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  1. Don’t know if it’s accessible the now, been used as an away changing room for 18 months. Would be the best solution if it’s fine, however I would imagine folk would rather watch from home than sit in there for a live stream.
  2. Problem moving it away from the Hub is you’re paying to hire somewhere else and not making any money at all on the bar.
  3. On the Arbroath thread there reading about their kits, I see their pricing is as follows: Arbroath Macron Price Guide (Price in Brackets is Season Ticket Discount Price) Kids Home Kit (Top, Shorts, Socks) - £65.00 (£58.50) Kids Away Kit (Top, Shorts, Socks) - £65.00 (£58.50) Kids Goalkeeping Kit (Top, Shorts, Socks) £75.00 (67.50) Adult Home Top £50.00 (£45.00) Adult Away Top £50.00 (£45.00) Adult Full Kit (Top, Shorts, Socks) - £75.00 (£67.50) Would say our prices are around the same and it's not just us who are quite pricey.
  4. It will be interesting if Rangers doing that restricts him to what he can actually do. He's not going to be good enough to make it there, same way as McInroy wont at Celtic, but Celtic don't seem to be restricting McInroy what he can do now by offering him something to try sneak a development fee off a lower league club.
  5. I’ve heard stuff about north terrace re development and new hospitality which sounds good. I know folk like the NT the way it is, personally no a fan of it being uncovered. Everyone has their own preferences a suppose.
  6. What's this about? Night at Somerset where Smith will talk about re development of Somerset, Mathie will discuss the future vision of the club and Bullen will speak about Football plans. https://ayrunitedfc.co.uk/club-vision-night
  7. Been on and got mine. Really is a lot happening with the club now which is exciting. Hope we get good ST no.s to match the clubs ambition. I know myself and a friend or 2 getting one for the first time in years.
  8. Plans for development to be unveiled to fans on June 9th at Somerset.
  9. I would personally be more worries about losing Adeloye. He is where our goals have came from, the most since Shankland and Moore have left, where do we look to replace that?
  10. Surely if he wasn’t signing it would be a thank you for the season type tweet? 90% sure he’ll sign and it’ll be tweeted into the part 2 of his tweet after the Thistie game. Well that’s what I’m clinging on to!
  11. Think Murray is a better appointment than Thomson. Murray will be desperate for another pop at a higher level and has done decent at this level before. Thomson comes across as a bit of a tube and for me has too much of a media sideline interest.
  12. Superb cheers! Get an extra voucher for the privilege?
  13. Cheers. Bought a ST for first time on the new system, just collect the card and voucher in the shop?
  14. Any idea when new strips are on sale and when 2nd and 3rd kit are out? Could we see Tommi and McInroy modelling the new ones?
  15. So we're now looking at a squad so far of: Keepers: McAdams, Albinson Defenders: Houston, McGinty, Reading, Ecrepont Midfielders: O'Connor, Dempsey, Murdoch, Smith, Hewitt Forwards: Ashford, McKenzie, Bryden Youth: Jeannes, Bilham So we;re probably 3 defenders short just now (2 cbs and a rb/cb), attacking midfielder (McInroy), at least 1 more winger and 1 or 2 forwards (Would include Tommi)
  16. Decent, get one of Tommi or McInroy and it's a good start.
  17. The ones we've signed over the past years have been the opposite tbf.
  18. With it being close season, Voice would want something to fill the back pages for now. It's good to see him acknowledging where he has went wrong and how he has tried to rectify it.
  19. Bairds first season was bad and continued bad when both he and McGinty were a partnership. Bullen came in and went with Muirhead and McGinty and our goals conceded in first 18 games to second 18 halved. McGinty looked a lot more capable beside Muirhead, Baird always seemed to be chasing his man back, very much like Fjortoft. We were always looking to upgrade CB and with McGinty having triggered a contract extension, Baird was always going to be offered redcued game time/terms.
  20. That’s me just bought my season ticket (first time under the new system) I ticked to get a physical card, will they just be picked up from the shop? Same with the voucher, will that be in the shop and how much is it?
  21. Out of contract and been offered a new deal. Left back so would be surprised with you signing Milne. Has played right back for Scotland u21s, but never for us.
  22. Had Jordan Houston been out of contract, he’d have been a shoe on for you right wing back slot.
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