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  1. I’m sure he’s engaged to Nicky Devlins sister as well, so the smallest of Ayr connections there.
  2. For the love of f**k, the fact Hopkin is even thinking about McGinty is a major red flag. I was one who said give him the chance to build his own squad, but if that’s the route he’s going down, it’s a no from me.
  3. It’s not quoted directly, however if you’re wanting someone released a year into their 2 year contract, you are contractually obliged to pay the remaining year up, unless there was a clause stating otherwise. I would imagine over the next month or so we may see movement out, but unless there are clubs willing to take these players on, financially it would be stupid to let them go.
  4. The club can’t and shouldn’t put on a public platform that X, Y and Z have been told to f**k off and then a month or 2 down the line, can’t get a new club and are completely out the picture. Unless we were to front up a years wages, they won’t be away without an offer from another club. Hopkins hands are tied in that respect.
  5. Here, did folk really think the players who have a year left were going to agree to cancel their contract in May without another deal lined up somewhere else? I’m sure Hopkin will have said to who he may be happy to let go that they can pursue a contract somewhere else and leave on a free if they agree terms elsewhere.
  6. Wonder what the chance of seeing Craig Moore in some capacity is for next week.
  7. Can only pish with the cock you’ve got, and ours is a wee baldy half incher.
  8. Players need to see what the fans think, lucky there’s not 1500-2000 in giving them pelters.
  9. You could be playing with no one in nets and you’ll be fine.
  10. D’Jaffo Itzdrk callum-ayr Wuffster Ayr 23 Trogdor Ryanayr1987 ayrunitedfw st Jude rb123! 1nickydevlin And the bench a free for all!
  11. TBF he deserves better than being part of this shambles.
  12. Even an Ayr win, Morton draw and Dunfermline win would see us safe, that would be Ayr 30, Arbroath 29 and Morton 28. Only one could go above us on the last day.
  13. When we’re relegated, we’re not breaking 500 for next season.
  14. If 25% is the figure for Somerset, I’m sure ST could fill that number 3 times over.
  15. £100 not a single one of them have the balls to go down and say anything. All mouth, nae trousers.
  16. If we’re relegated we surely won’t be spending tens of thousands on the pitch, can’t see it.
  17. That can’t be an excuse at this stage of the season. You can flip it round and say we’ve had Dundee/Dunfermline/QOS who are all, in terms of club size, much harder places to visit and only had to go to them once. We are where we are because we’ve got 1 and most likely looking at the moment, 2 managerial decisions wrong.
  18. He’s a sentence away from saying “f**k this, I’m off”.
  19. The problem is we knew it was happening. I’d rather he had left in January and we could have at least had a half arsed attempt and a semi decent replacement. The flip side has been he’s away and we’ve had to replace him with a guy on loan from League 1 who couldn’t get a game.
  20. Unfortunately we’re becoming too “nice” a club. Letting players like Bell and Smith walk away mid contracts, giving out contracts that stops us from cashing in on our assets like Forrest, Shankland, Crawford, Harvie, Rose etc. We never seem to get the right end of the deal.
  21. Unwillingly listened to Hopkins interview and he’s made one very valid point that he’s not able to rectify until at least the summer. There’s not enough leaders in the team. We’ve went from 5 or 6 to 1 or 2.
  22. I’ve finally had enough of the team. Stopped my 500 money last week. It’s a shambles from top to bottom. f**k wasting money that goes towards paying that shower of shites wages.
  23. Completely forgot about Miller happy enough with the lineup, time for Wright to step up.
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