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  1. Stevenson, Harkins, Balatoni, El Alagui, Thomas, O’Connell, Ross are just a few duds and expensive mistakes McCall made. Yes he did unearth a few gems, but he also brought in his fair share of shite. Partick and McCalls problem in January is being able to shift the shite, but replace it with decent signings. Who is actually available that wants to play for a team rock bottom?
  2. Guessing there is no inspection needed if we are punting tickets on Twitter?
  3. I wonder if the right back is possibly Paul Caddis if he’s still without a club? We looked at him earlier in the season, but finances were against us. With cash freed it, he could be a possibility?
  4. Couple of mugs of tea, best of gear tetley.
  5. Marshall Jack Souttar Tierney Robertson McTominay McGregor McGinn Forrest Christie Griffiths
  6. No wonder the fans don’t bother when 2 of our best players always seem to drop out. At least McTominay is injured. Time to start invoking the rule to stop them playing for their clubs after the internationals. Also no replacement for Cooper? Surely someone like Liam Lindsay is due a chance? Where’s David Bates these days? What about Danny Wilson, seems to be doing decent in America.
  7. Hope you never watch a stand up comic, I’d imagine you’d have steam coming out your ears.
  8. Playing less than 24 hours after a fixture is probably good cause for postponement. They may even have a training session over the weekend with the u21s
  9. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but next weeks game is off due to call ups.
  10. Aye, an ever present in a team that’s sitting second top and not been out the top 4 all season, mental.
  11. Saturday has problem been the only time there has been a large away queue. That was down to the apparent lack of communication by Thistle. I do understand your point about walk ups for our matches, but I would imagine that number won’t be outwith double figures, so they will get in fairly straight forward. Once we’ve played everyone at home I would imagine the return games (particularly thistle) will run fine. Bitch and moan all you want, they aren’t changing it and they aren’t putting in cash turnstiles again. Give it a year and no one will know the difference, people just don’t like change.
  12. It’s not the ticket system that can’t cope. It’s folk waiting to get them 10 minutes before the game, while bleeting on about it on social media on their smart phones....
  13. Can Ross play in centre mid or is he predominantly a winger?
  14. Mark Kerr alluded in his interview after the Morton game that the game would be postponed.
  15. Never mind the Ayr/Alloa alliance, pump they Talbot c***s and it’s Ayr/Arbroath
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