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  1. Scott Burns has put it on the Daily Record website, would imagine it’s a done deal, he’s rarely wrong.
  2. Just had a look at the table, didn’t realise it was as grim. Raith will be 4 points in front in 4th with 3 games in hand. QOS now equal points and ICT now 2 points behind us with 3 games in hand. 7th or 8th place looking likely on this kind of form.
  3. Starting to play down decent stuff here, but just don’t have a focal point up front to play the ball in to.
  4. Someone tell that commentator to stop breathing like Darth Vader down the mic christ.
  5. Yeah, possibly Miller then unless I’m havering. Back 4 looks to be Miller Muirhead Baird Ndaba
  6. One of our players shirt numberless? Possibly Muirhead.
  7. Dunfermline have done it with us a few times IIRC when Moffat and Geggan were in your side. Probably they 2 that would mention to switch ends.
  8. We don’t have any other central midfielders really.
  9. Why are we 5 months into the season and Houston isn’t fit? If it’s that bad then just don’t have him in the squad or if it’s that he isn’t fancied by Kerr then he needs to get a new RB in. Same with Reading. We’re constantly moving players out of position to play at full back when we have 2 on the bench.
  10. Oh Mark, you don’t half make it hard to support you as a manager.
  11. We don’t really have an out and out striker now that both Anderson and Cameron are away. The fluidity of that front 3 could work well in changing positions in the front 3. I’d like to see McKenzie be given a chance in the central role, but don’t see it.
  12. It sends you a password, mine went to the junk folder.
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