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  1. Martin Canning hasn’t had much of a mention....
  2. Aye, there’s not one candidate that is going to please everyone, however if they get results people’s perceptions will change.
  3. Remember Kerr wasn’t even quoted with the bookies last time and the time before McCall was well back in the betting, that’s why I’m not too fussed about the front runners.
  4. unfortunately not, just seems a bit of a longer drawn out process for an out of work manager. Saying that, these are different times with COVID so that may well be the delay.
  5. After speaking to @Ayr23 I wonder if the slight delay from finalising everything from Mon/Tue to announcing Thur may be down to compensation with another club being ironed out...
  6. Doesn't really make sense that Not showing anything in training they would have him in the squad AFAIK.
  7. 100% still with us and 100% not injured.
  8. Would be very unfair on Mackenzie, plus unsure how fit Wright would be. As the old saying goes, if it’s no broke, don’t fix it.
  9. Same team as Saturday please Mr White.
  10. Not all had been interviewed as of this morning.
  11. That’s the same with the cashless gates IIRC it’s a requirement for the top flight.
  12. Not going to lie, bar trying to set up my account, I’ve never had a problem watching any of the content.
  13. Personally I think it should initially be home fans only to see what the up take is. If it’s not at capacity every week then let away fans in.
  14. I think the capacity has even been increased from the original plans as extra land is being used.
  15. I think that will all go as I’m sure the new building will include offices (for lottery and AU staff) as well as new shop and social club.
  16. He’s no played well for ages now. He’s not going to be here next season so he is one I don’t mind being dropped now.
  17. Do yourself a favour and come off it, I did about a month ago and thank f**k. Every single one of them are muppets.
  18. Would like to see Moffat on for Smith and have a us add a bit more pressure going 442 with McCowan and Walsh out wide.
  19. It’s been better than the last few weeks, make of that what you will. McKenzie has made a difference up top and McCowan having a decent game.
  20. It’s Ndaba and it pisses me off they can’t get it right on the official lineup.
  21. Going to be our most interesting team selection of the season, that’s for sure. The first thing I’ll be looking at is will White continue with a shape that hasn’t worked or will he change it up.
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