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  1. Coming from a club that nearly went bust because they spent outwith their means? Then had the audacity to beg other teams fans for money to save them. Yeah you are right, ironic.
  2. Correct, obviously has no idea the majority of our U19s squad are 16/17 year olds.
  3. What makes you say that? Ayr's youth.set up has been successful over the past few years, with league titles and cup finals, as well as competing competitively with Rangers and Celtic.
  4. Graeme has a lot if passion for Ayr United, it's brilliant that we have someone in there now that has the fans interests at heart!
  5. Be waiting a while for the Ayr one!
  6. Never gets the chance to play, which is a shame because he is a decent young player.
  7. Liverpool, always the victims etc etc.
  8. Do we really need another Dunfermline thread?
  9. Is the Roberts/Thistle best pal signings happening again? Expect Scott Chaplain to be our striker next season!
  10. It could be...haha. I was just throwing the idea out there. I wouldn't have the time or the know how to operate something on that scale, but I'd definitely buy into something like that. The general consensus I've seen is people are a bit sceptical about paying money to Roberts who frittered away the large quantity given by SB.
  11. And what a handsome young man he is.
  12. Would not getting paid not have more of a negative impact?
  13. All this talk almost makes me want Morton to win the league
  14. That's me assuming that we will receive 6,000 tickets, which I think is most likely with Germany probably wanting the same in return.
  15. France £5 e/w 22/1 Dzeko TGS £1 e/w 80/1 Muller TGS £1.50 e/w 33/1 Benzema TGS £1.50 e/w 33/1 Ronaldo TGS £2 16/1 Paddy Power are given a free £5 on the opening game if you place a £10 stake on an outright winner, so put the free £5 bet on Brazil to win 3-0 v Croatia at 15/2
  16. Started watching this now and again at the moment, but it just seems to be the same fights every time I watch. Wyatt v Cena, Evolution v The Shield, Kane v Daniel Bryan, Sheamus v Cesaro and El Torrido v Horswoggle. Not that it's no entertaining, quite funny to be fair, especially El Torrido v Hornswoggle.
  17. Roberts stated in the AP or club website, that the main focus was to avoid relegation. Cameron has said that relegation or mid table mediocrity would have resulted in Roberts being sacked. These are two different statements IMO. LC also said on his Facebook earlier this year, that he did not know what other clubs were offering players in terms of their budget, so for Mark Roberts to come out and say that the Ayr United budget is lower than another club in our division is wrong. ETA - the only ay the 2 could be connected is if it was a personal goal for Roberts not to get Ayr relegated, due to the possibility of him getting sacked. If this is the case then it's not very ambitious.
  18. Friday May 30 8pm local time (5pm BST) Semi-Finals van Gerwen v Lewis Wright v Chisnall Best of 21 legs Final Best of 21 legs
  19. If Van Gerwen loses this match the tournament is certainly up for grabs. The 4 favourites going out on day 1 is huge! Fancy Wright for it.
  20. Cameron having a slight dig at Moffat as well, and a dig at Dunfermline is interesting.
  21. Promotion should have been the defining target this year, even though we had Rangers in the league last year, I think it was an easier league to get out of than what this year will be.
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