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  1. Yeah I think this is spot on. I would be tempted to give Ecrepont a start, or at least if Reading isn't on it, 45 minutes from the bench v Raith. He needs a chance. January is going to be crucial for us, people think we're going to go out and get 4/5 bodies in, that's simply not going to happen. I think the best-case scenario is covering centre half, potentially a left back (that would allow Ecrepont out on loan) and a proper defensive midfielder (allow Smith or Bangala out on loan).
  2. Also heard last night we are expecting Kirk back from Arsenal in January, so might not be the 3 months as first feared.
  3. A remember the first postponement, had one foot on the bus at the Steamboat, sickener.
  4. With Bullen looking like he'll go as full strength as he can, I reckon he'll lineup: McAdams McAllister Bangala McGinty Reading Mullin Murdoch Dempsey Chalmers Akinyemi McKenzie Would imagine a forward line of Dipo and McKenzie to try and win some physical battles.
  5. I was thinking this would complete an every day of the week game for me as an Ayr fan, until I remembered we played Girvan on a Monday night as part of Moffats deal!
  6. Smith has started and played well at this level, getting more game time is what he needs. Ecrepont has look capable his last few sub appearances. The biggest concern (stop laughing at the back) is McGinty playing, getting an injury and Musonda is still out, and we have no centre halves for Raith. Bryden has goals at this level and in the cups, you can switch McKenzie for him if needed.
  7. That's a bit of a statement. Apart from Bilham, all have played first team minutes for us this season. Bangala still has something to prove, however if we're too scared for him to feature v Pollok at home, then he might as well be released in January.
  8. If that team doesn't beat Pollok at home, then we're not going close in a title race. Plenty of first team regulars in there still as well as players who will be needed soon with injuries and suspensions.
  9. McAdams McAllister Bilham Bangala Ecrepont Ashford Smith Murdoch JML Bryden Young That would be my shout for Pollok, Murdoch will be suspended for Raith so gets a run out, give Dempsey a rest, likes of Dipo/Chalmers/Mullin/McGinty/Reading can be on the bench and only used if absolutely necessary.
  10. Even if you included a recall option, I don't think they would be eligible to come back and play until January, might be wrong.
  11. Him and Houston out for Saturday, JML and Chalmers in with a chance.
  12. Rules are a shambles, we were kicked out last season after beating Rangers B, because we had 2 youth players play the last 11 minutes who were out on loan at 2 Junior level teams, but Rangers were allowed to play players who were out on loan at senior teams
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