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  1. They're my picks too, going to the last of the first rounds on the Monday, looked online and still tickets for the Tuesday (second round) so might see if they're still available when im down, staying for the whole week, so could be at the darts for a few nights!
  2. Haha, large difference between auto correct on the phone and proper sentence structure, however, thanks for your input.
  3. He must be on the wind up, surely can't be this much if an idiot!
  4. Double:- Noble Citezen 16/1 Sandown 2.20 Oscar Tanner 9/2 Hexham 2.10 £2 e/w Treble:- Thomas Gericautt 5/2 Sandown 1.50 March 8/1 Sandown 2.55 Rylee Mooch 7/1 Sandown 3.30 £2 e/w 4Fold:- Highland Dance 5/4 Bath 3.40 Danfazi 11/8 2.30 Bath Lady Kashan 4/1 3.00 Musselburgh Kingsgate Choice 10/1 Musselburgh 3.35 £1 e/w
  5. Aye, but I did say if Stranraer were a league above, Ayr were the 2nd and Stranraer were the first that season.
  6. Agree with you regarding the leagues, but maybe Swansea were not the best team to pick there, they did hump Liverpool away 3-1 and beat Chelsea over 2 legs to reach the final, however, as QOS showed this year, Partick and The Rangers, the best team do win the league, apart from Raith in the 08/09 season.....
  7. Well, the 2006 when they were relegated back down, but basically correct.
  8. 2nd division title, 2 1st division playoff wins, league cup final and another semi last year, Scottish cup semi and the quarters last. Quick question, how long has it been since Stranrar finished above Ayr in a league or were a league above? Genuine question, I have the answer. ETA: Stranraer League Scottish Second Division: (third tier) Winners (2): 1993–94, 1997–98 Runners-up (1): 2004–05 Scottish Third Division: (fourth tier) Winners (1): 2003–04 Runners-up (1): 2007–08 Cups Scottish Challenge Cup: Winners (1): 1996 Scottish Qualifying Cup: Winners (1): 1937 Ayr League Scottish Second Tier Winners (6): 1911–12, 1912–13, 1927–28, 1936–37, 1958–59, 1965–66 Runners Up (4): 1910–11, 1955–56, 1968–69, 2000–01 Scottish Third Tier Winners (2): 1987–88, 1996–97 Runners Up (2): 2008–09, 2010–11 Cups Scottish Cup Semi-finalists (3): 1972–73, 1999–00, 2001–02 Scottish League Cup Runners Up (1): 2001–02 Semi-finalists (4): 1950–51, 1969–70, 1980–81, 2011–12 Scottish Challenge Cup Runners Up (2): 1990–91, 1991–92 Semi-finalists (2): 1993–94, 2007–08 Didn't add our regional cups, and never been in the 4th tier of Scottish football: Forever in our shaddows/you'll never take the Ayr blah blah blah :guntoting :guntoting
  9. Going to Hearts v Hibs and Newcastle v Arsenal in May
  10. Well Reid was on a massive salary, not sure if true but folk were talking between 1k-4k a month, but that was talk, however he was full time, in every day etc, but Marko I'd assume will be on less than that.
  11. Mark Roberts the player - Good guy Mark Roberts the manager - w****r
  12. Eh, well it was his first division debut season which has made Andy the player he is at Dunfermline!!! Ha, was my favourite player last season and a real fans favourite, doesn't have the skills, but a real box to box player for us last year, great work ethic and determination. The type if centre mid we need right now.
  13. My Team: Berwick Rangers Hahahahahahaha Lol
  14. Geggans an all round centre mid, will do well at Dunfermline.
  15. Andy McNeil makes Ryan McWilliams look like a sound goalkepper
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