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  1. Since the WHS came in, it's been pointed out that the CSS has never once moved at my club for any competition. This weekend we had 155 players playing, 3 were under handicap (two at 2 under, one at 1 under), one played to handicap. The rest were over handicap including 39 NRs. Almost half the field (75) were at least 8 shots over handicap. This seems utterly ridiculous and the word is that this is a problem affecting all clubs in Scotland. Has anyone else noticed this or actually had any movements in the CSS at their clubs?
  2. Congrats Fuctifano! Pretty humiliating season for myself, just pleased to have avoided the bottom spot. A real struggle this year. Well done to all those fellow strugglers that saw it through to the end!
  3. Another week, another losing record. Going back the way my recent results have been 6, 5, 7, 6 - pretty tragic. Decided to make this week's picks purely on the results of a random generator. Fully expect this to be my best week thus far.
  4. Sounds like the P&B Chess scene is pretty active. Is there any interest in a Rapid competition in addition to the current daily league?
  5. Very good opener for Jalen Hurts and the Eagles offence. The level of penalties is as ridiculous as ever but hopefully get that tidied up for next week. Atlanta looked BAD. Pretty tough opening schedule for the Eagles so it was really important to get a win today. Odd thing to say in week 1 but new punter looks the business!
  6. Almost forgot about it, only realised after the game on Thursday night kicked off. No major damage done so in for more punishment this year. The new layout is absolutely awful, is there any way to go back to the old layout at all? Also noted a distinct lack of imagination with the team names this year, highly disappointing.
  7. Surprised Webb failed to last a round against Wardley, had that down as a decent scrap. Babic was as billed though will definitely get found out soon. They mentioned potentially fighting Takam next, don't see him getting through a fight like that yet although Takam is getting on a bit. Not a big fan of Galahad but expect him to grind out a win. Rumours of him being pretty weight drained so may get scrappy in the later rounds
  8. After buying at the deadline, Phillies are atop the NL East. Game on!
  9. Not overly surprised it was closer than expected on the cards. Ramirez obviously got the benefit of the doubt in the close late rounds. Delighted, what a fighter!
  10. He doesn't want the fight, he's just after the step aside money.
  11. I gave BJS three rounds on the bounce and the rest to Canelo. Strongly suspect the finish would have come in the next regardless of the eye. Eye must be bad for him to quit on the stool.
  12. Nothing new for BJS, he is a complete tool.
  13. Thought the Parker fight could have gone either way, I had it very similar to the Sky guys. Didn't think Chisora did enough to win any of the last 5 rounds. One thing is for sure, having watched most of his fights since the Hughie Fury fight, there is no way that Parker is anywhere close to good enough to win a world title again, unless he flukes a shot at a surrendered belt. Had Taylor by 2 in the girls fight, great fight though - enjoyed it. Hopefully we get the big fight confirmed in the next week or so, if it drags out any longer you'd need to seriously question the chances of it happening this year.
  14. Must admit I don't have a problem with this rule at all. I do, however, have major issues with the three batter rule and I'm not fond of the 7 inning double headers either. I was originally completely against the NL DH until last year when my position changed completely. Now pitchers are hitting again I'm back to square one - the tactical aspect and having pitchers that can handle the bat really does make a difference and keeps things interesting.
  15. Haven't had that but the app is extremely temperamental. Certainly 2 of the 3 competitions I played in March we had to submit on cards due to the app crashing midway through. What is the feedback at your club with the new handicap system? Doesn't seem to be very well received by most of my group.
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