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  1. Had looked at maybe going to Talbot v Troon, but the pubs won the toss.
  2. Todd isn’t someone I really wanted. Walsh as you say was not the player we needed and McCowan was always leaving, no matter the manager.
  3. Also worth noting this is the guys 6th club since 2017, what’s the problem that means he moves so much, why can’t he settle?
  4. f**k me, some serious knicker wetting going on here, thought I was bad.
  5. For the games I’ve watched, McKenzie and Salkeld have seemed to be supporting Adeloye rather than Salkeld or McKenzie in behind, which I have been a fan of.
  6. Well clubs other than Ayr have had matches postponed and have lost revenue that won’t have qualified. The governing body have made the call to award victories to the opponents so if home teams aren’t getting their matches and losing out on matches, maybe they should compensate them? I’ll just donate my ticket money to the AU500 fund, but not everyone will.
  7. Question re the postponement and all postponements so far, are the home team financially compensated to loss of revenue with no real arranged fixture?
  8. You’re probably not far off to be honest. We probably have had just about similar, if not more the last few seasons.
  9. This might be a silly question but why can killie refuse away fans just because they are having work done to their stands o get no away fans for covid but it seams you are just refusing away fans in because you don't want them giving yourself home advantage plus no fans from the opposition surely that's not fair, maybe Killie should have done any work to the stadium before a season kicks off. Would be different if the allocation they have for their own stadium was enough to cover their STs, but I’d be furious if Ayr couldn’t guarantee all ST holders entry, but handed tickets away to clubs visiting.
  10. Would imagine Killie would be able to hold around 4/5k had all 4 stands been available, but with 2 out of action it’ll be less as you say.
  11. Biggest thing this means is getting that extra revenue in for the next round and being top, something we missed out on last season. Could be a factor in getting a good quality addition in.
  12. The big Falkirk master plan to improve their first team 3 or so years ago included binning their well renowned academy. Worked out well for them.
  13. Think the 2 or 3 were definite signings we’ll have before the Killie game. Obviously the window is still open after that. You’d imagine the they 3 players will be Maxwell, and the 2 Burnley boys. With them 3 and still having Moffat and McAllister to come back in, the squad is looking better.
  14. Yeah went straight to a general sale. Think this will probably sell out so would act fast.
  15. I’ve noticed they’ve trimmed the free money back and you can pay for a larger staked return.
  16. First ever Ayr United picks win, free beer for Saturday, cheers Cammy and the lads.
  17. If the attacks poor it’s probably more important to have a rock solid defence. Last year probably proved that, if you’re not scoring much, you really need to be keeping clean sheets. If we can get things sorted at the back and add some quality in the forward areas, this could be a half decent season. All down to who else we bring in. Adeloye already looking like the best striker we’ve had since Shankland left, however there’s no been that much competition!
  18. Think tonight we’ll see something along the lines of: McAdams Muirhead Baird McGinty Houston Reading Murdoch Hewitt Salkeld McKenzie Adeloye Subs: Albinson, Fjortoft, Ecrepont, Chalmers, Miller, Smith, Moffat Depending on how Moffat is after Covid, would imagine he’ll get 30-45 mins, Fjortoft maybe get 45 and same with sleepy Joe.
  19. Talbot was a sickener, but after about 30 minutes you absolutely knew it was coming. Killie semi final, still adamant that c**t Heffernan handled it in the build up.
  20. So Maxwell more or less a done deal, Harker and Mancini would be the ideal 2 from Burnley (really hope it’s not that Dickson) and Smith is a possibility for a return. That’s probably nearly enough to do going into the start of the season with another potential loan signing. Would also be pleasantly surprised with that squad.
  21. McAdams Baird Fjortoft McGinty Houston Reading Murdoch (New CM) Salkeld (New attacker) Adeloye Subs: Albinson, Hewit, Muirhead, Moffat, McAllister, McKenzie (New striker) I reckon come first game of the season, that will be close to how we start the season. Muirhead possibly instead of Fjortoft. Could argue a case for Albinson to be no.1.
  22. We’re obviously struggling to get a decent winger in, so Maxwell could allow Reading to play further forward like he is done for Scotland U21s.
  23. Had mentioned previously I wondered if the striker we’d look at would be Harker, scored 2 v Rangers B. No idea who any of the trialists are?
  24. Looking forward to the Falkirk match. Was good being at the game on Tuesday, but having 400 away fans as well (Falkirk will defo sell out) as well as home fans, will feel like a proper tie.
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