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  1. Good luck getting into pubs at the top of the town, already loads getting knocked back.
  2. I see Steven Bradley is on the bench for Hibs tonight.
  3. Can’t see the Killie game and Ayr races being on the same day. Add into the fact we’ve not had a home game v Killie in tele, it’s most likely going to be shifted to the Friday night.
  4. Yeah surely there must be another, he signed his deal prior to the match on Saturday. As good as it is, it’s a bit of an anti climax.
  5. Think when you do your LFT you scan and upload it to Gov website and they email you about it being negative as far as I’m aware.
  6. With 2 clean sheets on the bounce against 2 of the better teams in the league and an abundance of defenders, Bullen might see that position covered and look the coach them and improve rather than add to it. To add to it, we would definitely need to shift at least 1 if not 2 out which would be difficult. The last 2 displays might have made his mind to stick with what we have an focus on bringing in players in like a much needed centre mid and attacking wide players.
  7. Just watched the post match interview and had a little snigger at his comment at the end about having a little more composure and not just lumping the ball up the pitch with now real thought into it.
  8. They probably paid an extra tenner to have that pinned.
  9. Will the Hub be open for the Thistle game, and are they able to show the match?
  10. Looking at January, what would a realistic 18 man squad look like? Would obviously all depend on who Mathie and the new coach/manager bring on and what formation they’d go with, but something like this for me: McAdams RB Muirhead CB Reading CM Murdoch Maxwell RW Adeloye Bradley Subs: Albinson, Baird, Houston, CM, O’Connor, McKenzie, CF I’d like to see the new management team involve Moffat as a coach, keep him registered for emergencies, but I think his playing days at this level are probably gone and come next season wouldn’t be involved. I do see him still having a good involvement at the club going forward though. Also anyone know when Hewitt is likely to be back?
  11. I really don’t think left back should be anywhere near a priority for us with Maxwell and Reading. Right back, at least one centre back, at least one centre mid, a winger and a striker. We really need to offload at least 1 of Fjortoft or McGinty, Afolabi back to Celtic and get rid of Salkeld.
  12. Late to the party here. Would be happy with Bartley, it’s not an in house cheap appointment and yes he may not have the years of experience others have, however it’s not 20+ years between Hopkin and Duffy was hardly successful. Mathie and Bartley will have a prior relationship which fills me with confidence and Bartley himself will be well connected within the Scottish game and down south. If he comes in I would hope he gets the opportunity to have a proper back rooms team of his choice.
  13. Good to see we’re going after managers and not just waiting to see who applies. Mathie will have a good idea of what will fit the club.
  14. To be fair he’s more than likely been sacked, we just don’t have anyone to tweet it.
  15. With the hub opening and streaming still a thing, can the club purchase a steam for away games and show the match in the hub for fans that don’t or can’t travel? Wild be a way of making some cash when playing away for now while streaming is allowed.
  16. If they had the demand for it if consider giving St Mirren the full north terrace as well as the railway end. At least try make some money out of it.
  17. If we sign O’Ware then we really are a parody of a club.
  18. David Smith replied to a tweet saying you should see his phone re messages after a defeat. He shouldn’t be getting them, but he also shouldn’t be acknowledging it, needs to get on with it. As for the situation we’re in, I’ll probably not bother with another match this calendar year, it’s not worth the money or effort to get along. Someone mentioned it before, but there’s no actual style of play. We do need players in, but also need to ship players out. McAdams, Albinson, Reading, Murdoch and Muirhead, Hewitt, O’Connor and McKenzie are the only ones I’d want to see here next season.
  19. I agree with regards to Reading or McAllister, but let’s not sugar coat the tackle, it was absolutely terrible. We rightfully so slagged the QOS defender the week before for a challenge that lead to a penalty that wasn’t nearly as bad. It was reckless and what makes it worse was the ball wasn’t goal side of the attacker. Fjortoft and McGinty have made Baird look competent.
  20. Not sure, but if you keep coming along after Tesco, you might be able to turn into the racecourse and drive up and park in that area of car park as it’s usually open. There’s a road block to stop cars driving in that way to McDonalds, but should be ok to park in the car park before.
  21. No matter how desperate I would be to go to an Ayr Killie game, I could not plunk myself down in the opposition support to watch a match. No way could I watch it and be neutral. I get on well with a few Killie fans that come into work and we speak a lot about games etc, but just couldn’t sit amongst them watching a derby.
  22. One take from the game today, must be murder playing a game of football being officiated by John Beaton. Arbroath commentator saying at half time he was speaking to an ex professional referee who said he would never referee a match like him.
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