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  1. It's all about opinions but I thought he won that fight clearly. I had him nicking the majority of the early rounds, taking control in the middle and - give or take - splitting the later rounds. Having heard his interview earlier in the week, he's taking nothing for granted at the weekend but at 1/33 you'd be hoping for a fairly routine defence. Changing trainers after a career defining victory isn't the norm but with the way Josh fights I don't see it being a major issue and if he can iron out some of the kinks ie. getting hit tii much then all for the better.
  2. Looking forward to this! If it doesn't go well I don't see him sticking with it for long but will be very interesting to see how he gets on after such a long time out
  3. In for the win this year [emoji106]
  4. Four left footed defenders and a left footed goalie no less! Obviously you'd prefer a right footed player at right back but I certainly don't see any issue at centre back. In terms of right back, if some joker like Paulo Maldini can play on his opposite side then I'm sure Tierney can manage it.
  5. Assuming the same squad available then I think we need to be looking at a team of - --------------------- Marshall Tierney - McKenna - Cooper - Robertson ----------- McTominay - McGregor Christie --------- McGinn ---------- Armstrong ----------------------- Dykes I'd have liked to try Tierney at CB in a two against Czech Republic but as that didn't happen just get him in at right back for defensive qualities. McTominay had a nightmare two games but a far better player in centre midfield. Would be ok with Jack playing in there or even McGinn deeper with Christie or Armstrong off the front - Forrest and Fraser other options for out wide. Fine with Dykes up front unless Griffiths somehow makes it back.
  6. Don't see much mention of Morton.... How have we got on?
  7. We won't see McTominay at centre half again. That has to be a positive
  8. Only by virtue of offering absolutely nothing, good or bad. I'm Armstrong's biggest fan but he's been an empty jersey tonight
  9. They look fairly slow and dodgy at the back, you would think Burke will be introduced at some point to get in behind. We need some sort of option in the final third, though we haven't helped our cause by being so slow to get forward
  10. Agreed, but he's only trying to cover up for McTominay's failings, especially after the goal. Palmer has looked fairly good going forward which has surprised me.
  11. Stuff like this is exactly why I don't watch golf. If they are going to have it that easy you're as well deciding it on the practice green and avoid wasting everybody's time.
  12. [emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85][emoji85] Apology accepted.
  13. I don't see how you could possibly have scored the first three rounds to Povetkin. Round 1 was close, prob edged Povetkin. Round 2 and 3 were clear wins for Whyte though and obviously the 10-7 in the 4th. Guess it's all about opinions...
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