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  1. Not sure on the reliability of my source, but was speaking to someone within the club last night and we're close to signing 5 players, one is an ex Celtic player called John Paul Mcgovern or something similar. Also apparently Robbie Crawford has a trial with Sheffield United.
  2. Was posted earlier, Barrowman has stated he wants to stay FT, no heard anything else about Campbell.
  3. Would probably make more sense, however having a stadium that size next to a town with the population of just over 7,000 people would be ridiculous The length of the journey can be an issue. Central to Mount Florida is only 5 minutes so regular trains can go from Glasgow to there as well as extra trains being put on. The train service is helped with there also being bus links and cheap taxis. How many trains an hour could get as many people travelling from Glasgow to Stirling at a peak time in time for kick off, bearing in mind there is only 1 City Link bus that goes from Glasgow to Stirling every hour, and only holds 50 people. Also as Northsea80 says, the cost involved to fund such a project would be substantially too high.
  4. For a city small as Stirling, there is no need for 2 main train stations, especially when one would be predominantly used once in a blue moon.
  5. How many trains can they shift from a small Glasgow Queen street station on a math day for a train journey that is 35 mins+ with the possibility of 15,000+ punters trying to travel on the same train to get there? Especially on a week night when there is no doubt many workers on these rail links trying to get home Shall have a look, not that big a city centre, so could only imagine a ground being out in the middle of no where like Forthbank.
  6. Some spare change off a £2.50 each way horse treble, not much to bank so thought I'd have a pope with tonight and the next few days! £5 on Greece 11/5, Holland 11/10, Germany 1/3, France 1/2, Columbia 21/20 and Brazil 4/7 returns £216.48 J Quintero to score in 90 minutes and Colombia to win the match @ 15/2 £5 for £42.50 Colombia v Uruguay over 2.5 5/4 and Brazil v Chile over 3.5 7/4 £5 on £34.90 back Neymar FGS @ 3/1 £4.45 for £17.80
  7. Much rather go to New Cumnock for the tourney!
  8. If Van Gaal can discipline Rafael like Fergie did in the season before last, then there is no real need to get a right back. He did have a hideous season last year, but I reckon VG will get the best back out of Rafael. He was pivotal in the year the title was regained from City. Only 1 centre half needed I think. If Jones can get settled with a new decent partner, then Smalling and Evans are good enough backup options. Would get rid of Cleverly and try get another centre mid in, Vidal would be some signing, however, I think they might wait till January on this one and go for Strootman, he is injured just now. Then a winger is really the only other priority.
  9. It would have to be special trains put on as trains to Stirling go to the likes of Croy, Larbert etc first, and the quickest train there is about 35 minutes. Then you have to add in the factor of where in Stirling is the ground being built. How far from the station? There is no where really walking distance from the train station a 50,000 + seated stadium could go.
  10. I'd agree that if a player is repeatedly lunging into tackles then the FA of the league or whatever should have the powers to look into longer bans for repeat offending. On the Suarez subject, I seen a rugby player talking about a biting issue in their sport and how the last player to do it was banned for a year. It's obviously not a problem in football with Suarez being the only real incident to date, but if Suarez is used as an example that it's going to be lengthy bans given for that type of behaviour, then I'm sure it won't be copied. Maybe this is the sort of action that should have been taken when diving started to really take off, pardon the pun! We don't want to get players running about the pitch for 90 minutes biting each other haha.
  11. 2002 Ayr Thistle U12 POTY - callum-ayr, handed my award by none other than Mr Ryan Stevenson esquire. Obviously I'm our main threat.
  12. Greece at 2/1 for me is way too over priced, Costa Rica have had some good wins, but I just fancy Greece. Greece 2/1 Holland 11/10 Columbia 1/1 £5 for £63
  13. Correct, however, this is the THIRD time he has done this, as well as racially abusing a player. First time he bit someone you can think, well never done it before, few matches ban. Second time he hasn't learnt his lesson, ban him longer. Third time it happens, then he should be hammered, I thought banning him till January would have been sufficient. He needs to be punished harshly, he must have a severe mental problem, all the incidents have been completely unprovoked. If he does it again I'd punt him out for over a year.
  14. Grudge having to read Gerry's shite on here for free, never mind paying for the pleasure.
  15. Ooh, pay £15 to read about how good a guy Mark Roberts is?
  16. Wee bit late, but was on holiday. Benzema fgs France 3-0 £5 @ 20/1 - £105 back France -2 and Argentina double £25 @ 4/1 - £125
  17. Hmm that doesn't sound right, as long as you provide evidence I.e student card, acceptance letter, then you should get one, no matter what age.
  18. Been calling for this for years, we have a student ST, but no student gate. Well done to Graeme.
  19. Did Pat Walker not used to play for Ayr? A remember a challenge cup game at QOS we won on penalties and I'm positive Pat Walker playedEta - it was Paul Walker.
  20. A very common Hong Kong name
  21. There is a Hong Kong player who's second name is " MacKenzie", just let that soak in!
  22. I'm certain all our youth squads are full time, could be wrong. When we had the likes of Stevenson who was full time with Ayr, he'd train a few times with the youth squad, as well as the 2 times a week with the full team, to make up his full time contract.
  23. So basically he is a new recruit for the ASC?
  24. The money you are referring to is a soft loan put into the club from Cameron, money he has to invest into the club. We are living within our means because we are not offering silly money in contracts that we simply can not afford to pay out, hence why we lost Moffat.
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