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  1. Also, 3 and a half weeks until our first competitive fixture and no one has seen a glimpse of a new home top. What’s going on just now, for the last few years we were getting them out on sale mid May etc. They stuck in a container again in the Atlantic?
  2. We can have 2000 tickets for across the ground, even if we did have 2000 seats, with social distancing they won’t all be for there. They simply can’t cram 2000 folk into the stand and have the rest of the ground empty.
  3. Capacity: 10,243 (seated 1,549) Thats what I’ve always seen as Somerset’s official capacity.
  4. You do realise the point of football forums like these are? Whether any agrees or disagrees with how well recruitment has gone so far, the whole point is to discuss it, otherwise we’d still be on page 1. The main problem and gripe people like myself have, is we were warned this was how it was going to go. It’s how he’s recruited since leaving Livi and it’s not ended well at either club he’s managed it. It’s now appears to be how things are going here. I may well be (and hope so) wrong, but the signs are there.
  5. Alarm bells are certainly ringing for me now that we’re going with these agencies that have nothing but absolute dug meat players to offer. His signing strategy so far has been the shite from Morton that no one else particularly wanted and now getting these jobby trialists in. This has a major disaster written all over it.
  6. I think it’s decent enough, good lower league content and knowledge. Aye it can be quite nerdy, but generally a decent watch, and had a few good Ayr pieces on.
  7. Notice James McPake didn’t mention that game at Dens under Hopkin.
  8. Jack Hamilton in nets with McGinty at centre half...
  9. Season tickets on sale. Could have been doing with a good signing being announce in tandem with it to drive up a few extra sales.
  10. You’ll be telling us there’s a bad German called Hitler soon.
  11. Personally think he’s a yard of pace off being a Premier League player. He’s best out wide and think he’ll get bullied.
  12. That Thistle squad isn’t up to much, best of a terrible bunch in League 1. Much of the same players that got relegated from this league, that’s not to say they won’t add well.
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