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  1. Buzzing for the Premier League to start on Thursday. Getting a few beers and a coupon on for it! Ordering my tickets for The Matchplay in July on Friday too!
  2. vandetta For a film with Danny Dyer in it, it was not too bad a storyline. SAS son avenging his mother and fathers murder, was made a bit spoofy with some of the killings. Split in half by hooking a rope to the car and tieing it to the guys legs then driving with his arms attached to another rope which was tied to the wall. Cement poured down a guys throat and his body was rock hard. The ending was poor as well. 6/10
  3. This was on The FA Cup highlights which Strachan was co presenting on. They finished the Rochdale game and the other guy, can't quite remember him, said to Strachan "You do know he is eleigible to play for Scotland". Strachan just sort of laughed, looked nervous as he had no clue what to say, then said, "Where are all these strikers when we need them?" Cringed at it, he obviously didn't want to come out with the whole, he's League 2 and shite response.
  4. So far my 3 big wins this year haven't been the football! £70 back from Peter Wright in the darts, £110 from a horse treble on Thursday and £280 back from a horse treble yesterday.
  5. Do the Germans miss penalties? Do the English score penalties?
  6. 4-3 now and has that darts in the 8th, gaun Webby, was sure there was going to be an upset tonight, but from the position Webster was in? Surely no...
  7. This is some match, saying that a lot this year!
  8. One of the blondes is Wades burd..... I think haha
  9. Regarding Wright's darts, why do they think the way he chose them is weird? Mixing and matching the barrels, flights and stems is the most sensible way to find your favourite dart...maybe not after the 1st round right enough, but doing him well. What a 164 but!!
  10. Hull Wrexham Albion Rovers £12 for £67
  11. Good 2 dart checkout, it's in your hands fella!
  12. Has to do it in this set if he's to win, if Van Gerwen wins this one then he has the darts.
  13. That double 1 was a MASSIVE shot!
  14. Stop it Ando, fantastic darts!
  15. Good start Ando, has 4-3 either way written all over it!
  16. A player like Wright, Anderson, Newton could have wiped out Lewis today, like you say, he has scored poorly, his doubles combined with Kings misses is seeing him through.
  17. Simple first set for Lewis, never really broke sweat in the end, King missed a fair few chances at doubles.
  18. Good opening leg, neat finish from Lewis, King started well too.
  19. I play it a bit when i'm in, the most i've flung in is £20 at one time. To be honest, the most money I really win is when I go in and don't put too much in, just use loose change. For instance went in one time with £1 got myslef up to £10 then kept repeating the spin untill the win/loss didn't cover the bet, walked out with £91, £90 profit! When I play I use a system, it's not a system that gives my probabilty to winning a greater chance, it's just neighbour bets, for instance, my birthday is 16 so i'll put money on 16 and the two numbers either side, 33, 1, 24, 5. Do this with another 3 numbers, say the other 3 parts of the wheel, that's when I generally win with loose change. However it is highly addictive and I have friends who've lost more than their monthly wage in casinos on nights out, just idiotic betting like walking in and placing £400 on red.
  20. Odds on the crowd being utter gash, again?
  21. Sky Bet have it scheduled for 3.30, Lewis game will probably be about an hourish and I reckon the Wade game will be double that.
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