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  1. So looked like PJ Baird Roscoe Ndaba Houston Reading Miller Muirhead Barjonas McCowan McKenzie
  2. Wright isn’t fit enough to start I don’t think, can only work with what we’ve got in afraid.
  3. PJ Houston Baird Ndaba Reading Muirhead M.Miller Murdoch Barjonas McCowan McKenzie Subs: Urminsky, Roscoe, Hewitt, Chalmers, Smith, Walsh, Wright
  4. Says a calf strain he’s been carrying for weeks. Hopes both are back for Arbroath.
  5. Moffat and Todd out tomorrow. No mention of a new keeper.
  6. I mean, I’d hazard a gusss he was down at Cambasdoon and found out about Sinisalo that way.
  7. Still f**k all from the club. This really has the feeling of 20 steps back from when we got the league win. Ever since the takeover it’s been downhill, results, the appointment and now players leaving and not being replaced adequately.
  8. Give it back to Davie White till the end of the season.
  9. Every single one should be hauled in tomorrow to get them running all day. This Clyde team played Tuesday and Thursday. Team is an utter shambles, not one of they players would be missed next season.
  10. I really fucking hate this team, utter shitebags every single one. What worries you more is half of them are signed up for next season.
  11. And Tom Walsh will be at a Darvel or Kelty Hearts
  12. He’s just not great in all honesty. Had reservations when he signed that he wouldn’t be the hard working type that we’ve been used to and he’s proven that to be true. I’d happily see him leave just now.
  13. In the summer aye, but he’s been left a bit of a shit show and having to scramble around in March/April for players just shows how bad the squad management has been.
  14. It has to be 2 players in, we can’t lose Smith and only bring in one, especially if Barjonas is out injured after going off on Saturday.
  15. Seen someone on the official Facebook page blaming him for the second goal yesterday
  16. All going well, that gives us all of May and June to prepare.
  17. The core of the team really isn’t good. Baird and Chalmers here on 2 year deals. Zanatta hardly kicked a ball, not getting the best out of 2 strikers who are now scoring freely at other clubs. Releasing them to sign a guy who hadn’t played in months who we probably won’t see again this season. The assembly of the squad has been poor. Whether we stay up or go down, it’s not really on Hopkin, he’ll be rightly judged on what he does going forward from next season. Too much is being made of the “style” of football we play. This is lower league Scottish football , there’s no tradition to how we play football. If Hopkin gets us a winning team next season, nobody will care how he does it. Also it’s the tippy tappy crap that’s got us into his position in the first place.
  18. Tom Walsh hasn’t found another Ayr player with his 20 or so crosses today.
  19. Unfortunately Murdochs injury has done him and isn’t really offering us anything. I wouldn’t be too bothered if he’s not here next season.
  20. We’ve not had a lucky break like that all season, been due something.
  21. What a mess Kerr has left us in. Can say what we want about Hopkins tactics, but the team is absolute gubbins. Coupled with the fact shite like Chalmers and Baird will be here next season.
  22. I google alloa and went in through one of the links below, trying to get in through their main link didn’t work for me.
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