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  1. Hearing you are looking to sign David Moyo who’s just had his contract terminated by Hamilton Accies.
  2. Still here, yes. As some fans have said on the Dunfermline thread, welcome to Hell.
  3. Being lectured by someone who is spending their 10th consecutive season in League One ha ha ha.
  4. Picking a management team with no managerial experience to try and get you promoted from the third tier. Where have I seen this before?
  5. Agree Shadwell, easy to see why he might be liked for the Alloa losers but not good enough for a team with any ambition.
  6. Arbroath could do better, already have better in that area. He’s done.
  7. That’s Henderson signed for Falkirk now. Didn’t get a sniff last time and looks like he was highly rated by you guys, what can we expect?
  8. If people didn’t like the idea of Gavin Reilly, they’re going to loathe this suggestion.
  9. Can tell the age of posters pretty quickly with the teams they post here. Very insightful.
  10. My aunties hairdresser is married to a Raith Rovers fan, and she’s just told me the same, one possibly two players. She’s never told me anything like this before though so unsure if it’s true or not.
  11. Ian Murray for Raith leaving Kevin Thomson for you guys. Either way, better than Yogi.
  12. So, yeah, in this Falkirk team, do you think McGlynn would play him more on the right, cutting in on his left foot, or more centrally?
  13. Adam Frizzell, what’s he like? Must admit it’s been Easton that’s stood out the most, where would Frizzell fit in to this Falkirk team? More of a wide player or a central player?
  14. If that’s his thinking we are Donald ducked.
  15. Imagine choosing to earn as much money as possible in a very short career.
  16. Yous fancy taking Ryan Williamson back? Great going forward…
  17. Not having this. Albeit he was a limited full back, but part of a defence that conceded the same amount to goals as Rangers and Hibs in the 2015/2016 season where we finished above the latter. ‘Shocking’ is Brad McKay or Ben Hall in League One.
  18. Ah brilliant. Your efforts have got you, eh, in the exact same place as us.
  19. I feel if anyone is going to get something out of Nesbitt consistently, it’ll be McGlynn.
  20. True. This is us about to head into our 4th season here, last season the worst Falkirk team of all time. Airdrie though, 10th consecutive season here? If we’ve absolutely fucked it, what does that make Airdrie?
  21. All that, just to stay in this league. If beating the worst Falkirk team of all time is a bigger achievement than progressing up the leagues, fair play. Just a bit of a laugh that took about 5 mins to find. 5 mins, about as long as you were ahead for in that tie. Yikes.
  22. What’s that? Airdrie stuck in the third tier, again? Going into their tenth consecutive season in League One by next year? Oh ya fcker.
  23. Get it right fcking up you. Hope you’re having a great Sunday. Your best season in 10 years, and it’s another season stuck in League 1. Don’t forget, you’re here forever.
  24. Probably the most boring post I’ve seen for a long time, and that takes some going.
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