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  1. If you can’t hold onto McGlynn, it’s due to the situation of his contract running out and Falkirk offering him something. Don’t think Murray would touch Falkirk as he will see it as a sideways move and a bit of a risk. However if Airdrie don’t get promoted, he’ll see Raith as an upgrade on what he has now. Murray has done well to build his reputation back up. McGlynn has less to lose.
  2. Think had McGlynn not been out of contract, we would be holding out for Ian Murray not getting Airdrie promoted and going for him. You ask Falkirk fans who they’d prefer and you’d probably get a fairly even split, perhaps slightly more favouring McGlynn. Murray wouldn’t be a bad option at all and there’s been similarities between how he’s built this current Airdrie team and McGlynns second spell at the Rovers.
  3. Apart from Ludo mentioning it once, where else is the McPake stuff coming from? He mentioned McPake to Falkirk on our thread too but for obvious reasons hasn’t caught fire like it has on here.
  4. Unlike the last few managers we’ve had, he has experience of managing in this league and achieved something at this level. Rennie was a curveball from the states when our season was pretty much already done, Sheerin a youth coach and his only success in management, had Stewart Petrie as his assistant, and then Miller and McCracken are now a barber and an estate agent respectively. Think that will give him a bit more slack to start with, but unlike the others, he seems to know what he’s doing.
  5. Agree with this, plus he has already came out Would be happy with him or Murray all things considered. Finally appear to not be going for an ‘experiment’ and a manager who’s had the most pedigree since Hartley.
  6. Despite what some posters on our thread would say, I think McGlynn is really the best appointment we could possibly get and we would be looking to replicate what he did with you, with us. God help him mind you. Who do you want to replace him if he does go?
  7. Two echoing thoughts that keep coming up that I’d rather we stopped talking about. 1. Raith only won the league by default. They were better than us. M&Ms disastrous defensive performance at Starks Park a symbol of that season. Too defensive, never beat Raith the full season up to that point either. It’s an injustice we didn’t get the chance at playoffs, but Raith were the better team that year. 2. That Fckin Neil Harris video. Posted 3 times now.
  8. What’s frightening and embarrassing about a team who’s finished 10 places higher than us in the pyramid having a better team, and individuals than us? Hyperbole at its finest.
  9. Holy f**k. Getting ‘Alloa organsied’ and beating our rabble today, makes Rice the ‘standout candidate’? If that’s the case lock the doors and throw away the key.
  10. Not Pressleys biggest fan but he was lumped with O’Brien and his astronomical wages whilst still under contract. Doesn’t mean we couldn’t have done more in our first season down, reckon we still had loser mentality from the season before that we weren’t able to shift.
  11. Interesting you don’t want McGlynn, who’s won this league before with a similar sized club in a similar position, because it could be divisive. Want someone who the support get fully behind, and suggest Rice, albeit fans would want him to do well, has been a divisive choice on this thread in particular since his name was first mentioned. I don’t care if they’re the biggest Dunfermline fan in the planet, if they’re the best candidate and can get us promoted, that’s all that matters for me. No more experiments, a proven track record of winning something a nice to have and knowing the division an absolute must.
  12. Great interaction here, yer Da joke to end it all. That’s what makes this thread special. COYB.
  13. Yeah just ignore and move on. I hope the Rennie rumour is a load of rubbish. No more DOF No more Rennie Just get an experienced manager who can recruit, organise and motivate. We obviously won’t get one who’s perfect at all 3, but it’s really not that difficult. Why do we have to over complicate everything?
  14. We’ve only had a few games of Mills and Watson in a back 4. Clyde 1-1 Falkirk, conceding that stupid last minute goal. Falkirk 3-1 East Fife. Dumbarton 0-2 Falkirk. The other times they’ve played together have either been in the back 3/5, or that Airdrie humping when Rennie inexplicably played Mills as a holding midfielder with Brad McKay alongside Watson. They’ve not played the best opposition in those games, and would have been nice to have a better sample size to see what that would have been like against Cove, Airdrie, Montrose, Queens Park. What we do know is whenever McKay, Dixon, ATS have been at the back it’s been a bomb scare. We’ll never know, and I don’t want Rennie here next season whatsoever, but I kinda see his point on this one.
  15. ‘We were going to get relegated under Sheerin’ is possibly one of the worst shouts ever on this thread, and its 10+ years old. This is not a defence of Sheerin, who should have gone, just highlighting what some people will say to try and change the narrative.
  16. ‘Rennie needs more time’ ‘Rennie saved us from relegation which Sheerin would have taken us to’ ‘I’m happy to go with Rennie for next season’ ‘Can’t keep sacking managers’ We deserve everything we get.
  17. That had totally slipped my mind until you brought it up. One of the worst decisions I have ever seen. Must admit reading the last couple of pages has been a nice pleasant surprise. Memories that last a lifetime.
  18. Controversial suggestion alert. John McGlynn out of contract in the summer. You’d imagine if Raith were going to keep him, they’d have gave him a new contract by now. Would be much better than Rennie from a footballing perspective, would the club/fans be okay with him after the DG disaster?
  19. You’re wrong. We can’t beat anyone who are higher in the league or slightly better than us. And Airdrie are much better than us. If you don’t turn up you’ll get a draw. If you turn up you’ll win.
  20. Agree mate too many people like Springfield being too negative, that’ll get us nowhere. We can still do it, COYB.
  21. Convinced it’s not only a game is some relation to Dowds. Only posts on here when it’s to do with him. Shame for Anton to have this person making a fool of themself over him, he’ll be embarrassed by all this.
  22. Get back to us once you’ve watched every game from us over the past four seasons [emoji106]
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