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  1. Lewis v King Wade v Petersen MVG v Anderson Wright v Newton Whitlock v White
  2. After a cracking day yesterday, I reckon we're in for another belter, some great matches like MVG v Ando and Petersen v Wade. Really reckon Petersen will dump out Wade, 4/1 is a cracking price, even got a wee treble which includes that, with Wright and Lewis -2.5! Shitty 12 hour shift wont stop me from watching!
  3. What I think it will be: Taylor MVG Lewis Whitlock Barney Wade Anderson Thornton Wright Newton What I'd like it to be: Taylor MVG Lewis Whitlock Barney Wade Anderson Thornton/Evans Wright Petersen Would hate it if Pipe snuck in, really boring to watch. Would like to see the introduction of Wright, Petersen and Evans, obviously to get all 3 in you'd have to lose either Anderson or Thornton.
  4. Yeah, the wild cards usually go to someone who does well in the World Champs, see Anderson from a few years back and Webster as well.
  5. Come on Rab, pull it back to put this no mark out, hate Newton with a passion!
  6. £2 on: Orient win and BTTS Brentford win and BTTS Arsenal win and BTTS £90 back
  7. Missed it didn't a? Can't wait to get home to watch the evening session!
  8. Anyone going to hit a double?!?!?!?!
  9. Think tonights line-up looks like it could be a cracker, Thornton, Anderson, Hamilton and Nicholson all in action, could be a tasty wee 4fold! Don't finish work till 9 so I'll record the evening session for getting in and having a few beers. Brought in my Ipod so wil lwatch the afternoon session on my SkyGo, flick between that and the football results!
  10. There is definetely a conspiracy against Ayr here.
  11. He's a c**t, Fergie did well to get rid, absolute throbber off the pitch, one of the players you wouldn't be surprised is in the jail by the time he's 30. Don't get me wrong, he's an ok baller, but I beleive he's way overhyped.
  12. Moyes is desperately needing him back in, I reckon he'll get a good run of games in. Would like to see him included in the squads for the friendlies in March, even if he doesn't feature, just to have him back in the squad training.
  13. Jesus christ, it's all well saying ridiculous things like this, but not one person would know how to react in the situation the pilot was in.
  14. Good on Pesadilla paying out on our charity bet this early, top guy, anyone else wanting a charity bet? Don't bet against The Moff!

  15. Cheers for the mention. Stevie May though, who will play for Scotland.
  16. Started a season with Southampton, they have a cracking young squad! Bought in a couple and have a starting line-up of: Boruc Clyne Fonte Lovren Shaw Wanyama Schneiderlin Ledley Mackay-Stevens Osvaldo Ramirez Subs: Yoshida, Davis, Lallana, Rodriguez, Lambert, Cork, Hooiveld
  17. I don't think it will be long before he's back in the United set up, he's the type of centre mid they need at the moment.
  18. Gambling, gambling a more daft gambling

  19. Got AU Media fired up for the game today, Come on Ayr!

  20. Was waiting on Jabus for my treble for £200, and the c**t fell while leading! Luckilly, I backed Ocean Bright at 8/1 with a 10r so made profit anyway.
  21. Sorry only seen this there, had Disclosure in the 6.40 as part pf a treble, the other at Hamilton I have is Salvatore Fury in the 7.15.
  22. Last pre season we tanked champions league Motherwell 4-0 and drew 1-1 with Bolton, look what happened to us! Don't read too much into a friendly. Although EF won't be as bad as some make out.
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