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  1. I took Morton up in my second season. Escaped relegation in my first year up then narrowly missed out on a top 6 place and finished 7th the following. Year 3 in the too flight and I finished third and qualified for the Europa League where I've now made it to the group stages. Re: your point about loans, I think it's more or less unlimited from outside Scotland. Most of my top players are loans and some of them are into their fourth year with me. Actually had Ciaran Dickson from Rangers for a full four seasons but he's now moved to New York after his contact expired. Would probably agree that it seems a bit too easy. Aside from finishing third in the spl in just four seasons, I also made the League Cup final whilst in the championship, knocking out 3 premiership teams along the way. Nowadays I tend to make the semis of just about every competition.
  2. Cannot beat this guy for love nor money [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35]
  3. I had my rematch against Nelson and tried a different approach, all out attack. Backfired spectacularly, absolutely pumped. Took a step back and played Sven (I had skipped him). Won fairly comfortably though made a complete arse of a check mate move and extended the game by about 10 minutes [emoji85] Quite amazing how I seem to have lost all and any skills/tactics I may have had before. It's been a long while but Ive been surprised how lost and without a plan I've felt in most games. Enjoying it though, another shot at Nelson later....
  4. Played a bit of online chess in my teens, probably haven't played a game for 10+ years but inspired by this thread to get back into it. Rusty is an understatement, download chess.com app and beat Emir easily before getting pumped by Nelson. Will be going for blood in the rematch.
  5. Down to the finale... Have really enjoyed it so far, have felt uncomfortably gripped throughout. I have an idea of how I think it ends but have been wrong about just about everything so far so who knows.
  6. Not a chance you got tonight's!
  7. Not as simple as that. There are quite a few qualifying stages to get through before you actually make it onto the show. The producers know how bright you are before you come on - wouldn't surprise me if the offers are worked out in advance, completely independently of the first round.
  8. At least be honest... You read the same Facebook group posts as the rest of us!
  9. Then in true TV fashion Mark screws up tonight!
  10. He was absolutely pants for my Morton team. Released after a year with 3 goals to his name. Disappointed after hearing such great things! Isn't being missed as we managed to make the Scottish Cup semi final and premiership playoff semi in 21/22 before losing the Betfred Cup Final on pens in 22/23. Currently sitting 10 points clear at the top of the table and enjoyed a 30 game unbeaten run spanning the two seasons before being ended - enfuriatingly - by Snake McKinnon's Queens Park. Hoping to hold on to the title with about 10 games to go, goals have very much dried up lately so fortunate I don't seem to concede many. Hopefully the heads don't drop having just lost the cup final.
  11. What time is Campbell in the ring tonight, heard around 11pm?
  12. One of the worst players I've ever seen in a Morton shirt, which says alot. That late goal won me £83 so cheers for that, Merry Christmas indeed!
  13. I'm only above folk with at least one missed week. Wow.
  14. That's bizarre on the contracts. I thought that they last patch sorted out alot of the gameplay issues so, having heard another patch was released this week, I'm praying it's not upset something else
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