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  1. 2014 BetVictor World Matchplay Saturday July 19 Evening Session (7pm-11pm) First Round Ian White 10-6 Terry Jenkins Simon Whitlock 10-8 Kevin Painter Michael van Gerwen 10-1 Steve Beaton James Wade 10-5 Andy Smith Sunday July 20 Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm) First Round Dave Chisnall 10-7 Dean Winstanley Brendan Dolan 10-4 Richie Burnett Robert Thornton 10-5 Paul Nicholson Andy Hamilton 10-6 Wayne Jones Evening Session (7pm-11pm) First Round Justin Pipe 8-10 Michael Smith Wes Newton 10-4 Ronnie Baxter Phil Taylor 10-3 Darren Webster Raymond van Barneveld 10-6 Vincent van der Voort Monday July 21 Evening Session (7pm-11pm) First Round Peter Wright 10-8 Stephen Bunting Mervyn King 6-10 Kim Huybrechts Adrian Lewis 10-4 Andrew Gilding Gary Anderson 10-5 Jamie Caven 180s Gary Anderson
  2. Just about to travel down, look out for the Eez-eh! sign on Sunday night!
  3. Can we get extra lives for handicap bets? If so Morton -5 please..... In all seriousness Week 1 - Morton, charity Ayrshire Hospice.
  4. I'm trying to think of things that could also go wrong, I'm sure Mark has an ace or two up his sleeve. Noticed Gerry has gone quiet all of a sudden.
  5. It's not fair to directly blame the dogs, it's the owners who should be crucified. Obviously the dog has to be put down, but it's the way the dogs are treated and kept that affect them. I have a Japanese Akita and you couldn't meet a more well behaved obidient dog. If the dog is treated well and kept under control they are fine. If a labrador is treated badly they can be just as dangerous. It is a shame.
  6. You would think so, however, this is the SFA's logic.
  7. Basically Celtic and Rangers will be charging ludicrous amounts of money. With Celtic Park being a bigger stadium, they will have to bring in extra security staff as well, with us footing the bill for this.
  8. Never got one either, although I won't be purchasing it anyway, never intended to, and certainly do not now.
  9. Apparently mostly trialists, however the would've been pretty obvious.
  10. It's more for the organised transfers, less to organise running about after the game getting transport back to the airport etc haha.
  11. De Jong, DI Maria and at least 1 decent centre half and it's a good looking team IMO.
  12. Pipe v Smith Newton v Baxter Taylor v Webster RVB v Van der voort Decent set up, not bothered by the Pipe game, can't stand him! The Monday session looks epic though.
  13. Eh, you're an Ayr fan, have you seen our team for this year?!?!?!
  14. Don't want to write the guy off before we see him, however it does sound desperate on our part.
  15. You're all welcome for the info peeps. I am the most trusted source on p&b!
  16. Sunday evening, was trying to work it out, but not sure when it starts on the Saturday afternoon or evening. Got a feeling Taylor will be playing.
  17. Haha, never know it could've been him!
  18. Just noticed he's a midfielder, just what we need!
  19. When do we get who are playing on what days?
  20. Not sure on the reliability of my source, but was speaking to someone within the club last night and we're close to signing 5 players, one is an ex Celtic player called John Paul Mcgovern or something similar. Also apparently Robbie Crawford has a trial with Sheffield United.
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