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  1. Talbot was a sickener, but after about 30 minutes you absolutely knew it was coming. Killie semi final, still adamant that c**t Heffernan handled it in the build up.
  2. So Maxwell more or less a done deal, Harker and Mancini would be the ideal 2 from Burnley (really hope it’s not that Dickson) and Smith is a possibility for a return. That’s probably nearly enough to do going into the start of the season with another potential loan signing. Would also be pleasantly surprised with that squad.
  3. McAdams Baird Fjortoft McGinty Houston Reading Murdoch (New CM) Salkeld (New attacker) Adeloye Subs: Albinson, Hewit, Muirhead, Moffat, McAllister, McKenzie (New striker) I reckon come first game of the season, that will be close to how we start the season. Muirhead possibly instead of Fjortoft. Could argue a case for Albinson to be no.1.
  4. We’re obviously struggling to get a decent winger in, so Maxwell could allow Reading to play further forward like he is done for Scotland U21s.
  5. Had mentioned previously I wondered if the striker we’d look at would be Harker, scored 2 v Rangers B. No idea who any of the trialists are?
  6. Looking forward to the Falkirk match. Was good being at the game on Tuesday, but having 400 away fans as well (Falkirk will defo sell out) as well as home fans, will feel like a proper tie.
  7. Striker Rob Harker got their 2 goals, maybe one we’re looking at? See he’s 6ft so would fit the profile of one we’d want.
  8. Killie Dunfermline Raith Hamilton ICT Ayr Thistle QOS Arbroath Morton
  9. Are the toilets on the North Terracing a permanent fixture? Could be doing with a few more.
  10. I actually think Moffat would be a good suit. Very similar to the Shankland/Moffat partnership possibly.
  11. Wasn’t quite the punt and run I was expecting which was pleasing. We did seem to try and play from the back, maybe Smith has had a word after spending a bit of dough on the pitch. We do deem decent enough defensively. It’s all going to be down to who we had offensively as Tomi did see isolated when he was getting a hold of the ball. Salked clearly an athlete, but not up to much in the final third. Thought Hewitt didn’t look out of place, although a word of caution, it was a league 2 side we were playing. Need at least 2 decent attacking mids and another striker to come. And McGinty seemed the most composed out that back 3! Muirhead needing to cut out the Hollywood Pirlo esque passes out wide too.
  12. All depends if ST break 1000, but yeah was talking to my boss yesterday about STs and he was saying with his Rangers one if they can’t make a game they can put that game up for sale on their ticket website.
  13. Unfortunately the general public are generally arseholes. 90% of customers in my work are ok with social distancing and masks, but the 10% who flout it don’t care that it’s our jobs and the premises licence that are at stake. We’ve had visits from Trading Standards and Environmental Health a few times just scouting the place out, wouldn’t be surprised if football clubs aren’t under high scrutiny from local authorities.
  14. Anyone know what the script with the food stalls is, will they be open?
  15. He’s not necessarily caught it, if he’s been contacted with track and trace you have to isolate even if you don’t test positive I’m sure.
  16. Any ST holder not going and fancy purchasing one for me?
  17. Smith previously spoke about the potential of Astro, however spending more on the grass and treating it properly would probably outweigh Astro. We’ll see how it holds up November-March.
  18. Is that training top a new one for sale? Seen there was a new grey one, but looked lighter than that one.
  19. Any idea on tickets for Edinburgh City game next week? That’s a week no so surely must have some sort of idea?
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