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  1. Euan Henderson on loan to Alloa from Hearts. Striker. Wonder if we were looking at him as one of the couple of loans? Don’t know a lot about him but fits that profile of loan striker we may be looking at.
  2. That’s how I seen it. It was the wrong decision and I hope he reverts back to Nisbett in the middle ongoing.
  3. Rubbish. Look at any of our games over the last, what, 2/3 seasons? And you’ll see lots of Falkirk fans saying how bad we were and have deserved to lose. The performance today was still better than anything Hartley/McKinnon/M&M served us. When you miss a penalty and have 2 offside goals, not your day. As others have said, we need at least 1 (capable) striker in before the window closes. Wilson and Sammy have been woeful so far. Impressed by QP not letting us play and limiting our chances to shots off targets.
  4. Nesbitt was captain and wearing an armband.
  5. Just as things were looking more positive on the pitch, we are back to this again zzzzz
  6. Surprised not a thread for this yet. Both teams will be confident going into this one. I’d only make one change and bring Krasniqi in for Ross, Hetherington back on the bench after suspension. Would be hoping to get a striker signed between now and Saturday too. Few ex Bairns for away team, can’t remember facing a team with so many previous players of ours. How is life after McKinnon?
  7. Go on then, spill the beans. Shitebag if you don’t.
  8. I know you’re at it but what a move this would be for Falkirk. Make it so.
  9. C Williamson did look decent out of position on Wednesday but it was against a team who haven’t won in their four league games in the lowland league. His time will come though. You wouldn’t want to be relying on him there all season but for me Miller should play at right back tomorrow.
  10. Be interested to see which position of the park he ends up in and in replacement of who. Can understand the lack of height in midfield but thought Telfer and Hetherington worked well as a two, even Ross looked okay in the latter’s absence. What we definitely do need is depth and that’s an area of the team which is lacking.
  11. Okay I thought the treadmills episode was the worst moan I’d seen on here recently. Moaning about not paying £60k for one player in League One after a season that was covid affected might be up there. FYI - St Johnstone have just drawn away to Galatasaray tonight. Which of those players did they spend a £60k fee on?
  12. There’s been all sorts of moans on this thread. Some justified, some not. However the worst moan is that each player doesn’t have his own individual treadmill.
  13. Not disagreeing with the Gary Miller hate, but with Hall nowhere near fit, who would you have played at centre half today? Don’t think we had much alternative so willing to give Sheerin a bit of slack for that. What I am willing to criticise Sheerin for is signing Wilson. On a 2 year deal. Nowhere near good enough. Would have been better playing Morrison up front whilst waiting on a better striker. Dowds will never convince me to be good enough either. Crucial next two weeks in terms of transfer activity now.
  14. After the high of getting rid of Leitch, we seem to have signed a like for like replacement.
  15. 3 year deal probably. What level do you think he could play at? If mid table championship, I also wouldn’t be surprised if we matched or offered more than what they would pay, considering his potential.
  16. Yeah just wanted to apologise in advance for you lot signing Robbie Leitch. Hopefully you don’t have to use him in any meaningful game.
  17. It’s not an exact science (player x came from club x and we are still in league one = any player from club x won’t get us out of League One). As pointed out Connolly has never played for Morton either. I’m sceptical about getting excited about any players due to how we’ve been burned in the past. Players from a higher level, younger players, experienced players, there’s not been a magic formula to work out what type of players we should be going for. We were definitely short in wide areas last season, relying on Leitch and a 17 year old making his first team debut for a slot on the left hand side, sometimes even using Josh Todd ffs. I suspect he will be an upgrade on those at least.
  18. Rumours that McGuffie is Falkirk bound (along with Nesbitt). Thoughts on the former?
  19. Just as well we’ve signed him on a 3, that’s right, 3 year deal. May the Falkirk FC banter era continue.
  20. 3 year deal is wild considering the amount of players we cut short half way through a 2 year contract
  21. Forgive my ignorance, but why would Falkirk not be a better option than Airdrie?
  22. This is the content we are looking for.
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