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  1. Posted on companies house yesterday. We made a profit for 40k last year. Would imagine the usual suspects will be out in force saying we’ve shown no ambition by signing or buying. However if it’s possible to replicate that this season (tough no given the current circumstances) then we can be a lot more attractive to potential investors. The profit from last year may just be the lifeline for the current situation we need. I also seen there is an Ayrshire winner on the lottery for 50 odd million. Here’s hoping they are of the black and white persuasion!
  2. With Harvie possibly being suspended, I hope we play Ecrepont. Chance to show where he’s at in his development. Would also like to see Tiffoney start. Would drop both McCowan and Forrest, but would imagine Forrest starts. Doohan Houston Bell Muirhead Ecrepont Gillespie Kelly Malley Forrest Drinan Tiffoney Subs: Hare-Reid, Rosscoe, Thorburn, Smith, Murphy, McCowan, Moffat
  3. Thought the change in formation with Muirhead sitting mid worked well. If the McCowan and Forrest from the first third of the season turned up, think we’d maybe have had a few goals tonight. Thought both were very poor, touches and passes all over the place. The same with Moffat when he came on. Genuinely think the first pass to make it to an Ayr player from him was in the 80th minute. When your creative players are playing like that it’s going to be hard to score goals. Drinan worked his socks off again and Malley had a few nice runs without it coming to much. 0-0 a fair result.
  4. All this talk about Tories has me thinking about getting that c**t Stillie in the bin.
  5. I’m one who’s voiced displeasure about Forrest recently and 1 game won’t change my mind. Want to see him go on a little run this month now and properly prove me wrong. Like I said on twitter, one swallow doesn’t make a summer.
  6. Think we neee to go out all guns blazing tonight. Morton by all accounts really are terrible at the back, and we should be putting pressure on that League 2 esque defence. Drinan hitting form in front of goal and Malley looks like he could be a great addition in midfield. 3-0 Ayr Drinan Kelly and Moff. Doohan Houston Bell Roscoe Harvie Kelly Kerr Malley Moffat Drinan Forrest Subs: Hare-Reid, Ecrepont, Gillespie, Tiffoney, Murphy, McCowan, McKenzie
  7. Kris Doolan was number 8 while here, possibly had been him?
  8. Oh right flood the trackside which in turn probably goes back on to the pitch. Putting covers on before it rains? It’s been raining for about 2 weeks down here, a cover being down on top of the pitch for that length of time isn’t going to be beneficial to the pitch. Why was your master plan not followed on the 14th December v QOS when the match was postponed? When do said covers come off, an hour or 2 hours before kick off?
  9. Where on earth would the water go that would be on said covers when the covers were removed from the pitch
  10. Getting from the ship inn to the holmston roundabout on a rush hour Friday can probably take 20/30 minutes, possibly more if the Holmston Road is queued all the way back.
  11. Yeah agree with you regarding Drinan. Need the likes of Kelly, Forrest and McCowan on song to work in that partnership. That will be the thinking behind the Malley signing, another potential goal threat from midfield. I also think when Moore comes back that he’s an ideal partner for the big man.
  12. So now the cups out the road, back to league action. Feeling optimistic going into this one. The turn of the year has seen us get some good results and now Kerr has his own squad beginning to take shape, I think we’re seeing the benefits. Hoping the goal for Drinan will now open the floodgates. Think there might be a few changes from Saturday, Muirhead obviously dropping out and I would swap Forrest for Tiffoney (feel like something to prove v an old club) and possibly have Malley starting, but i reckon Kerr will keep the midfield the same. McCowan deserves a start after having to come off against St Johnstone. Doohan Houston Bell Roscoe Harvie Kelly Kerr Gillespie Tiffoney Drinan McCowan Subs: Hare-Reid, Ecrepont, Docherty, Malley, Forrest, Moffat, McKenzie Young Paul Smith in for Docherty if he’s still not fit.
  13. That’s probably the most sensible and well balanced post I’ve read on pie and bovril.
  14. Moffat couldn’t pass the ball 5 yards the night, so poor in possession.
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