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  1. The optimist only says 12? You need to dream a bit more. Can’t dream with this squad ATM!
  2. The optimist in me says we get 12 points, pessimist says 5.
  3. Do we risk Ndaba if he’s taken a knock? I’d be inclined to either give Roscoe another shot or drop Muirhead back to centre half and give Miller the nod in the DM role.
  4. If Elgin don’t tighten things up here they might lose this.
  5. He signed at the end of January, now coming into April and only played twice, unfortunately been a pish signing.
  6. Thought I’d compile a list of Mark Kerrs signings as Ayr United manager. Will split them into good and pish, on how they performed for us rather than how good they actually are/how they are performing elsewhere or before they came: Good: Houston (that’s a generous one as he signed permanently for us under Kerr, but was originally a McCall signing, Drinan, Ndaba, Smith, Sinisalo On the fence: Reading, Miller, Walsh, Malley, Urminsky, Baird Pish: Zanatta, Wright, McGavin, Chalmers, Anderson, Cameron, Tiffoney, Gillespie. Think I’ve been quite fair with that.
  7. Unfortunately Kerr has been the common denominator. It’s been his unorthodox signings for this league that has went tits up. As said earlier, McGavin was deemed not good enough last season, hardly kicked a ball this year and all of a sudden is fine. Wright not kicked a ball for months and is brought in to replace 2 strikers who never really got a shot in a role that plays to their strengths.
  8. Hearts fans have a cheek to moan about streams, theirs didn’t work for about 25 minutes last week
  9. Jesus Christ Moffat! Also that Calum couldn’t have been less arsed he was through on goal
  10. Aye, Kerrball got us in a great position in the league.
  11. Fucking Raith Rovers fault with the camera
  12. An illness has meant they can only use the one camera today I’m told.
  13. Aye, no idea what’s going on here.
  14. They’ve changed the camera for some reason unfortunately, a lot worse than what it was previously.
  15. f**k sake hope everyone who moaned about the camera angle at happy with themselves, this angle is worse.
  16. Sinisalo Houston Baird Ndaba Reading Murdoch Muirhead Miller McCowan McKenzie Smith Subs: Urminsky, Roscoe, Chalmers, Barjonas, Moffat, Walsh, Zanatta Think today we’ll see Murdoch in for Chalmers as the only change. Back 5 picks itself and I reckon Hopkin won’t change the front 3. Murdoch will bring a bit more bite to the midfield today. Fancy us today, seem to have a bit more about us since Kerr left and I’m no starting to trust them more. 2-0, McCowan and McKenzie.
  17. Aye that seemed to be what they were alluding to, but that came across as a summer move. I know Hopkin is trying to get one attacking player in on loan, thought that Robinson could have been that iron in the fire for the remainder of the season had the top flight clubs not be able to make signings and Livi want rid ASAP.
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