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  1. Can't remember a game with averages and checkout percentages combined that are unreal!
  2. Big game for Ando and Newton here, fancy Anderson to get past him though.
  3. Am i right in saying on the day of the game, trains are free if you have a match ticket?
  4. Not football, but £5 on Wright Barney to draw in the darts on Thursday at 19/5.
  5. Yeah it's always a concern, I go with a travel club so already put down £100 deposit, see how far that gets me!
  6. Didn't take into account the reduced capacity due to safe standing etc. So roughly 6,00 would be the target. Just guessing on the 10% front, with Poland/Ireland/Scotland all going to be able to take large crowds over, i'd assume they'd be wanting similar capacity in return. Really want to make the Nigeria game so I can go onto 4, but just isn't going to happen. If that's the case then that is good. Yeah you're right, didn't take the reduced capacity into consideration.
  7. Expecting to get 10% from the German FA for this game, which would be roughly 8,000 tickets. Think they'd be wanting a similar percentage for coming over here. Hopefully 3 points will be enough to secure a ticket.
  8. Yeah, usually the larger venues. Blackpool is is usually a place that is good for decent atmosphere. Decent darts fans that go.
  9. Only caught glimpses of some games tonight, watched the full Chisnall game and couldn't stick that crowd. More interested in singing about Leeds, hating Man United and the shite Toure song. Had a fiver on Wright and Barney to draw at 19/5 so happy with that.
  10. He's not far off it, being playing well the last 6 months, think he'll make the top 4 of the Premier League.
  11. Go on, red dot me BML 'ya dick :thumsup2
  12. :lol: :lol: alright then Mr White. ETA just noticed your team is "Kilmarnock" good effot
  13. He stopped signing it because he was getting beat every week :lol:
  14. Wright played well tonight, halfway through the game he was average, but had more than enough to see off Whitlock. Anderson should've got a point there, but Lewis capitalised. Waiting on Barney for a treble!
  15. How can one week justify this? What are the previous weeks aggregate results? Not that it really matters, but it would be interesting. Were we not supposed to be challenging for at least a play off spot last year, if not challenge for the title.
  16. No, deserves a new contract, freedom of the town soon.
  17. Good news, hopefully he can revive his carear.
  18. Our last tournament was in France, is that not a sign? I'll be there!
  19. Managed to get tickets online on Thursday morning (got paid a day early!) so made it up, what a night! Atmosphere was great, Hydro is a really good venue, paid £20 for my ticket and I was basically at the tables, so saved a fair bit. The Wright game was cracking, started good with the 180, think he'll definetely be in the top 4, Ando played well too. Also glad Barney beat MVG.
  20. Good to see some genuine fans on The Rangers forum standing up to the hateful bigots, hats off to you. On to the stadium for Ireland, play it at Murrayfield, that way there is no qualms, extra ticket allocation too.
  21. Would have loved to have helped you out, but could only stretch to the value of the tickets, pay day isn't till Friday and heading to Poland next week. Hopefully someone will help you out.
  22. I agree with what you're saying in the fact people go by clubs reputation rather than the players ability. However I think you're underestimating how good a keeper both are. I like both, who I think are at the top (in McGregors case) and coming close to being at the top (in Marshall case) of their game. Both are not as good a quality kepper as Gordon was, however I feel we have two really decent keepers.
  23. Really like Marshall and I reckon in 3/4 years time he will be number 1. but I reckon at the moment it is McGregor
  24. Jenkins loves a nine darter! Got my tickets for the Matchplay in July going on the first Sunday, evening session, there were no seating for the Saturday at all. Managed to get them before the 10am sale, had been looking throughout the week and it was letting me purchase tickets, but didn't get paid till Friday.
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