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  1. Yeah I think the enclosure would be open. Would imagine it was the same for ICT on Saturday.
  2. Just as I say that Hewitt to Peterhead on loan for the season.
  3. Trying to think what position we could need. Centre half is where we are probably the lightest with only Musonda, Kirk and McGinty. Possibly see Hewitt going out on loan.
  4. Can see us reverting back to 352 for this with the limitations in defence. Reckon he'll go with: Gordon Hendry Gallagher Kingsley Hickey Taylor Gilmour McGinn McGregor Adams Christie It'll be a toss up of Adams/Dykes and Christie/Fraser.
  5. Cheers knew what you meant as I have come in from both directions before. Looking forward to seeing this tonight as we will get to see a few players that may not usually start, or are pushing for a start. For me I would go with: McAdams, Houston Kirk McGinty Ecrepont Mullin Bangala Smith Mitchell-Lawson Dipo Young Subs: Albinson, McAllister, Reading, Murdoch, Hewitt, Dempsey, O'Connor, Ashford, McKenzie Wouldn't be overly bothered to see the likes of Dempsey/Murdoch/Ashford drop out and have Moffat/Viviani/Guthrie on the bench.
  6. David Bangala signed for us on 6th of June I think, finally got the paperwork for him on 18th August.
  7. Good to see Morton changing their rules for the superoir Ayrshire aces rolling into town.
  8. The original tweet of deadline day is giving me an thought of maybe another in, or possibly someone going out.
  9. If it is Mullin, I am sure Glendinning would have recruited him at Hamilton so he has a fair idea about him and Bullen will only want players in that fit his criteria. O'Connor for me is the biggest improvement under Bullen after having a pre season with him. It is an area we needed to strengthen and would only leave another striker and we should be sorted till January and re asses there.
  10. Mikey Johnston will be a good signing at this level.
  11. I had just seen Finlay say about any signings would be Thursday, so putting 2+2 together and amusing they would be under contract players at another club waiting on release before deadline day.
  12. Apparently expecting news on Thursday which would indicate players possibly being released.
  13. Don’t think my liver would cope, Cove and back was bad enough.
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