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  1. Not seen a thread about it, but what's in store deserves one! Irvine Welsh tweeted this Manchester United forum, and the thread with all the different pictures is amazing. http://www.redcafe.net/threads/ashley-cole-fitting-in-well-at-roma.394073/ Few of my personal favourites!
  2. Livi Cowden Stranraer - £10 for £55 Livi, Cowden, Dunfermline, Falkirk, QOS, Raith, Stranraer - £2 for £35
  3. Oh dear, sounds like Tiffoney is a right handful, the little scumbag.
  4. Is it really good business for Chelsea though? Yes they've made 10 million on Lukaku, but he is a proven striker in the Premier League. Costa has had one very good season in La Liga, followed up by a horrendous World Cup. We could see come December Lukaku sitting on 10+ goals and Costa, in an unfamiliar team and league, struggling with bad form. Only time will tell though.
  5. I'd blocked that out! Was it the young lassie who was doing it? Was at the afternoon session.
  6. They're all Catholic brothers, I don't see there being a problem.
  7. The Mexican waves are a pain in the arse, don't mind anything else though, it is just a bit of fun after all.
  8. Had applied for tickets originally and never got them. Decided against getting any in the general sale, watched it last week then bought tickets for the boxing on Sunday for yesterday. Was cracking, had 8 men's quarter finals. The lad McFadden won, shame all his pals and family were proper neds! The guy Henderson who was fighting an Englishman got torn apart in the 3 rounds. Were some good boxers, 2 Australian guys were well schooled.
  9. He was at the game on Saturday, surely that opened his eyes.
  10. Got them email, and thank Christ someone has some common sense in the SFA. What they were basically saying was, if you don't wish to buy the over valued season ticket, you'd have to buy all the single tickets at once and pay even more over the odds!
  11. Not even going to say Roberts out, what's the point anymore.
  12. I'm glad Ayr United and myself can bring a smile to Clyde and their supporters faces :bairn
  13. Lachlan at the game, surely this will open his eyes.
  14. Ayr - Hutton, Devlin, Donald, McArthur, Murphy, JP, Gilmour, McLaughlin, McGill, Forrest, Donnelly
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIJGV75n3vo For anyone that can't make it
  16. Ayr team - Hutton, Devlin, Donald, McArthur, Murphy, Gilmour, Forrest, McLaughlin, Donnelly, McGovern, McGill Subs - Roberts, McKenzie, Muir, Wardrope, McKinlay, Newman(GK)
  17. Joined! Not one of these people who keep my team a secret, so went for: GK - De Gea DF - Coleman DF - Terry DF - Shaw MF - Snodgrass MF - Eriksen MF - Barry MF - Barkley CF - Sturridge © CF - Lukaku CF - Remy Subs - Gilks, Davies, Ward, Puncheon
  18. I think it's good they are getting a new cast. It will be a completely new scenario and having the same cast would be a bit weird I think.
  19. Searched for a day, and within a few minutes you've made me look like a dick, cheers!
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