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  1. Going through Prison Break on On Demand, can't believe there isn't a thread about it, cracking series! On the 3rd season the now.
  2. My guess would be Longridge, Roberts hated him.
  3. Dunfermline massively overpriced at 7/5 I feel, think Raith are missing a few players. Dunfermline Cowden Stenny £15 for £98 Dumbarton Ayr Stenny Cowden £5 for £50
  4. Haha, no sure who the player who apparently hit him was, the player who told my mate was Neil Slooves.
  5. Who skelped him, or who's the player?
  6. Speaking to someone who is pals with an ex Ayr youth player playing for the scholarship team at Kilwinning today, there are numerous players who don't want to sign due to Roberts. Malcolm left because he fell out with him, and apparently a player skelped Roberts on a night out last year...
  7. That will make perfect sense then my apologies.
  8. Good to hear, but i'll probably ask the question everyone else is thinking, why come to us? I can imagine he'll be on a fraction of his previous wage.
  9. Easy to say Forrest or JP, so I'm going go for Peter McGill and Ryan Nisbitt to break into Ayrs first team and shine this year.
  10. Just posted this on the Clyde v Ayr topic as our likely starting 11 for Saturday. If Donnelly gets us goals, it's not too bad a starting team I reckon. Hutton Devlin McArthur Murphy McKinaly Forrest Gilmour McLaughlin Donald JP Donnelly The likes of Peter McGill, Ryan Nesbitt, Andrew Muir, Craig McCracken, Sean McKenzie, Jai Holland, Steven Hutchison and Michael Wardope will more than likely all play their part and I reckon 1 or 2 can make a breakthrough like Forrest did last year.
  11. Not sure, can't see many heading up, maybe couple of hundred max, no one seems interested under Roberts now and who can blame them. We'll probably go with something like this: Hutton Devlin McArthur Murphy McKinaly Forrest Gilmour McLaughlin Donald JP Donnelly Subs: Newamn, McCracken, McGill, Nesbitt, Roberts If McKinaly is still injured, I'd expect Donald to move to left back and McGill to start on the wing.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised to see Roberts slot himself into centre mid this year.
  13. McGill scored the third and Donnelly scored the 4th, just for future reference when making a video.
  14. Sounds like this signing is down to pure luck! Hopefully we can get another first team centre half in, and sign Campbell as back up with the youth guys also as cover. Still need a striker or 2, and maybe another winger.
  15. 5-0 Anderson, superb darts from him!
  16. Buntings walk on music but :lol: heavy trance!
  17. Has anyone noticed that Taylor has only had an interview after a match? Well out of all the matches I've watched Taylor has only had one, not like them! Hope it goes on late tonight, finish work at half 10 and won't get in till after 11, it's all well and good watching it on my phone with no sound, but want a decent viewing on my couch with a beer!
  18. At the cup final Ayr v Celtic he was training the keepers. ETA - youth final
  19. 1-0 Graeme IMO. To be honest, I'm surprised Stuart is so critical about the club especially when he is the AUFA goalkeeping coach.
  20. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/rangers-fans-sorry-953830
  21. No long back from the weekend, Sunday had some quality matches, however, the level of morons has risen a lot from last year. Couple of Scottish guys were just down the back from me and one brought a saltire out during the last match. The usual chants of what the fucking hell is that and banter was going, then one muppet grabbed it and chucked it away and a rammy nearly started. Then an English guy started singing the sash towards the Scottish guys and stuff about the pope etc. Thought we were bad up here!
  22. Nicholson 7-13 Newton Adrian Lewis 13-8 Mervyn King Michael Smith 6-13 Phil Taylor Stephen Bunting 10-13 Gary Anderson
  23. No Graeme told Stuart the club number. Stuarts response to someone else included his personal home number.
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