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  1. Last year AU Media provided live video for overseas subscribers I’m sure. I’m sure there was a game on when a load of fans were away at a Scotland game and they watched via a laptop or phone.
  2. Would be along the lines of if he didn’t play then Morton would have to pay his wages. Happened with us with Jack Ruddy when on loan from wolves. McCall signed him and wolves were paying his wages as long as he was starting. He was brutal and almost cost us the league, eventually McCall dropped him for the last 3/4 games of the season. IIRC he wasn’t even in the squad for the last game of the season.
  3. Don’t think it’s been mentioned, but from the highlights I see the portocabin toilets haven been knocked down.
  4. Watched the highlights. Thought we looked good in spells. Walsh looks very good and that was him after months off, that counter attacking run in the first half was a cracker. Can tell we lack something up front and another attacking mid. Add they 2 and a goalie and it’ll all come together nicely. When’s the next friendly?
  5. Compared to clubs who may not have schemes in place, I wasn’t suggesting QOS don’t have such ventures, no need to get your knickers in a twist over nothing . Maybe you’re income from the arena is paying for Willie Gibson.
  6. Budgets being down will may be dependant on other revenue streams. For us having AU500 fund as well as the 5 start lottery which puts money into the club is extremely advantageous. Without knowing or being able to view teams finances it really is second guessing. SD made the point of our average crowd being around 1700 so we’d be losing out on that. That wouldn’t really be the case as we had around 1000-1200 season tickets last year so you’re then looking at 500 or so paying and not all will be full paying adults etc. No idea what our current season ticket sales are.
  7. Well for a kick off I was talking about cup competitions and league placings. Cameron mare than evidently clear in one of his question and answer forums online about our budget and worst case scenario. We generally do well in the betfred and that allows extra funds to pick up players during early to mid season on a free like the example I’ve given if you read it again. I’d be very surprised if we’ve budgeted on crowds this side of Christmas. You clearly know more than me though.
  8. Our budget is always ran on worst case scenario as far as Cameron has mentioned. Any betfred progression etc allows the manager to add during the season (Shankland coming initially for example). We also have the AU 500 fund that I reckon pays wages and that has allowed us 2 or 3 extra players. We nabbed Baird from Morton and it was the security of a 2 year deal which Morton wouldn’t offer due to their current ownership movement, which is nuts and that may even be on less money than what he was offered there. I’d be surprised if our budget is much bigger than Queens, if at all. You can break the budgets down to 4 sections. Hearts at the top, then you’ll have Dundee/Dunfermline/ICT, followed by Ayr/Morton/QOS/Raith then Alloa and Arbroath.
  9. Lachlan Cameron won’t be punting money into Ayr. He’s said for years now the days of money going in without any sort of return is over. We’ve added to the board and seem to have a sustainable business model at the moment. As far as we’re aware the playing budget will be about the same as last year, if not reduced. Players just seem to be taking the security of 2 year deals at the moment given the current climate and this year won’t even be a full season. I would be more interested to know what sort of wage Dobbie is on, and if it is around what has been reported, would it not be better spent on a few decent players for this level than an ageing striker?
  10. Where are the pictures from? Seen Ayr tweet some, but they were watermarked, these ones aren’t.
  11. I think he may have had the attitude of a player coming down from Celtic on loan that he may have been above us. However being released and not having a club may have a humbling effect on him. Kerr shared a dressing room with him so he’d be well placed to make that decision.
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