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  1. Think he signed at the weekend and played. Sure he’s from Hibs.
  2. Are top flight clubs able to still do loans at the moment? I don’t think he would be a possible summer signing, but potential loan for the rest of the season surely wouldn’t be a massive shout.
  3. Think Miller will drop out for Murdoch, Chalmers not sure. Possible start and Hopkin keeping Walsh for impact if needed.
  4. Listening to the terrace podcast, Scott Robinson fell out with martindale and going to leave at the end of the season and might leave on loan before that, wonder if hopkin had him?
  5. To Chalmers credit he helped Reading get up and down the park like a machine last night. Hopkins done in 2 games what Kerr couldn’t in about 20, find a use for Chalmers. Without being too optimistic too early, I think Saturday and last night has shown Hopkin to be able to utilise this squad better than what Kerr could. The aim will always be to be 8th or above this season, however a win on Saturday puts us only 3 points behind Raith in 3rd (who would have a game in hand). I’m not championing us for a promotion play off run, however a good end to the season under Hopkin, will all of a sudden make as a more attractive team for players for next year and hopefully help get players like McCowan tied down on a longer contract. Similarly a bad result on Saturday has us heading back down the way, but it just shows you the fine margins of this league this season!
  6. Ask him how much and give him it, no messing about.
  7. Surely a change of formation with that a think.
  8. Aye Murdoch for Chalmers for a bit more pace in the middle.
  9. Bottle these c***s pain and sell it down at the Ayr United club shop please.
  10. Dundee groundsman will be out the the hose to get this game abandoned.
  11. Charlie this Charlie that. Is this c**t best pals with Adam.
  12. Get in McKenzie! Look a better team with him leading the line.
  13. Think that would have been a soft penalty.
  14. The absolute nick of that pitch. Corrie Nawa playing
  15. This will be getting muted after 5 minutes f**k sake
  16. Got pumped in my constituency for an MP so nice to see him get pumped elsewhere for an MSP!
  17. I thought we played some no bad stuff in spells . We’re not going to Hearts and dominate and dictate play with this squad, no matter how bad they may be perceived to be. I thought we defended well for most of it. The glaring thing, as it has been all season, is the lack of anything up front. Moffat a cult hero, but he’s finished as a first team starter IMO, doesn’t look like beating a man.
  18. The talk from the interview, especially with Smith was about getting players signed up from within.
  19. We’ll all be begging for Davie White and a bag a cans in a few weeks.
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