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  1. Unfortunately our patched up defence wasn’t able to handle the County frontline. We were missing 3 out of our 4 centre halves. (Muirhead and Geggan also were not 100%) I thought we looked good in the first half, certainly the best we’ve looked this year. See above.
  2. Well who would have thought playing wingers on the wing and central midfield in the centre would work so well Ian?
  3. Would finishing 4th mean a home game on the Saturday? I reckon that would maybe be the better scenario.
  4. Docherty to centre half McCall is a parody.
  5. You’d better hope it’s not at Somerset. About 25 years and counting.
  6. Need Murdoch back in centre mid. Miller for Crawford.
  7. If you ask Smith what league he wants to play in next year, there’s no chance he’s saying the Championship. That there gives you the answer as to whether he plays or not IMO.
  8. Just can’t see how he could be trusted in games v Utd in the play offs. He consciously might not make a mistake on purpose, but if something was to happen it falls on McCall for not pulling him. Would imagine the summer, but can see him and Moffat getting extensions. This, however in a penalty shoot out he might not get the choice if it’s a long one!
  9. Hmmm, would Smith be the biggest loss from our team? No. If it’s true I’d just slit Geggan in for the rest of the season who has a much better end product than Smith. Smiths good at getting up and down the wing, but his crosses rarely meet an Ayr player. Could Smith be trusted now in games v Dundee Utd? Not so sure.
  10. Ayr v Queens

    See it going the same way as the Morton game, hopefully no!
  11. Ayr v Queens

    Shock horror our goal is a penalty.
  12. Ayr v Queens

    Listening on AU Media. The chat on it is utter drivel, would send you to sleep.
  13. Ayr v Queens

    He’s looked the part when coming on, but not started much. Had heard a rumour it was down to his attitude, still sees himself as a Celtic player in contrast to Doohan who is only focussed on Ayr.