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  1. If we sign O’Ware then we really are a parody of a club.
  2. David Smith replied to a tweet saying you should see his phone re messages after a defeat. He shouldn’t be getting them, but he also shouldn’t be acknowledging it, needs to get on with it. As for the situation we’re in, I’ll probably not bother with another match this calendar year, it’s not worth the money or effort to get along. Someone mentioned it before, but there’s no actual style of play. We do need players in, but also need to ship players out. McAdams, Albinson, Reading, Murdoch and Muirhead, Hewitt, O’Connor and McKenzie are the only ones I’d want to see here next season.
  3. I agree with regards to Reading or McAllister, but let’s not sugar coat the tackle, it was absolutely terrible. We rightfully so slagged the QOS defender the week before for a challenge that lead to a penalty that wasn’t nearly as bad. It was reckless and what makes it worse was the ball wasn’t goal side of the attacker. Fjortoft and McGinty have made Baird look competent.
  4. Not sure, but if you keep coming along after Tesco, you might be able to turn into the racecourse and drive up and park in that area of car park as it’s usually open. There’s a road block to stop cars driving in that way to McDonalds, but should be ok to park in the car park before.
  5. No matter how desperate I would be to go to an Ayr Killie game, I could not plunk myself down in the opposition support to watch a match. No way could I watch it and be neutral. I get on well with a few Killie fans that come into work and we speak a lot about games etc, but just couldn’t sit amongst them watching a derby.
  6. One take from the game today, must be murder playing a game of football being officiated by John Beaton. Arbroath commentator saying at half time he was speaking to an ex professional referee who said he would never referee a match like him.
  7. There are paper tickets available from the shop for those that don’t do online. For instance this Saturday tickets will be available up till kick off for QOS match. You can pay cash at the club shop.
  8. Yeah it’ll just be on your card like any other home match for this season.
  9. Probably more chance of signing a player than getting a ticket for the Killie game.
  10. Think Afolabi will be back for this one, wonder if Duffy can revive his Ayr career. O’Connor was looking to be another one who wouldn’t make the grade until Duffy took charge, so hoping he can kick on. Think McKenzie will come in for O’Connor. Albinson Fjortoft Baird McGinty Reading Murdoch Muirhead Salkeld Bradley Adeloye McKenzie Subs: McAdams, McAllister, Hewitt, Maxwell, Chalmers, Moffat, Afolabi ETA, did we play a back 3 v Morton and have Salkeld RWB or did he play in midfield?
  11. Problem with having it at a lower price is you are indirectly encouraging people not to turn up. Why go and pay a fiver extra to go when you can sit in the house etc.
  12. If it’s 5000, what’s the chances of being home fans only?
  13. Did Fjortoft play right back when he came on at Hamilton? Sounds like we played better when he came on so would maybe stick with the same 11 that started the second half v Hamilton. Would be happy to see Hewitt get a shot at it when he comes back, Houston been regressing for a while.
  14. Those finals were in a time where the cup was a competition for the right reasons. Now look at how much of a shambles it is. It’s in comparison with the EFL trophy which fans of similar clubs to us view it and don’t attend the matches. It’s all about top SPFL clubs getting B teams into the leagues and nothing else.
  15. No qualms with the outcome as the competition as a whole is an utter shambles. The development of certain clubs is more important than others. About time clubs at this level and below show the governing bodies what they think of it and withdraw from this.
  16. Who is in charge of Admin? That’s an absolute riddy.
  17. I’m sure that land behind the NT is owned by the railway company.
  18. Not heard the Smith interview yet, but really not surprised about how much he’s invested so far. From purchasing club to the investments of buying land, the new hub, upgrade in pitch facilities etc it will mount up, but it’s not money that’s being wasted, it will be proper investment and we will see an actual benefit to it, a legacy as he’s mentioned. It’s really important he does help with recruiting the right manager to help with his vision and if Duffy is able to be a safe pair of hands short term, it gives him time to get the right guy in.
  19. Arbroath 2-2 Hamilton Ayr shite - less shite Dunfermline ICT 2-0 Patrick Killie 4-0 Morton Raith 2-0 QOS
  20. Looking at who’s all in a job at the moment and in that youngish type category who would maybe benefit with a Duffy type of DOF, what about Kevin Rutkiewicz at Stirling. Seems to have started the season well. Ian Murray at Airdrie might be looking for another crack higher up the leagues, done something right before to get the St Mirren gig, although not started great this season. Petrie will be mentioned again, but not looking at going full time or maybe even be one Dunfermline could be looking at. Annoying Sheerin is at Falkirk now, was one I wanted previously and seems to have them playing some decent football. Also interesting to note that Peter Murphy is the 4th longest serving manager in Scottish football at the moment, although that probably says more about the shite that’s stinking up most clubs.
  21. Would imagine Ross would be watching Bradley and Tait and Holt probably just taking in a game, think he probably stays in or around Glasgow.
  22. This is pretty much my view. Yes he’s not a great manager and we wanted him out, but you don’t want to get back to the days of Roberts with the abuse hurled. Tuesday would have just been the beginning, especially if we went behind early again on Saturday and that wouldn’t be good for anyone connected to the club. I can accept Duffy etc taking the team for the weeks ahead, but Smith needs to get looking straight away and get someone in who knows what they’re doing.
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