
  7. I don’t really understand the hate for White. Don’t think he’s ever stated he’d want the job, his stints in coaching within the first team have only been to support them, not because he was hand picked. Has overseen the academy which has produced players that have racked probably upwards of 1000 appearances for the club and our youth teams have won a few trophy’s and competed well above some of the “premier” teams. It’s the club who has probably let him and the academy down by letting our academy graduates walk away for f**k all! Just because Scott McLaughlin (who was the first to be punted by McCall remember) didn’t like him, doesn’t mean squat.
  8. I reckon White might give McKenzie a bash on Saturday. He knows him well from the youth setup and got a fair amount of goals out of him for the reserves, so you hope he might play him with Moffat or McCowan to get the best out of him.
  9. Since it’s testing day, hopefully we may have some news re the manager. We could do with a lift!
  10. William Hill don’t sponsor it anymore. Last season was the last. Currently no sponsor.
  11. Well it’s the same guy who was spot on about Kerr being away on Saturday.
  12. Literally got a text from someone saying that as well, will PM you to see if it’s the same source.
  13. Premiership safety and a League Cup win? I don’t think it was much of a coincidence St Mirren nose dived after he left.
  14. I suggested Stubbs as a possible replacement a few weeks back on a thread somewhere, for some lunatic to suggest he would be demanding 4 grand a week because he’s managed in England and the Scottish Premiership
  15. The McBookie list that will go up today will be interesting to see. The likes of McIntyre and Canning will top the list, I wonder if we’ll see any left field names nearing the top of the list. I think Smith will look to go with a “safer” option in the mould of one of they 2 mentioned. I think the major problem, there isn’t that many decent managers out, or even to a certain respect in a job (who we could attract).
  16. He’d be coming from Montrose, no Mongolia.
  17. They’ve said they have an idea of who they want and have said if anyone’s interested then to contact. Who knows they may contact someone this week and possibly have them in before the 8th.
  18. No really any other option and Davie will definitely not be looking to take the helm. If anything, he might take a chance on playing Moffat and McKenzie as a partnership on Saturday if there’s no appointment by then. First emotion is a relief that it isn’t going to go from bad to worse. Feel sorry for Kerr. Unlike the likes of Roberts, he had a vision for what he wanted to do, it just didn’t materialise.
  19. The biggest problem Roberts and White had was that White was put into the coaching role to help the transition of youngsters from the Academy to the first team. It never materialised and Roberts just signed his shite mates in the first season. IIRC a night out under him as boss ended up with a youth player punching Roberts. ETA I think it may have been Lonridgde, Roberts I’m sure just belittled him till he left over the play off red card v Airdrie.
  20. He won’t want to give up his role with the Academy.
  21. Smith really needs to act quick and I think he’ll no want to gamble with the future of the club. For me I’d look at Houston to replace Kerr if he goes. Solid experience at this level.
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