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  1. Farooq really needs to get out ASAP, hasn't been out since the McGregor fight. Not good at this stage in his career. Expect Chisora to come out flying and try and put it on him early. My prediction, Chisora makes it look like a contest in the first/second, even troubling Usyk with the pressure. Round 3-4 Usyk starts to control things with footwork and the jab and slows the pace in the mid rounds before knocking Chisora out early in the second half of the fight. I expect Usyk will be looking to prove he has more power than people think and will be looking to land the uppercut when Chisora steams in. Fancy Kambosos to win comfortably on points over Selby. McCarthy - Laggoune should be a decent scrap. Will be a closer fight than the bookies have it I reckon though McCarthy should edge it on points, don't see a knockout in this one.
  2. Exactly this. I seem to recall a few years ago about Bunkered magazine (I think) pushing some virtual club where you pay a cheap subscription which effectively got you X number of rounds on their partners' courses and you could keep and maintain a full handicap. Our club were asked to participate at a time where we were hemoraging members - obviously declined. If stuff like that takes off then clubs will undoubtedly lose membership, particularly from those that are retired and with time to travel for their golf - this type of member tends to make up a fairly healthy portion of a clubs member base
  3. Wouldn't think so. A portion of your fees goes towards SGU dues, don't think the SGU would be providing official handicaps for non-members
  4. Got my handicap index confirmed yesterday, all the way from 6.1 to 6.2
  5. Pretty sure I found this by accident. If you go into the app and go to your handicap (where you'd find your projected WHS handicap) you should see General Play Score in the top right. Pretty sure that's the option you're looking for.
  6. Cowshed Chris

    FIFA 21

    Anyone play pro Clubs? What's the secret to getting your player ratings/points up?
  7. With the new system, you could pay on to another neighbouring course and submit a qualifying score there? Myself and a few friends are hoping to do something similar at a couple of Ayrshire links courses over the winter
  8. Counting scores will likely be scaled down if you don't have 20 scores available
  9. They say ignorance is no excuse but his actions since would suggest he had no idea of what he was saying/retweeting. A Jewish player (don't think even an Eagles player) offered to help him realise the significance of what he had said/endorsed which DJax willingly did and he confirmed the same, he made a mistake.
  10. Without knowing the CSS of the competition's he's played or slope index it's difficult to comment but if that's his best scores then I struggle to understand how he managed to drop from 15 to under 12, unless his better scores have now dropped off. If those four are his best then having the remaining four of 16-19 over could give you something close to the 14.7 index. I'd find those scores hard to believe in a good season however. Guess it could be a situation whereby the slope rating of the course is very low but this would presumably have been reflected in the CSS. I'll make a prediction - his projected handicap index is wrong and, assuming a current CONGU handicap of 11.8 and coming off a good season, he'll have a handicap index of 11.
  11. That doesn't sound right. If it's not a miscalculation then can only assume his good scores were early in the season and have dropped out of his last 20. Is the club in question part of the pilot or is it just his projected WHS index? If the latter then I expect it will be corrected prior to 02 Nov
  12. Why is Jackson a dick exactly? It was a cheap shot, dirty hit and he's likely done for the season. Hopefully karma serves justice on the guilty party.
  13. Having floated between 5 and 6 for the past 3-4 years I checked my projected WHS handicap index and they've given me...... 11.1 They've based my scores on our second course which has a SSS of 7 less and slope rating of 20 less. From what I read, seems like a common problem which hopefully they'll address sharpish.
  14. There's not much not to like about the Rays. Always competitive in a tough division on a tiny budget. They've been trying to get away from that stadium for years
  15. It's all about opinions but I thought he won that fight clearly. I had him nicking the majority of the early rounds, taking control in the middle and - give or take - splitting the later rounds. Having heard his interview earlier in the week, he's taking nothing for granted at the weekend but at 1/33 you'd be hoping for a fairly routine defence. Changing trainers after a career defining victory isn't the norm but with the way Josh fights I don't see it being a major issue and if he can iron out some of the kinks ie. getting hit tii much then all for the better.
  16. Looking forward to this! If it doesn't go well I don't see him sticking with it for long but will be very interesting to see how he gets on after such a long time out
  17. In for the win this year [emoji106]
  18. Four left footed defenders and a left footed goalie no less! Obviously you'd prefer a right footed player at right back but I certainly don't see any issue at centre back. In terms of right back, if some joker like Paulo Maldini can play on his opposite side then I'm sure Tierney can manage it.
  19. Assuming the same squad available then I think we need to be looking at a team of - --------------------- Marshall Tierney - McKenna - Cooper - Robertson ----------- McTominay - McGregor Christie --------- McGinn ---------- Armstrong ----------------------- Dykes I'd have liked to try Tierney at CB in a two against Czech Republic but as that didn't happen just get him in at right back for defensive qualities. McTominay had a nightmare two games but a far better player in centre midfield. Would be ok with Jack playing in there or even McGinn deeper with Christie or Armstrong off the front - Forrest and Fraser other options for out wide. Fine with Dykes up front unless Griffiths somehow makes it back.
  20. Don't see much mention of Morton.... How have we got on?
  21. We won't see McTominay at centre half again. That has to be a positive
  22. Only by virtue of offering absolutely nothing, good or bad. I'm Armstrong's biggest fan but he's been an empty jersey tonight
  23. They look fairly slow and dodgy at the back, you would think Burke will be introduced at some point to get in behind. We need some sort of option in the final third, though we haven't helped our cause by being so slow to get forward
  24. Agreed, but he's only trying to cover up for McTominay's failings, especially after the goal. Palmer has looked fairly good going forward which has surprised me.
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