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  1. Is it possible to have signed a player and have him registered, but just not officially announce it and have him turn up in the starting 11?
  2. Fs thought that was it, but just Arbroath ticket info.
  3. Yeah quite right. Especially if he’s been in all weekend training so he’ll know the game plan.
  4. They’ve not said you won’t get tickets at all, would imagine a win tonight would spark a bit of interest throughout the week. Would imagine you’ll get a few hundred.
  5. The signing has maybe taken place already and just sorting out paperwork to see if he’s available for tonight before the announcement.
  6. It’s either a loan or a striker being released. Defo coming from a premiership club.
  7. Don’t think (if) whoever signs will be registered for tonight.
  8. Jamie Gullan could be a shout, was on loan at Raith last year and not in the Hibs squad today. Would also fit that mould of striker Hopkin likes.
  9. McAdams Houston Fjortoft McGinty Reading Salkeld Muirhead Murdoch O’Connor Maxwell Adeloye We could see Muirhead drop back into a back 3 with Houston and Reading push on forward a bit or even start in that formation . One things for sure, with how we press, Killie won’t get much time on the ball early on.
  10. If I was a Killie fan (shudders) and one of my mates turned up to the game in that, I’d disown them.
  11. Would imagine it could go right down to the wire. Would be over the moon with 1 never mind 2.
  12. Murdoch, Salkeld, McAllister, Miller, Hewitt, Chalmers in that order for starting centre mids I reckon. Hopkin seems to have got Murdoch back to himself (maybe his pre season has been better than Kerr and got him back up to speed).
  13. Mentioned in his interview he can play wingback, Morton fans will be in soon enough to say we have an eleventh defender.
  14. You’re saying we’re over cooked in defence when we’re not. We’re under stocked up the top end of the pitch, but that doesn’t mean we have too many defensive players.
  15. I don’t think we’re stock piled in defence, we’re just under stocked in attack. There’s obviously a budget still there, it’s just about getting the right guys.
  16. If no one else comes in, we’ll be something along these lines for Killie: McAdams Baird Muirhead McGinty Houston Maxwell Murdoch Hewitt Salkeld Reading Adeloye Albinson, Fjortoft, Miller, Chalmers, Moffat, McKenzie, Smith
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