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  1. http://www.itv.com/news/update/2014-05-03/football-supporter-shot-in-chest-before-cup-final/ Just found this.
  2. 6 fans been shot in the ground apparently.
  3. Was a Taylor Van Gerwen final. Taylor won, is his year beginning to change?
  4. Monday April 21 Third Round Afternoon Session (12pm-4pm) Brendan Dolan v Stephen Bunting Vincent van der Voort v Ian White Andrew Gilding v Michael Smith Dave Chisnall v Phil Taylor Kim Huybrechts v Adrian Lewis John Henderson v Simon Whitlock Steve Beaton v Wes Newton Michael van Gerwen v David Pallett Evening Session 6pm-10pm Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final Final day today.
  5. That would make more sense....
  6. German Masters started today, is this not on the tele? Thought it would be, sound slike a big tournament with the winner getting £100k! Think you can stream it on Corals website, they are sponosors. This is the order of play and results so far: Saturday April 19 First Round 12pm-4pm Afternoon Session Ronny Huybrechts 5-6 Jarkko Komula Jamie Lewis 2-6 David Pallett Peter Hudson 2-6 Andrew Gilding Raymond van Barneveld 2-6 Ronnie Baxter Michael Mansell 2-6 Michael Smith Jerry Hendriks 4-6 Magnus Caris Jelle Klaasen 3-6 Jyhan Artut Joe Murnan 2-6 Andy Smith Evening Session 6pm-10pm Kirk Shepherd v Marcel Hausotter John Henderson v Steve Hine Jani Haavisto v Andree Welge Dean Winstanley v Steve Douglas Steve West v Max Hopp Ross Smith v Stephen Bunting Vincent van der Voort v Mark Webster Alex Roy v Paul Nicholson Sunday April 20 Second Round Afternoon Session 12pm-4pm Jamie Caven v Hudson/Gilding Robert Thornton v van der Voort/M Webster Justin Pipe v R Smith/Bunting Andy Hamilton v J Lewis/Pallett Mervyn King v Mansell/M Smith Wes Newton v R Huybrechts/Komula Steve Beaton v Winstanley/Douglas Dave Chisnall v West/Hopp Evening Session 6pm-10pm Peter Wright v Henderson/Hine Brendan Dolan v Shepherd/Hausotter Kim Huybrechts v Roy/Nicholson Adrian Lewis v Murnan/A Smith Phil Taylor v Hendriks/Caris Michael van Gerwen v Klaasen/Artut Ian White v van Barneveld/Baxter Simon Whitlock v Haavisto/Welge Monday April 21 Afternoon Session 12pm-4pm Last 16 matches Evening Session 6pm-10pm Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final http://www.live-darts.com/category/darts-news/german-masters-live-scores-201404190001/ That's the link for anyone interested.
  7. Seems Cutty Old has an agenda and keeps red dotting me, what will I do? *sighs* *sad face*

  8. Great move and not that mental, 3 games v Rangers this season, 2 which were televised on Sky. Reckon that will more than cover the costs of what may be deducted from the ST money.
  9. BJ Banjo (Canny mind his real name) McGlaughlan Blobby Donnelly Essler Strain Hamilton McStay Sinclair Dunn Kyle/Cashmore/Friels*/Boyd/Kyle** *Maybe being harsh, he used to always give away one of his woolly hats. **Deserves to be in twice for being a fat useless moron.
  10. Aye, it worked well for Gary.
  11. Schalke yesterday done my 7fold for £105 off of £2! Drew 1-1 away to Wolfsburg.
  12. Cheers, wasn't too sure, my memory isn't the best!
  13. Anyone know when the draw for the Matchplay is? Was sure it was in April last year.
  14. Fancy Chisnall to be relegated tonight.
  15. Aston Villa Reserve games > Scotland League One games
  16. Learn to use the multiquote function 'ya fucking diddy.
  17. http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_football.cfm?page=3141 That's the current standings of points holders, there will be a few changes after the Nigeria game, but I'd expect it to at least go to 2 pointers.
  18. You could argue MVGs extravagant celebrations after scoring high scores is off putting and unnecessary.
  19. Don't see why Van Gerwen is winging, Wright isn't putting him or other players off, it's on his own throw. The crowd love it.
  20. Can't remember a game with averages and checkout percentages combined that are unreal!
  21. Big game for Ando and Newton here, fancy Anderson to get past him though.
  22. Am i right in saying on the day of the game, trains are free if you have a match ticket?
  23. Not football, but £5 on Wright Barney to draw in the darts on Thursday at 19/5.
  24. Yeah it's always a concern, I go with a travel club so already put down £100 deposit, see how far that gets me!
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