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  1. Looking forward to tonights episode. We must be due a something decent from at least one of the teams after the car crash the previous two weeks. Lewis and Dean on borrowed time already. Michael McIntyre looks a contender. Not really impressed with any of the girls as yet, some right annoying characters in that team.
  2. What makes you think that? I don't think that fight would be anything other than extremely close.
  3. Good to see Prince Patel get his arse absolutely handed to him. Glad I took the time to tune in
  4. That card was by Ian John-Lewis who was responsible for the absolute farce that was the Ohara Davies decision. I like him as a referee but that was two absolutely appalling scoring decisions. My opinion of Ohara Davies has altered somewhat with him clearly announcing Vazquez as the winner - unlike him.
  5. Not for me, I had McGregor to win in the 8th [emoji23] I thought Lee lost both the second and third and a couple of the other rounds could have gone either way. Not his best performance but did enough in the end up. I think the knockout was coming even if the ref jumped in a tad early
  6. Didn't think Fury's singing was up to scratch. Out of tune and poorly rehearsed.
  7. Fights like that are murder to score but I had Warrington by 4. Almost every round was close though and could have went either way
  8. I've only given Galahad the first. Not much in the rounds but Warrington just shading them for me
  9. Don't see Warrington stopping Galahad. Should be an entertaining 12 rounds, would expect Warrington to win fairly comfortably tho
  10. Peter Fury didn't tweet that mate, fake news. It will be very interesting to hear if anything comes out but clearly something happened to cause that reaction from AJ's dad. Knowing you're not a Joshua fan, I had to reread your posts on the last page - thought you'd have been getting torn right in
  11. Some interesting prizes available at the Greenock Golf Club Open a week on Sunday for anybody interested! Quite fancy the Portugal holiday myself...
  12. Been really struggling with my game recently to the point I was ready to chuck it completely but as yesterday was a major qualifier decided to make the effort to play. Birdied the first two and - despite scrambling around a bit - was one under after 10, not sure i recall ever being under par at any point in the back 9 before. Unfortunately the luck ran out as the putts stopped falling and I ran into a few really unlucky bounces - couldn't buy a par after that. 5 straight bogeys, a double (penalty drop) and a further bogey before a par at the last to scrape buffer. On another day I'd be raging but I was absolutely delighted to have strung a few good shots together for the first time in ages. Onwards and upwards from here hopefully...
  13. I said before the fight that Baranchyk's style would be difficult for Taylor. I actually think Prograis' style is an easier fight. For those in attendance that saw it wide, I think the atmosphere plays a big part in that, aside from the 6th and 7th, Baranchyk was in every round. I had Taylor 2 rounds down after 5 personally. Surprised to hear that there was alot of empty seats, hope that doesn't put them off bringing the final here.
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